Port2Port Rally - Not Left Vanuatu

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Gun Went, but no Rally yet

Port Vila today - Not a boat has left  BW Media
Departure date for the Port2Port Rally from Vanuatu to Bundaberg in Australia was yesterday - 20th October.

Not a boat has left.

Here in Port Vila 50 boats or more including our boat Blackwattle are waiting, waiting waiting. The wind forecast of 30 knots is not the problem. The problem is the 18 foot (five metre) seas which accompany the winds, and the short delay between crests. A squash zone between high and low pressures is the cause, and as one old yachtie said 'We'll take seas like that on the chin if they come our way, but we won't choose to go out in them.' ...and that's cruising...

Two stories you need to read this week. One is about Crewsaver's recall, if you have their life jackets on board.. The other concerns how to lay up a boat for any length of time when using fuel with an ethanol content. Whether you are currently using E10 or not, and whether you use petrol or diesel, the experience of those who've been using ethanol for years is good to have for the future.

While the United Arab Emirates is spending an incredible US$11 billion to introduce more – much more – water into their desert, encourage the marine industry and make the country more and more attractive for the world's leisure boaters, on the other side of the world one Washington Boatbuilder is moving his operations away from the US altogether to - China.

Skippers beware – read how in Norway one female crew member has just been arrested for hammering her skipper to death, and in the Caribbean the Skipper and three crew of the Joe Cool are missing after accepting a charter, while the charterers, found drifting in a life raft, have been arrested for murder.

We are watching weekly now the progress of Adrian Flanagan, would-be first vertical solo circumnavigator - who is nearing his goal. He is currently making his exhausted way slowly along the fjords of Norway, heading for Britain.

This week's coolest idea is for a folding boarding ladder that you can leave permanently in place. The Treleavens, long time writers of 'Letter from the Med', are heading for the Canary Islands and the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC). They tell this week of their travels in Morocco. Finally, on Blackwattle, it's a story of mixed feelings as we prepare for the very last leg of our five year sailing journey around the world.

Many other stories too, so read on, enjoy, and....

Sail Safe

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Horror Tale off Cuba on board abandoned Joe Cool
By Todd Lewan, AP,
Unlike most boats returning from the high seas, the Joe Cool had no tales to tell. Three days earlier, the 47-foot boat had departed for the island of Bimini, four crew members and two passengers aboard. A day earlier, it had been found, doing circles and dragging anchor, on a lonely stretch of the Florida Straits about 30 miles north of Cuba.... [more]

What you need to know about e-10 ethanol fuel
By BoatUS News,
Last year recreational boaters in most parts of the USA were introduced to gasoline containing higher concentrations of ethanol, a corn-based additive that replaced a known carcinogen, MTBE. The new fuel, dubbed 'E-10' for its 10% ethanol... [more]

This week's Neatest Idea - Folding Boarding Ladder
By Sail-World Cruising,
A Connecticut company, Mystic Stainless and Aluminum LLC , has a neat idea for a boarding ladder which doesn't need the extra inconvenience of stowing and finding it before use. Permanently mounted on the life rail, it is ready for instant use – and it's stainless steel!... [more]

Vertical Solo Sailor - Fatigue Sets In
By Cruising Editor,
Adrian Flanagan, seeking to be the first vertical solo circumnavigator of the world, is suffering from mental and physical fatigue, and slowing down to conserve strength.... [more]

Washington yacht builder moves operations to China
By www.IBINews.com/Sail-World Cruising,
Is it a sign of what you can expect in the future? Will your next production yacht with a VERY European name come China? Will 'Made in China' be written large across international boat shows?more]

Skipper Overboard, Female Crew Arrested
By Sail-World Cruising/www.thelocal.se,
If it weren't so serious it might be funny. A woman has been arrested in a marina in western Sweden suspected of killing her partner while they were out on a sailing trip. Police believe the woman, 54, may have killed her partner with a blow from a hammer.... [more]

Multi-purpose Must Have for offshore sailor
By John Abernethy,
Sir Peter Blake and Jon Sanders in their round world triumphs have used and endorsed in glowing terms their appreciation of having a Seabrake aboard in the worst conditions imaginable, is it something you may also consider investing in?... [more]

Blackwattle's Final Circumnavigation Leg
By Nancy Knudsen,
Sail-World's Cruising Editor Nancy Knudsen and her husband Ted Nobbs on their yacht Blackwattle, are in Vanuatu, about to join the Port2Port Rally on the last leg of their five year circumnavigation. While joining other Rally participants... [more]

Letter from the Med: Mohammedia, Casablanca, Fes
By Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
Mohammedia is the beach resort for Casablanca which is only 16nm south of here. The new marina being built in Casablanca will not be complete until 2010 and as Mohammedia Marina is well guarded and the only one on this coast we have decided to stay put and visit places from here. Even the Kings personal launch is in view of us.... [more]

World's Fastest Sailing Woman - New Record
By allafrica.com/Sail-World,
SJOUKJE Bredenkamp, 19, from Langebaan, South Africa has broken the outright women's speed sailing record in Luederitz, by sailing her Helix kite at an incredible speed of 42.35 knots, beating the previous record held by windsurfer Karen Yaggi of Switzerland... [more]

Solo 'Vertical' Circumnavigator Heads for Norway
By Des Ryan,
Adrian Flanagan, British sailor seeking to be the first solo sailor to circumnavigate the world 'vertically', is on the move again, on one of his final legs, from Russia to Norway.... [more]

Crewsaver Recall: Examine your life jackets
By Crewsaver,
NOTE: This information bulletin comes directly from Crewsaver and ONLY applies to inflatable Lifejackets, automatically operated, manufactured prior to 1997. 'Our Lifejacket servicing department has brought to our attention a problem with the United Moulders Mk3 Standard Automatic Head. This component was fitted to Crewsaver Crewfit and Survivor inflatable Lifejackets manufactured 12 years ago and older.... [more]

New US$11 billion Arabian canal planned for Dubai
By Des Ryan,
Dubai is to go ahead with an US$11 billion (€7.8bn, £5bn) project to create a 75km man-made waterway, which will flow inland from Dubai Waterfront, passing to the east of the new Dubai World Central International Airport before turning back towards Palm Jumeirah.... [more]

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