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14 Oct 2007

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Waiting for the Port2Port Rally to Bundaberg

Part of the fleet in Port Vila  BW Media
I am writing this week from Vanuatu, where the normally sleepy town of Port Vila is crammed with sailing boats, all of them heading out of here to safer waters before the cyclone season sets in - I haven't heard so many Australian accents all together in one place for the last five years! Many of the boats, Aussies and many other nationalities, are waiting for the departure of the Port2Port Rally.

This free-to-enter rally operates every year from Vanuatu to Bundaberg, just at the end of the cruising season. The difference this year is that instead of the normal few boats in the rally, there are 55 entered (less than half are Australian) and entry is closed. Obviously the word is out that this rally is the best way to sail to Australia (and cope with the bureaucracy). I wonder how long it can remain free, run by volunteers on both sides of the water.

Line 7 is back in the wet weather gear business. If the new range is anything remotely as good as their old products, they should be a hit. I am still wearing my Line 7 wet weather gear that I purchased in 1983! Read about their recent launch at the CYC (Cruising Yacht Club of Australia) in Sydney.

There's a huge variety of news this week – while Adrian Flanagan is about to finish his marathon vertical sail around the world we also hear the story of Jackie Hope, great sailor and very game woman who is just about to start her (sometimes) solo sail around the world.

Two people have survived on a life raft in the Arabian Sea, and I think that's where I would put the Skipper of a boat in Thailand who set sail without first raising the anchor, thereby sinking his boat.

Sailing tales to drool over from the gentle adventurers the Treleavens, and our practical story for the week is on towing – how to do it without breaking gear or losing the tow.

In the meantime, our Peterson 46 Blackwattle is readying herself for her very last leg of our own circumnavigation. Read the story of our visit to Fiji, and of her Skipper who just can't seem to stay on the wharf.

Read on, enjoy, and...

Sail safe!

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Solo 'Vertical' Circumnavigator Heads for Norway
By Des Ryan,
Adrian Flanagan, British sailor seeking to be the first solo sailor to circumnavigate the world 'vertically', is on the move again, on one of his final legs, from Russia to Norway.... [more]

Launch of new Line 7 Marine Wet Weather Gear Range
By Media Services,
On Thursday night at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, Line 7 held their official launch party to celebrate the re-introduction of Line 7 back into the wet weather gear market.... [more]

Lucky - the Boat that Wasn't
By Nancy Knudsen,
The first mistake he made was in naming his boat ''Lucky''. On the other hand, with the sailing skill that he showed, I guess he was hoping that Luck would play a big part in his staying afloat – which of course he didn't.... [more]

Towing a Yacht in Distress - the Techniques
By Sail-World Cruising,
When a vessel is in distress on a lee shore and needs towing is not the time to start considering the best way of doing it. Have YOU ever towed another vessel? If you have, you will either already have the skill and knowledge to do this competently, or you will have discovered that there are tricks and lessons that it is as well to have in your repertoire before you start.... [more]

The Maltese Falcon: Art on Innovation
By Nancy Knudsen,
Recognized as the most incredible, influential and ground breaking yacht the world has ever seen, the Maltese Falcon has now been captured within the pages of an exclusive art book; The Maltese Falcon: Art of Innovation.... [more]

Incident in Fiji - Blackwattle
By Nancy Knudsen,
Everyone's running and shouting. From everywhere – it seems the whole of this Fijian marina is running and shouting. Indian taxi drivers, cruisers walking by, Indian marina security guards, Fijian loungers, friends on the boat we are/were about to visit, they're all converging on where they heard the splash.... [more]

Sophomore Heroism Saves Captain
By George Brennan, Cape Cod Times/Sail-World Cruising,
When people talk about yachts and losing life in the one sentence, the image is of heavy weather, man-overboard, or the sinking of the yacht in turbulent seas. But a recent story of the life saving fast action of a marine sophomore in US town Sandwich is a lesson in just how easy it can be to end up in life threatening trouble when you're not even at sea. Would you imagine a very experienced seaman could almost drown while trying to refuel his yacht?... [more]

Letter from the Med: Cadiz Spain to Mohammedia
By Ian and Andrea Treleaven,
On a clear blue calm day sailing past Cape Trafalgar, the sight of one of the most historic naval battles in 1805. Then rounding Tarifa on the south western corner of Spain we could see North Africa only 10 miles away it seemed so close we could reach out and grab it.... [more]

Two Survive Eight Days on Life Raft after Yacht Sinks
By Associated Press,
MUMBAI, India — An Israeli woman and an Italian man survived on a life raft for eight days in the Arabian Sea after their yacht sank in a storm, the Indian coast guard said Tuesday... [more]

Soulmate's Jackie Follows the Dream
By Nancy Knudsen,
Why do people leave home and go long range cruising? Surprisingly, it is rare to find the long range cruiser who has had a lifelong passion for the sea. Sometimes they wish to escape the rat race to a simpler cleaner way of living. Sometimes they have been yearning all their lives to see a wider world, sometimes the yacht is just a substitute for retirement and a motor home. So it's a delight to meet a sailor who just 'wants to go to sea'.... [more]

Mediterranean Playground Hit by Major Storm - Yachts Damaged
Several ports in the Bay of Palma have been seriously affected due to the storm which cast the town into total blackness this week and washed boats up on the shore.... [more]

Slightly Sad - Blackwattle's Fiji Visit
By Nancy Knudsen,
Its a full moon behind dark clouds as we sail along the south coast of the biggest island of Fiji, Viti Levu, As we skim the flat sea the rich smells of cow dung and cut grass are enticing after several days at sea. But the next morning the picture is less alluring. For the first time in all our time in the South Pacific, as we sail northwards through the vast western lagoon which contains many of the holiday islands, there is refuse in the water – plastic bags, discarded beer cans, thongs, other unidentifiable junk, even a large polystyrene box that must have escaped from someone's picnic.... [more]

RANSA 60th birthday celebrations
By Robyn Morton,
The Royal Australian Naval Sailing Association (RANSA) will celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of its formation with a cocktail party at its historic clubhouse in New Beach Road, Rushcutters Bay on Friday October 26 and a Parade of Sail on Saturday October 27.... [more]

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