Coconut Milk Run fleets reach Oz

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Diary Dates


On the 16th of March 2003, between the Ides of March and St Patrick ’s Day Nancy Knudsen and Ted Nobbs sailed their Peterson 46 Blackwattle from the Royal Prince Alfred docks in Pittwater, Sydney Australia, heading out on a world circumnavigation.

On the 11th of May that same year they sailed past Bundaberg on the Queensland Coast their way to Pancake Creek and then north round the top of Australia across to the Red Sea up into the Med to Turkey. After an extended stay there they left in June 2006 heading across the Med, they crossed the Atlantic with the ARC fleet wandered down to Panama and then did the Coconut Milk Run across to Vanuatu.

Early this week they set sail for Bundaberg as part of the 55 boat Port to Port Rally fleet.

This afternoon Nancy reports the best sailing conditions of their entire world voyage have continued for the last four days, perfect trade wind sailing. Just 550 nautical miles out.

By Wednesday night, 1st November 2007 they will sail into Bundaberg having completed their circumnavigation.

For the many US and European cruisers it will be a celebration of their Pacific crossing. A giant step in their own world journey and from here on, the oceans get smaller.

Customs Clearance awaits the fleet, then there will be a party and another and another.

The Sail-World Team

Port to Port Report from Sail-world Cruising
By Sail-World Cruising,
Perfect trade wind sailing for the 55 boats in the 2007 Port to Port Rally from Vanuatu to Bundaberg. Sail-World Cruising Editor Nancy Knudsen and husband Ted are sailing their Peterson 46 Blackwattle are in the fleet. Here is the latest Iridium satellite phone report from Nancy.... [more]

On certain full moons each year, it gets sexy
By Elizabeth Pennisi ScienceNOW Daily News,
Marine biologist James Guest of Newcastle University in the U.K. says the findings may aid coral reef conservation. 'Sexual reproduction is possibly the most important process in the recovery of degraded reefs,' he says, 'so understanding the mechanisms underlying reproductive timing is very important'... [more]

Chicago Sailors Blast Olympic Plan
By Lauren Williamson/Sail-World Cruising,
Winning the right to host the Olympic Games frequently causes stresses within the winning community as the city struggles to compromise between the challenges of staging Olympic events and keeping the local population happy. It's starting right now in Chicago, and they won't even know until October 2009 whether they will host the 2016 Summer Games or not.... [more]

Fort Lauderdale - the World’s Largest Boat Show
By Event Media,
A guide to billions of the best in the marine industry worldwide at six amazing sites. The Big Show is back. Fort Lauderdale is gearing up to welcome the 48th Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. From October 25 - 29, 2007 the waterways will play host to the marine world’s best with more than $2 Billion worth of superyachts, boats, marine accessories, electronics, and more.... [more]

Blue Goes Green - Ft Lauderdale Intern'l Boat Show
By Event Media,
With today’s heightened awareness of environmental factors, more and more boaters are looking for ways to keep waters clean and preserve the marine ecosystem. Always on the cutting edge of new advances, the 48th Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, October 25 - 29, 2007, will feature companies producing environmentally friendly – a.k.a. 'green products'... [more]

Faces of Vanuatu – Michoutouchkine and Others
By Nancy Knudsen,
Waiting, waiting, waiting for the weather to cross from Vanuatu to Bundaberg in Australia, the crew of Blackwattle start to meet many memorable people – educated, uneducated, simple, sophisticated, always gentle – a cultural diversity which is both inspiring and heartwarming. Here are just a few of them, and these experiences are some of the rewards of becoming a cruising sailor... [more]

CEO of Voller Heading for the ARC
By Des Ryan,
Stephen Voller, CEO of Voller Energy, doesn't just sit in an office dreaming up new energy efficient fuel cell ideas. He is about to sail from Lisbon to Gran Canaria as part of the crew for the final training leg prior to the ARC Rally. Voller Energy’s Emerald yacht, a Beneteau 411, will be first yacht in the World to cross the Atlantic with a fuel cell system running off LPG, Propane or Calor Gas... [more]

Coral reefs on brink of disaster
By ScienceDaily,
The world has a narrow window of opportunity to save coral reefs from the destruction caused by extreme climate change, according to a unanimous statement issued today by leading Australian scientists. The call for action is the outcome of a National Forum on Coral Reef Futures, held at the Australian Academy of Sciences, in Canberra.... [more]

Two Boaters Killed by Tugboat Towline
By Newsday/Sail-World Cruising,
New York: At 10.45pm last Saturday evening, in Ambrose Channel, off the coast of south Brooklyn, two men were killed when their 24 foot pleasure boat collided with the towline of a tugboat. QUESTION: In the dark, how do you tell that a vessel is towing another vessel? (Answer at the end of the article)... [more]

Scout Boats Launch Electric/Outboard Hybrid Boat
By Cruising,
The Race is on. Every week there is a new innovation by a commercial firm towards a greener and more environmentally friendly marine world. This week, Scout Boats Inc. have developed a fiberglass hybrid boat, the 145 Hybrid, which can function all day if starting with full batteries, and has a supporting outboard motor as well.... [more]

Yachties Honoured for Saving Fishermen
By Des Ryan,
Such are the tales of piracy on the high seas that even the sight of a small ''fishing'' boat will have many a yachtie scurrying for the engine and extra sails to get away as fast as possible - that's if they don't reach for the gun as well....... [more]

Blackwattle's Final Circumnavigation Leg
By Nancy Knudsen,
Sail-World's Cruising Editor Nancy Knudsen and her husband Ted Nobbs on their yacht Blackwattle, are in Vanuatu, about to join the Port2Port Rally on the last leg of their five year circumnavigation. While joining other Rally participants... [more]

Seabrakes - a must have for offshore sailors?
By Rob Kothe,
When Captain John Abernathy grabbed a steel bucket and threw it overboard in a storm, he had no idea he was on his way to a great future invention for sailors. Such a good invention that Sail-World asks, ‘So, why the bloody hell don't you have one?’... [more]

PIMEX 2007 at Royal Phuket Marina
By &,
UPDATE… PIMEX 2007 at Royal Phuket Marina. With less than three months to go, the fifth Phuket International Boat Show – being held from 6-9 December at the prestigious 5 Gold Anchor Award winning Royal Phuket Marina in December – has received bookings from an impressive list of exhibitors.... [more]

Cruising the Pacific- the Coconut Milk Run
By Nancy Knudsen - three days from Fiji,
It's called the Coconut Milk Run – pejorative term that. The Coward's Way Out, it says, the Easy Way across the Pacific. I am not sure who's saying it. Presumably all those who have done polar circumnavigations, rounded the Horn, or visited the Antarctic by sailing boat.... [more]

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