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04 Nov 2007

Diary Dates


Bundaberg - What a Welcome!

Entry into the Port2Port Rally was free, but this Aussie flag has just brought $400 at auction! Shown here is a 'winning bid' group of international cruisers in the Rally  BW Media
Arrival into Bundaberg from Vanuatu has been somewhat of a culture shock for Blackwattle – we have swapped high volcanic mountains, lush tropical jungle and aqua lagoons for wide cultivated plains, big sky, sparse vegetation and murky green seas. That's Australia of course, mostly desert and short of water.......

However, the welcome by the volunteers of the Bundaberg Cruising Yacht Club to the 55 boats in the Port2Port Rally has been nothing short of phenomenal – if hangovers are any indication.... The only cloud is the pall that hangs over the group because of the Australian solo sailor Bill Morton who lost his boat Aquantique on Cook's Reef during the passage. Aquantique had withdrawn from the Rally only days before the start.

You have to get your priorities right - great news that we have confirmed our premier place in the barbie stakes once again when Marine Barbecues Australia walked away with first prize at the recent Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) in Amsterdam. Genoa Boat Show is also in the news, with all new technology from Simrad making a splash and the Elan new 450 Cruiser/Racer wowing the experts.

The Turkish coast is in for some changes – most cruising sailors who love it DON'T want it to develop like the rest of the Mediterranean. Let's hope the Turks learn from others' mistakes. However, to see if before it changes, Mariner Boating has a great holiday on offer this week. That's one holiday on offer – the other is a berth in the biodiesel Earthrace as it sets out to break records again.

A must read this week is ''An Ear for the Whale'' – how whales are actually becoming deaf because of the noise generated by all the engines on the water.

Read how Adrian Flanagan, almost at the end of the world's first solo vertical circumnavigation, has had to make a hard decision, a Russian sailor is planning to circumnavigate Antarctica, and the delectable Treleavens are well out of the Med into the Atlantic.

Do you know how to deploy your life-raft? How would you go doing it fast in an emergency? UK-Halsey's newest safety video is well worth a watch.

These stories and more, so read on, enjoy, and...

Sail safe!

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Oceantalk bridge telegraph reads All Ahead Full
By Bob Wonders,
Award-winnng instrumentation from Simrad will impress Australian boat owners, power and sail. Designated the IS20 range, the new technology was released at the recent Genoa International Boat Show and according to observers 'generated huge levels of interest.'... [more]

Bavaria Yachts Celebrate 30 Years
By Bob Mulkearns,
Thirty years ago, Bavaria produced their first boat, the '707.' A short 30 years later, they've moved in to the forefront of production boat building and are now the second largest builder in the world. In celebration of their 30 years of sailboat production, Bavaria Yachtbau is offering the following:... [more]

Free Safety Videos Online for Safer Sailing
By Sail-World Cruising,
Sailmaker UK-Halsey is in the midst of posting a library of safety at sea videos; new segments are added every month, and they are well worth watching.... [more]

Australian sailor rescued from sinking boat
By Nancy Knudsen,,
An Australian yacht in the Port2Port Rally from Vanuatu and Noumea to Bundaberg in Queensland Australia has hit the Cook Reef to the north of New Caledonia. At time of filing this report single crew on the yacht, which is holed and dismasted, is being evacuated by a Noumean Navy helicopter.... [more]

Sail Greece and Turkey with Mariner Boating
By Media services,
Enjoy a one way, escorted, hassle free sailing holiday from Marmaris to Bodrum and then on to Kusadasi via the Greek Islands of Kalimnos, Patmos, Arki and Samos.... [more]

The Turkey We Love - Going Going...
By YESYM ERSOY, Dogan News Agency,
The Turkey that cruising sailors instantly fall in love with on arrival is under threat of being turned into a mini-Europe. Gocek, once a sleepy gentle village that yachties used to love, is fast turning into just one more glitzy bay hard to distinguish from the rest of the Mediterranean. Now the Turkish Government is studying Gocek to 'set the standards'... [more]

An Ear for the Whale
By Julian Cribb,
Once prey to an industry that hunted them almost to extinction, whales today face a new threat – violent encounters with ships and pleasure craft. French biologist Michel André has pioneered a groundbreaking system to prevent collisions between whales and sea-craft. Julian Cribb reports.... [more]

Elan’s new 450 with Twin Rudders WOWS Genoa Show
By Gael Moldan,
The new Rob Humphreys' Elan 450 Cruiser/Racer with twin rudders attracted buyers from all over Europe at the recent Genoa Boat Show. Positioned right at the front, in more ways than one, Elan premiered their latest exciting model /prototype with phenomenal positive feedback from the public. Four 450’s were sold on the spot. More encouraging offers followed... they do know how to do it!... [more]

Marine Barbecues Australia named 1 at METS
By Bob Wonders,
From Port Stephens to Amsterdam, Australia's marine barbecues hit the high spots. Marine Barbecues Australia manufactures a range of barbecues from its smallest, the award-winning Galleymate 1100, able to cook for four to six people, through to its Entertainer 7000, capable of preparing meals for up to 30.... [more]

Florida the World Top for Megayachts
A report released last week at the Ft Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) says that the megayacht industry had an economic impact of US$732 million in 2006 on three counties in South Florida. The 1,500 megayachts (over 80 feet LOA) present in the waters of Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, also helped create 7,366 full-time positions.... [more]

Sailors Left to Die - Ouzo
By Graham Tibbetts, Telegraph,
Three experienced sailors on the 25ft sailboat Ouzo were left to die in the English Channel when their yacht was sunk by a car ferry whose watch officer simply 'crossed his fingers' and hoped for the best, a court heard yesterday. Ferry watch officer Michael Hubble: ‘turned blind eye and hoped for best’... [more]

Coolest Trip on the Planet - an Earthrace Berth
Whether you’re searching for that elusive present for someone who already has everything; you need to find something really special for a friend; or if you want to take on a once-in-a-lifetime travel challenge yourself, then buying a berth on the 100% biodiesel Earthrace during her new record attempt may be the answer.... [more]

The Great Southern Route
By OCEAN Media,
The 'GSR' as its known, is a vital reference guide for large motor and sailing yachts which intend to cruise 'down under. It guides vessels every step of the way from the Suez Canal in the west, crossing the Indian Ocean and Asia to Australia, across the Tasman to the natural wonders of New Zealand and thru the South Pacific, before reaching the Panama Canal in the east.... [more]

Letter from the Med - out into the Atlantic
By Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
A dream run south to the 29th latitude, 900 miles north of the equator and where summer is 12 months a year. My first impression of the northern most Canary Islands is that they are similar to the Kornati Islands in Croatia, flat baron sand dunes, with volcano eruptions evident over the landscape. We soon find a bay, Playa Francesa, to anchor in for a few days where the water is crystal clear.... [more]

Konyukhov attempts Antarctica solo non-stop record
By Richard Williams,
After leaving Falmouth, UK on October 12 bound for Albany, Western Australia and the start of his record chasing attempt around Antarctica, Russian sailor Fedor Konyukhov has found the NE Trade winds and is heading south towards his next challenge – the Doldrums.... [more]

Vanuatu to Oz Rally – Rules Rules Rules
By Nancy Knudsen,
The main hazard for sailors entering the Port2Port Rally from Vanuatu to Bundaberg is the number of rules that participants have to observe. Maybe it's these very rules that have caused the number of boats entered continue to grow, reaching a record 56 this year.... [more]

Big decisions for Alpha Global Expedition
By Adrian Flanagan,
Today marks the second anniversary of my departure from the shores of southern England on the Alpha Global Expedition, my quest to take a 40-foot yacht on a vertical circumnavigation. At the outset I knew the challenges would be severe.... [more]

Blackwattle confirms world is Round
By Nancy Knudsen & Ted Nobbs,
On the 1st November, 2007, at precisely 0457 Blackwattle crossed her outbound path - which she made on the 13th May, 2003, between 2000 and 2100, thereby completing a circle around the globe and proving to our own satisfaction, that the world is, in fact, round.... [more]

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