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08 Nov 2007

Major Events


There's Asian regional news on the menu today, with information on Hong Kong Harbour Day, the inaugural Asian International Sportsboats Championships, Malaysian match-racers in New Zealand, and a whole lot more.

Qingdao briefly had the lead in the Clipper fleet en route to Durban, but has been overtaken, and the shots are being called in the ISAF Olympic classes selection procedure AND the America's Cup fracas. Where would we be without some entertainment from the AC Reality Show?

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Hong Kong Harbour Day 2007
By Event Media,
Hong Kong's largest celebration of the harbour will take place on 18 November 2007.This year, the biennial event will include activities both on the water and on the land for thousands of spectators, including a stunning marine parade through Victoria Harbour, a Star Ferry race, music, food, and more.... [more]

China Coast Regatta 2007 photos now on display
By Guy Nowell,
After four regattas and the Hainan race over five consecutive weekends, Guy Nowell is gradually clearing the photo backlog. Images from the Total Lubmarine Asia Pacific China Coast Regatta 2007 are now showing on [more]

China Club Challenge match racing finals
By Alistair Skinner,
This is the third year of running an event that has, over the last two years, attracted sailors from South Africa, Australia, the UK, France, Germany and (naturally) China. So who says that the China Cup was the first international regatta in China? Fleet racing maybe, but…... [more]

Malaysia joins Youth Match Racing Regatta
By Lisa Ratcliff,
For the first time in the six-year history of the Bavaria Yachts International Youth Match Racing Regatta, a team from the Royal Selangor Yacht Club in Malaysia will join New Zealand and Australian crews for the five day regatta starting Wednesday 14 November 2007.... [more]

Longtze Premier: watch for the red boat
By Lei Yang,
Longtze Premier recently won the Sportsboats division at the inaugural China Cup International Regatta, and is now on the way to Hong Kong for the first Asian International Sportsboats Championship, 11-16 November... [more]

2007 Asian International Sports Boat Championships
By Event Media,
With the north-east monsoon well established, the Asian International Sportsboat Championships to be held in Hong Kong 11-16 November looks set to be a fantastic regatta. Boats have come from afar afield as Seattle and New Zealand with kind sponsorship from Maersk Line. The line-up includes an array of designs including a Shaw 6.5 Turbo and a Shaw 7; there will be several Magic 25’s making up the... [more]

J/80s at Asia International Sportsboats Champs
By J/Boats,
San Diego's JK3 Yachts opened its J/Boats Asia office in Hong Kong last month, and will soon open a branch in Xiamen, China as the exclusive dealer for J/Boats throughout Asia.... [more]

Olympic Keelboats starting to sink
By Andy Rice,,
It was an extraordinary day here in Estoril at the ISAF Conference. Discussions the previous day in the Women’s Committee – where Women’s Match Racing had come to the fore – seemed to count for little in a session of intense voting by the 19 members of the Events Committee.... [more]

Young Designer of the Year Award for superyachts
By IBI Magazine,
A panel of some of the world's leading superyacht designers and industry members are to judge the inaugural Young Designer of the Year Award at the World Superyacht Awards in Venice, April 2008.... [more]

New York leads Clipper fleet
By Clipper event media,
Considering that ten days ago they were in last place the crew of Hull & Humber has really pulled this one out of the bag to once again stamp their authority on the overall competition and show the other teams they mean business. has followed its own tactics right from the start.... [more]

Passing Cape Finisterre - Transat Jacques Vabre
By Rivacom - Event media,
Passing Cape Finisterre in 35 to 40 knots of wind was as stressful as enjoyable for the sailors. At 4 p.m. the boats were still heading south looking to catch up with the trade winds. At the rear of the fleet the questioning is not the same. The wind is going to drop dramatically, chipping away at the miles separating the two parts of the fleet.... [more]

Four days till Barcelona World Race start
By Lou Newlands,
There are now just four days remaining before the start of the Barcelona World Race, the first double-handed, non-stop, race around the world. The atmosphere on the Moll de la Fusta reflects the build-up to Sunday's start. Nearly 125 000 people have now visited the race village, where they can inspect the fleet of nine Open 60's alongside the quay.... [more]

ISAF Committee dumps both Keelboats
By ISAF /,
The ISAF Events Committee is tasked with recommending to the ISAF Council the events to be used for the Olympic Sailing Competition. In their meeting today (Wednesday) they ruled out Women's Keelboat match racing, and then the Men's keelboat - this would remove the Yngling and the Star - and all keelboat racing from the Olympics for the first time... [more]

Star set to exit 2012 Olympics?
By Richard Gladwell,
After today's meeting of the Events Committee, the Star looks set to be dropped from the 2012 Olympics. A two page scenario was passed. On the first page - with six for men and four for women, the Mens keelboat event was dropped completely. On the second page - for a gender equal slate the multihull joined the Keelboat outside the door of the Class of 2012.... [more]

SailJuice Olympic Survey: Results are out!
By Andy Rice,
We asked you this question: 'ISAF has to cut the 11 Events for China 2008 down to just 10 for Weymouth 2012. Which Event should ISAF eliminate from the Olympic Games?' In answer to that question, 28.8% voted to eliminate the Men’s Heavyweight Dinghy. In second place, next favourite for elimination was the Women’s Keelboat with 21.1% of the vote, and in third place with 14% of the vote was th... [more]

'Clueless' Lost Sailor Found
By Frank Urquhart,,
In some parts of the world, authorities are already demanding a minimum standard of seaworthiness before allowing departure, and this could turn into a future trend. The latest story, from Scotland, is different from many because it involves the proactive involvement of rescue organisations before a problem developed.... [more]

New York steals Clipper lead from Qingdao
By Event Media,
After doggedly holding on to the lead for the last eight days Qingdao has been overtaken by New York. The US team, led by Skipper Duggie Gillespie who took over from Jerry Crew in Salvador, now has a slim eleven-mile lead over the Chinese entry backed by the Sailing Sub-committee of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games... [more]

Moves that paid off - Transat Jacques Vabre
By Event media,
Safran (Guillemot /Caudrelier) separated from the rest of the 60-footer fleet overnight after deciding to go through the Chenal du Four (closer to the shore) where he not only avoided contrary currents but also benefited from more wind (up to 17 knots, a bonus as it was not forecasted to be so strong.... [more]

ISAF Hall of Fame Inductees announced
By Richard Gladwell,
Although no official release has been made it is being reported in New Zealand that six people have been named in the ISAF Hall of Fame. They include Barbara Kendall (NZL), Olin Stephens (USA), Paul Elvstrom (DEN), Sir Robin Knox-Johnston (GBR), Eric Tabarly (FRA) and Dame Ellen MacArthur (GBR).... [more]

America's Cup: Spanish plead 'Guilty as Charged'
By Richard Gladwell,
In the hearings before Justice Herman Cahn in the New York Supreme Court, Golden Gate YC's attorney, James Kearney, argued before the New York court that the CNEV 'is not a club of sail'. This assertion is now apparently shared by Vice President of RFEV, Manuel Chirivella, who admitted that: 'The CNEV (Spanish YC) is a legal adjustment' that was made to introduce the 'Challenge.'... [more]

Qingdao Clipper leads to Durban
By Clipper Ventures,
The high pressure is certainly upon the fleet as they reported lighter winds and lower runs overnight. The top half of the fleet has compressed and Qingdao now holds the lead over New York by just 19 fragile nautical miles. 'We have been watching the rest of the fleet take advantage of the better winds slightly to the south'... [more]

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