The North-West Passage - ice is not the problem...Still time to sail the Whitsundays... BFA Liferaft recall.. Shoal Point rescue...and more

17 Sep 2007

Diary Dates


Waiting for a Weather Window - again

Doesn't feel like sailing  BW Media
There's still plenty of time to take a late opportunity to go sailing in the Whitsundays this season – and the exploding popularity of catamarans is something to be investigated personally! There's also good news with the new Telstra Next G internet connections in the area– reception is hugely improved over the old CDMA connection, so you can take a sailing holiday and still be easily in touch with work or home..

On Blackwattle, along with other cruising boats, we're still waiting in Tonga for a weather window to cross to Fiji. The winds outside have been topping 35 knots constantly and the seas reported at four to five metres. But it's not all bad - we've been amusing ourselves with many aqua and shore-based activities...

This week a huge variety of tales from various parts of the world - informative, adventurous or just plain quirky. Read about Star Clipper's incredible new sailing ship plans, about how the Norwegians are going boat mad, and the difficulties that sailors are having getting through the North West Passage – not with ice, but with bureaucracy!.

Read on, enjoy, and

Sail safe..

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Queenslander Completes 36,000 Solo Sail
A Brisbane man has returned home today after spending almost a year sailing solo from Plymouth in the United Kingdom.... [more]

Whitsunday Rent A Yacht have big catamaran fleet
By Deni Linforth,
Whitsunday Rent A Yacht offer the largest fleet of Seawind yachts for your next bareboat charter holiday in the Whitsundays. Or take part in fun packed Seawind rally planned for 2008.... [more]

Yachties find better mobile coverage in Whitsunday
By TetraMedia,
Yachting officials and Media involved with the major sailing regattas in the Whitsundays have discovered there has been a major improvement with the installation of additional Telstra Next G™ mobile phone base stations.... [more]

Letter from the Med: Vigo, Spain to Porto, Portugal
By Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
After three days in a port you have worked out the geographies to getting an electronic train ticket, where to get the best bread and a tourism office. Then you leave only to start all over again in the next port.... [more]

Shoal Point - Another Unnecessary Rescue
By Des Ryan,
With so many good sailors out there doing the right thing, and so many sailing courses available, all of which teach safety at sea, media reports like this one do not portray a good image for the yachting community.... [more]

BFA recalls Liferafts for corrective action
By BFA Marine,
Important Safety Notice - Recall by BFA Marine of life rafts for corrective action. BFA marine (*) has identified some overpressure valves failures (**) on life rafts in use (***), which may lead to a complete deflation of the compartment when broken.... [more]

South African Yachtie – How lucky can you get?
By The Cape Times,
The Cape Times reported this week that a yacht owner rescued 13 years ago must have counted himself lucky when the NSRI (National Sea Rescue Institute) saved him again at the weekend - but then he thought his luck had run out when his boat 'disappeared'.... [more]

Norwegians Going Boat-Mad
By IBI News -,
The number of Norwegians spread around the world in small sailing boats was the first indicator, reported by Sail-World several weeks ago. Last week Norway had its best boat show ever. Now IBI News and Norboat have confirmed it. Norwegians are going boat-mad.... [more]

Blackwattle-Didn't Know What was in Store...
By Nancy Knudsen,
Blackwattle sets out for an easy four day sail from Palmerston Atoll to Neiafu in the Vava'u Island Group in Tonga. Little does she know that probably her most exciting trip for years is ahead.... [more]

Arrival advice disease spreads to the Caribbean
By Des Ryan,
First it was Australia who required 96 hours notice by yachts intending to visit the downunder island continent. Then Fiji, who seems to go in for aping the worst of Australian bureaucracy, started requiring 48 hours notice from intending seafarers. Now the disease seems to be spreading.... [more]

North West Passage-- Ice is Not the Problem
By SARA MINOGUE ,The Globe and Mail,
As the Northwest Passage becomes easier to navigate, more seafarers are running into problems registering their travels... [more]

Luxury Yachts Of The World-Coffee Table Luxury
By Nancy Knudsen,
Love drooling over luxury yachts? Then whether your pocket goes to a purchase or not, you'll just love this beautifully presented, 532 page high quality 'coffee table' book.... [more]

Robot sailboats to race across Atlantic
By Lewis Page, The Register,
In the Irish Sea off Wales this week, a new kind of robot is taking to the waves. For once, this is not a military kill-droid or powered surveillance machine. Instead, we are seeing the debut of the fully-autonomous sailboat, which uses its own software to navigate out at sea. For now the uninhabited windjammers will stay relatively close to home, but next year their successors will race across the Atlantic.... [more]

Sailing under a Harvest Moon – What Better...
By Sail-World Cruising,
Down there on the Gulf of Mexico the local sailors know how to make things enjoyable – what sounds better than a 'Harvest Moon Regatta'?. Imagine yourself on an overnight off-wind sail during the full moon, held in one of the best weather times of the year.... [more]

Sail Malaysia before the Crowd Finds Out
By Cruising Editor,
With an overcrowded and mostly expensive Mediterranean, a Caribbean that is the same, where do you go for an idyllic sailing holiday, before the crowd gets there?... [more]

Star Clipper to Build Biggest Clipper Yet
By Sail-World Cruising,
Star Clippers, those doyennes of modern sailing ships, have announced that they will build their largest sailing ship so far. It will be an astonishing 518 feet (158 metres) long, and the rest of the dimensions are similarly astonishing.... [more]

On-line data entry/basic editing – Job Opportunity
We have sailing news data entry/basic editing job opportunity – you will need broadband connection and computer. Flexible Hours. - Some early morning, some daytime and some at night. – by arrangement - up to 100 hours a month – will suit senior student or parent with school children.... [more]

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