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30 Sep 2007

Diary Dates


News from a Cyclone Hole

Vudu Marina - circular in shape - notice yellow cyclone buoy in the centre to which boats tie in wheel formation during cyclones  BW Media
I am writing from Fiji this week – having sailed through the pass and along the lagoon on the dry western side of the main island Viti Levu, Blackwattle is holed up in Vudu Marina (pronounced Vundu, not related to Voodoo). ''Holed up'' is a meaningful expression, for this circular marina, surrounded by levee banks that are topped by a jungle of planted trees, serves as a cyclone hole during the cyclone season.

For sailors on or near the Gold Coast in the near future, we tell of yet another boat show, the Southport Yacht Club is making a big splash with their new marina extensions, and further south in Pittwater, the Smart Boating Group has something for everyone.

Lots of news from round the world this week – in Thailand, the Royal Phuket Marina gets ready for PIMEX 2007, and in Malaysia there are plenty of ways you can join the Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta up the Malaysian coast. Would-be polar circumnavigator Adrian Flanagan has hitched a ride to Murmansk on the northern coast of Russia rather than be stuck in the ice for the year, and over in the Med, the elegantly cruising Treleavens are heading slowly towards the Canary Islands.

In the meantime, Blackwattle in the South Pacific is about to join the ''Port2Port'' rally, a free rally from Vanuatu to Bundaberg in Australia just before the beginning of the cyclone season. Read about just why, unlike all the other rallies in the world, this one is free to enter.

On a practical note, we talk about a subject no sailor likes to imagine – a fire at sea – and how to make your boat ''fire ready'', there's also a story about how the Beneteau Groupe, that crowned emperor of hedonistic cruising, has passed the Billion Euro sales mark.

So read on, enjoy, and....

Sail safe!

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Big fleet for Port 2 Port rally
By Tracey Johnstone,
Bundaberg’s highly successful annual Port 2 Port rally has already reached its maximum entry numbers with 55 Australian and international entries ready to converge on Bundaberg in October.... [more]

Fire at Sea – Are you Prepared?
By Des Ryan,
Probably one of the worst nightmares for any boater, almost worse than the thought of the boat sinking beneath you, is of a fire at sea. Here we go through some simple steps that will make you comfortable – or otherwise – with your boat's preparedness for this worst of all incidents.... [more]

Henri Lloyd at Hamilton Island
By Fran Burke,
Henri Lloyd’s new concept corner on Hamilton Island opened last month to strong cheers from Australia’s sailing community and to even stronger opening sales. The opening of the store coincided with Henri Lloyd’s first year as official clothing sponsor for one of Australia’s most exciting, action packed sailing events for yachties and fashionistas alike – Audi Hamilton Island Race Week 2007.... [more]

Tred Barta supports new MOBi-lert safety system
By Colin Patterson,
American Fishing guru and television celebrity Tred Barta has embraced an innovative Australian invention designed to help assist with prompt man overboard rescues. Barta saw the MOBi-lert system at the Miami Boat Show in July and was reportedly so enthusiastic about the product that he ordered one for his own boat. He’s not the only celebrity team who has been impressed by the new product: Croc One the expedition vessel of the late Steve Irwin has also been fitted with a MOBi-lert system.... [more]

Win free tickets to see Deep Water
By Marc Brandon,
You can win free movie passes to see Deep Water, the stunning true story of the fateful voyage of Donald Crowhurst, an amateur yachtsman who enters the most daring nautical challenge ever – the very first solo, non-stop, round-the-world boat race.... [more]

SYC's New Marina Extension Opening on 12th October
By Sarah Cann,
Southport Yacht Club’s New Marina Extension Opening is now scheduled for Friday 12th October 2007.... [more]

Pittwater: a perfect place for time poor cruisers
By Helen Hopcroft,
A short distance from Sydney’s CBD is a place where you can feel like you’re a million miles from anywhere. Pittwater is often tagged Sydney’s ‘best kept secret’ and has been described by many experienced sailors as one of the world’s great cruising grounds. It’s easy to see why: the western side of the bay is bordered by the magnificent Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park. Yet Pittwater also boasts a large array of marine services including clubs, waterfront restaurants and marinas so you’re never far from civilization. We spoke to David Biddle of the Smart Boating Group about the fantastic deals he has available on Pittwater yacht charters.... [more]

2007 Gold Coast Boat Show to have Carnival atmosphere
By Bob Wonders,
Marine Queensland's General Manager Barry Hibberd expecting a carnival atmosphere and a fantastic display at 2007 Gold Coast Boat Show.... [more]

Sail-World's Taia to have eye-operation
By Des Ryan,
Sixteen year old Taia Marsters from Palmerston Atoll in the Cook Islands, is to travel from Palmerston to Rarotonga by a passing ship in the ''next couple of weeks'', on the first leg of her journey to have a sight-saving operation. This follows a story by Sail-World's Cruising Editor Nancy Knudsen who cruised past the Atoll recently - and some very generous donors of both money and skills.... [more]

The Thing about Piracy
By Sail-World Cruising,
Piracy is happening all the time, everywhere, in almost every ocean in the world. Dozens of attacks are reported, many violent, every single month of the year. So many, in fact, that it is easier to report the places where there was NO piracy, than to report the pirate attacks. The thing is, they are NOT attacks on sailing vessels.... [more]

Letters from the Med - On to Cadiz
By Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
Rounding Cabo de Sao Vicente, the most southern end of Portugal, was like entering a whole new area. It’s hot; the sea is blue and cliffs of golden sandstone that are carved into many shapes by the Atlantic sea. High on a baron exposed cliff is ‘Prince Henry the Navigators’ School of Navigation. Not a lot remains due to the 1740 earthquake and pillaging by Sir Francis Drake.... [more]

Shipwright turned Lawyer at Newcastle TAFE
By Helen Hopcroft,
It’s like the start of a bad joke: what do you call a lawyer who is also a qualified shipwright? The answer in this case is Lake Macquarie resident Marcel Vaarzon-Morel. After 20 years working as a shipwright he went back to university and graduated with a law degree. Nowadays he works for the Newcastle office of the prestigious Hunt & Hunt law firm, and this week volunteered his time to speak to students and apprentices at the Newcastle TAFE school of boat and ship building. He spoke about common legal problems that shipwrights and people working in the marine industry face.... [more]

Letters from the Med - Andrea & Ian Treleaven
By Andrea Treleaven,
Rounding Cabo de Sao Vicente, the most southern end of Portugal, was like entering a whole new area. It’s hot; the sea is blue and cliffs of golden sandstone that are carved into many shapes by the Atlantic sea. High on a baron exposed cliff is ‘Prince Henry the Navigators’ School of Navigation. Not a lot remains due to the 1740 earthquake and pillaging by Sir Francis Drake.... [more]

Blackwattle - A Weather Window to Fiji
By Nancy Knudsen,
After so many years, we still haven't learned not to believe weather forecasts. It's probably like being a child with horrible parents – you hang on to them because they're all you've got!We're waiting for a weather window from Tonga to Fiji and we think we've found one... [more]

Polar Sailor on the move at last
By Adrian Flanagan,
Adrian Flanagan, aiming to be the first sailor to make a polar circumnavigation, has been waiting near the Taymyr Peninsula for the ice to melt allowing him a passage through. However, this year, in spite of the smallest recorded area of ice during this year's northern summer, the sea-ice in front of Adrian has failed to melt sufficiently.... [more]

Beneteau : E1 billion sales mark passed in 2007
By Groupe Beneteau,
With €1,013.9 million in sales over FY 2006-07, up 22.7%, the Group has passed the €1 billion mark and come in ahead of its initial target. This figure for sales includes €93.9 million for IRM, with this company incorporated into the Group's consolidated accounts as of January 1st, 2007... [more]

PIMEX 2007 at Royal Phuket Marina
By &,
UPDATE… PIMEX 2007 at Royal Phuket Marina. With less than three months to go, the fifth Phuket International Boat Show – being held from 6-9 December at the prestigious 5 Gold Anchor Award winning Royal Phuket Marina in December – has received bookings from an impressive list of exhibitors.... [more]

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