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Wide Plains of Australia

Wide plains of growing sugar cane - so different from the rainforests and volcanic mountains of the South Pacific  BW Media
This week's cruising news magazine comes to you from the sugar town of Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia where some of the local cane farmers are now planting vegetables instead of cane to make a living.

We've finished our five year circumnavigation, and will soon be heading down the Australian coast and bringing stories on the way.

Huge variety of reports this week from many parts of the world: Everything from how the International Sailing Federation has inducted its first six members of their new Hall of Fame to the damage being done to the shells of oysters and mussels by global warming, to the new spectacular results of Beneteau, who just can't seem to get their business model wrong.

We can always learn from others' mistakes, and there are two tales - one with tragic outcomes - of ''things gone wrong'' in this week's issue, as well as several sailing tales, some funny, some impressive.

Croatia is featured as a destination, along with some good advice as to when to go and how to deal with the winds there.

...and much more...

So read on, enjoy, and...

Sail Safe!

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

'Mistakes' Cause Three Sailors' Deaths
By Sail-World Cruising,
Three sailors tragically died last week in lake waters off Chicago because of two mistakes, according to local Coastguard officers. First, they sent a man onto the foredeck without a harness, and secondly they took their sails down, when the sails could have made the difference in keeping them off the breakwall which destroyed the boat.... [more]

Letter from the Atlantic: Lanzarote Island
By Ian and Andrea Treleaven,
Slowly we are recovering from gastroenteritis a souvenir from Morocco. Ian ending up in emergency, waking one morning saying 'are you poisoning me?' We first of all took Imodium and then antibiotics we had onboard only to be told that this is now ‘old hat’. With a special diet for a week (no grog) to starve the bug and a gastric drug he will survive.... [more]

'Frostbite' Sailors - Sailing into Winter
By Charles Zusman/Sail-World Cruising,
In the Northern Hemisphere the water is getting colder and colder and the wind is getting fresher and friskier. Most sailors have hung up their harnesses for the year and put their boats into hibernation. But sailors in US State New Jersey are made of tougher stuff.... [more]

Caribbean 1500 Cruising 2007
By Cruising Rally Association,
The Caribbean 1500, 'Fun Race and Cruise', sails every year from Hampton in Virginia to hospitable Village Cay Marina on Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands. From Nana Maria we hear, 'After few hours we ran into some big fish or manatee or some other large ocean animal. We heard the bump as we sailed by. It was probably as startling to us as it was to him.... [more]

Oysters/Mussels under Threat - Dissolving Shells
By Richard Gray/Sail-World Cruising,
Boaters beware, (or get active!) here is yet another way in which your beloved seas are under threat. Oysters and mussels, along with other sea life that depends on them, are now being threatened by rising levels of carbon dioxide.... [more]

Sea Tale: The Talking Head
By Captain John Fisher, SV Silkie,
The following tale is true although a few details are changed to protect the reputations of the parties involved. Whereas most sea stories recount terrible encounters with monsters, storms and or mermaids, our tale centres on a Talking Head. To be specific it is the tale of the head in the port hull of a certain yacht, the personal throne of our erstwhile mate... [more]

Croatia Rising - for the Cruising Sailor
By Christopher LONGMORE, Global Yachts/Sail-World Cru,
One of the destinations only recently on the lips of all cruising sailors with an eye for an exotic holiday is Croatia, Croatia, Croatia. Returning holiday-makers and long range cruising sailors are forever full of praise for this most recent of popular Mediterranean bareboat charter destinations.... [more]

Blackwattle's First Arrival into Oz
By Nancy Knudsen,
So what is it like as an (almost)ex-pat, returning to Australia after five years absence? It's extraordinary, but we've had the greatest sail of the five year adventure ON THE LAST LEG. During the seven day sail, we never average less than 150 miles a day... [more]

ISAF's New Hall of Fame - First Awards
By Sail-World Cruising,
What do Paul Elvstrom, Sir Robin Knox-Johnson, Ellen MacArthur, Olin Stephens, Barbara Kendall and Eric Tabarly have in common – apart from the fact that they are all allied in sailing?... [more]

Groupe Bénéteau on the Up and Up
By www.IBINews.com/Sail-World Cruising,
Bénéteau's business strategy of producing elegant, brilliantly designed boats, ideal for the major markets of weekend sailors, continues to pay off with their most recent results stronger than ever... and of course if you are a shareholder, you will be mightily pleased as well.... [more]

Ironie's Voyage of a Lifetime
By Catherine Fahy, I&M,
Josh Witte, who set out to circumnavigate the globe without knowing exactly where the winds would take him, recently returned to Nantucket after seven years with tales of adventure in distant lands. Pirates, nor’easters and a solo passage across the Atlantic all figure in the tale.... [more]

'Clueless' Lost Sailor Found
By Frank Urquhart,Scotsman.com/Sail-World,
In some parts of the world, authorities are already demanding a minimum standard of seaworthiness before allowing departure, and this could turn into a future trend. The latest story, from Scotland, is different from many because it involves the proactive involvement of rescue organisations before a problem developed.... [more]

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