Mackay wins Blue Water Rally...Whitworths' New Brochure out now...Smart provisioning for summer... and more...

15 Nov 2007

Diary Dates


Magic on Mon Repos Beach

Mon Repos beach at sunset  BW Media
Waiting in Bundaberg for the south-easterlies to abate (we want to sail south-east), we have one of the most enthralling natural experiences of our cruising years – the chance to witness the nesting of sea turtles at Mon Repos – read about it below.

With the Christmas/New Year holidays not too far away, and the prospect of summer cruising, how are your provisioning skills? Des Ryan this week offers one cruiser's advice as to how to prepare for a great holiday or longer cruise without making too many compromises or having the fruit and vegetables go mildew. Whitworths' summer catalogue is out too, with all your cruising needs.

Two solo sailors cause rescue authorities to use up valuable resources to assist them this week, one in Fiji and one in New Zealand, and the story 'between the lines' in each case may be more interesting than the report itself.

Once again we are sad to report a disastrous outcome from a yacht's dinghy, leading us to reflect that the potential for danger is not absent just because you are 'only' in the dinghy. However, it's good news about an Alaskan family whose good liferaft and quick thinking gets them safely out of a very dangerous situation.

Finally, our own Treleavens have arrived in the Canary Islands, ready for the largest departure of boats every from Las Palmas, the 2007 Atlantic Rally for Cruisers.

Much more too, so read on, enjoy, and...

Sail Safe

By Nancy Knudsen, Editor, Sail-World Cruising

Blue Water Rally and Oz-Med Rally in Mackay 2008
By Peter Seymour,
Rally organisers of the well known Blue Water Rallies have announced Mackay Marina as a new stopover for their Blue Water Round the World Cruising Rally 2007-9 and start point for the Oz-Med Rally 2008... [more]

'Missing' Lunatic Found after Two Day Alarm
By New Zealand Herald/Sail-World Cruising,
A solo yachtie who failed to show up as promised and failed to let anyone know what he was doing led police and the New Zealand coastguard a pretty chase for two days before being located today. The yacht is (somewhat aptly) called Lunatic, and sailed by a Slovenian man... [more]

How Well do YOU Provision for a Cruise?
By Des Ryan,
Smart provisioning can make the difference between a survival trip and a delightful experience, particularly if you enjoy your eating. Running out of food isn’t much fun, and forgetting the coffee can really spoil the tempers on board, no matter how wonderful the cruising... [more]

The Search for Nesting Turtles
By Nancy Knudsen,
The wind that is preventing us heading south from Port Bundaberg is beating up the surf on the beach tonight. It's pitch dark, and we just have to trust that the unseen sand will be flat as we lean, staggering a little, against the wind, clutching our wind jackets around us. We're here looking for nesting turtles..... [more]

Walker Bay - New Rigid Inflatable Kayak
By Sail-World Cruising,
Like to carry a kayak on your boat, but put off because of the bulk? Now Walker Bay have produced an inflatable kayak that they claim is much more rigid than earlier inflatables. Additionally, it's said to be easy and light to carry as a back pack while hiking to your desired spot to start your kayaking.... [more]

Good Raft and Quick Thinking Saves Alaskan Family
By Lisa Mylchreest,
There's nothing scarier than the thought of a loved one being swept overboard on a sinking vessel, whether it's a sailing or a motor vessel. For the Pruitt family from Kodiak, Alaska, this nightmare became reality. If it wasn't for their excellent life raft and a father's fast thinking, the Pruitt family wouldn't be alive today. After abandoning their sinking fishing boat and surviving 62 hours in... [more]

Summer holidays and fishing trips with Whitworths
By Media Services,
All over the country people are sitting at their desks dreaming of summer holidays and fishing trips. The reality of such trips fades into the background of memory (‘where’s the bottle opener?’ ‘who forgot to put the bung in?’ and ‘we’ve run out of insect repellent’) and only the good memories remain... [more]

Atlantic Letter: Las Palmas - Gran Canaria
By Ian and Andrea Treleaven,
Our destination is reached for the start of the ‘Atlantic Rally for Cruisers’ race to the Caribbean starting 25th November. So far the winds have been very light but that could change with 14 days to go. On board preparations for the two weeks at sea are now the priority with lots of social activity organised. We are very sorry that ‘Loki’ is not here as we hoped to see some familiar faces.... [more]

Experienced Sailors drown from Dinghy
By Evening Star/Sail-World Cruising,
Never underestimate the trip from Dock to Yacht. After relating the story a couple of months ago of two people who spent three days blown by the wind into the South China Sea when their dinghy engine failed, now two experienced British sailors have drowned on the way to their sailing boat in their dinghy.... [more]

Massive Cleanup after another Tragic Oil Spill
By Nels Johnson and Paul Liberatore/Sail-World,
Efforts to combat the San Francisco Bay Area's worst oil spill in two decades escalated yesterday as the Coast Guard doubled its cleanup fleet of bay skimmers, and crews with hundreds of trained workers mounted a shoreline assault to clear sludge and rescue oiled birds... [more]

Drifting 'Mad Hungarian' Rescued on 19ft Boat
By Fiji Times/Sail-World Cruising,
A Hungarian solo sailor was rescued by locals at the weekend after engine problems caused his yacht to drift for 10 hours while entering Fiji waters.... [more]

Nice Try Yanko, but Already Done!
By Des Ryan,
As the price of fuel gets higher and higher and the Global Warming message is better and better promulgated, more and more effort will go into finding energy economical solutions. So it's nice to see!Yanko_Design!new offering a new kite powered sailing boat, BUT....... [more]

Atlantic Rally for Cruisers Set for Record
By Sail-World Cruising,
The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) is on course for a record entry, with 240 yachts confirmed to take part in this year’s transocean cruising rally from Gran Canaria to St.Lucia in November, topping the previous maximum of 234 entrants in ARC 99. With more yachts currently on the waiting list, the final entry figure may be higher still.... [more]

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