Bavaria's Success at Regatta, Good News for Cruisers....Polar circumnavigator waits for the ice...Sea Brakes and drogues...and more...

10 Sep 2007

Diary Dates


Charter a Top Yacht for Grand Prix Regatta

Neiafu Port of Refuge  .
This week's magazine comes to you from Neiafu in the Vava'u group of Islands in Tonga. The deep gentle harbours and bays of Tonga are legendary for their sweet sailing; and the smiling people - gentle, proud and very conservative - are a pleasure to be with.

We must thank the readers who have so generously offered to contribute to the travel fund for Taia Marsters' necessary eye surgery (see last week's story by pasting the following link into your browser: We have emailed all direct, and we will updating all contributors with Taia's ongoing story.

Mariner Boating, that organisation that plans lots of great sailing holidays, is now offering some top yachts for short charters to take part in Grand Prix Regattas in Victoria and South Australia - great opportunity if you like the occasional race...

In cruising tales, Adrian Flanagan, that crazy Englishman who is trying to do a polar circumnavigation of the world, is waiting for ice to melt north of Russia, the Treleavens continue with their Letters from the Med, and Blackwattle's experiences in Palmerston have made for some beautiful images.

Which country in the world seems to produce more sailors on a per capita basis than any other? - the answer might surprise you.

On a more practical note, that excellent Island Brand is bringing out a new range of economy products, we make suggestions about how to make your electronic charting system more accurate to the GPS position and the question of drogues and sea brakes is discussed..
Lots more, so read on, enjoy, and...

Sail safe

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Bavaria Succeed at Hamilton Island Race Week 2007
By Bob Mulkearns,
Bavaria Yachts is one of the leading brands of production yachts around the world so there were no surprises when a fleet of nine Bavaria’s turned up to compete in Hamilton Island Race Week 2007.... [more]

Where Am I Really? - GPS to Chart Corrections
By Cruising Editor,
One of the most amusing – and of course potentially dangerous – aspects of using electronic charting is watching your boat sailing through rock walls, across protected breeding islands, through towns, to anchor on the nearest mountain.... [more]

Flanagan waiting on the ice
By Adrian Flanagan,
I thought I’d tell you a little of what I’m doing here in the freezing Arctic while I wait for the ice to decide whether it’s going to open up for me or not. The short answer is .. nothing. Nothing active that is. It’s too cold to be on deck for too long.... [more]

Island Brand - New Economy Products
By Cruising Editor,
As sailors, we first came upon the Island Brand when given some cleaning fluid by an American cruising friend: ''This stuff is like gold,'' he said effusively. ''It will clean anything, even your grandmother's teeth.''... [more]

The Yacht Delivery from Hell
By, BBC and other sources,
British skipper Jonathan Kelway, 57, recruited his three crew via the online Crew seekers agency and arranged their travel to St Lucia in late April to help him deliver a Beneteau 50 Gin to Europe and so began the yacht delivery from hell.... [more]

Sea Brakes, sea anchors, drogues and broaches
By Colin Patterson,
A following sea is generally the most dangerous and has led to many broaches, capsizes and drownings…however boats can be slowed with drogues. The Australian designed Seabrake has twice the drag of conventional sea anchors and drogues and has a whole range of additional applications including emergency steering.... [more]

Norwegians Celebrate their Cruising
By IBI Magazine Cruising,
Norwegians must be some of the world's most enthusiastic sailors on a per capita basis. In every anchorage frequented by international cruisers, in every international marina, in every rally start - whether you are in the Canary Islands or Vanuatu - the Norwegians are there. So it's no wonder that the boat shows there are popular.... [more]

Mariner Boating's Grand Prix Regattas offer
By Mariner Boating Holidays,
Mariner Boating Holidays offer you the opportunity to participate in two Grand Prix Regattas on board especially prepared and fully equipped racing yachts.... [more]

Letter from the Med: Cape Finisterre to Vigo
By Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
It’s September 1st and we have woken anchored behind an island in winds that feel like they are off the snow capped Pyrenees. By lunchtime we are inland at Santiago de Compostela and its 30 degrees Celsius.... [more]

Letter from the Med: Bilbao to La Coruna
By Ian and Andrea Treleaven,
For the past week we could be sailing the English, New Zealand or Tasmanian coast but no, this is the northern coast of Spain. Cold, wet and wind in the wrong direction, we never did see the Pyrenees. A lush green coastline with unspoiled villages, if we could see it in better weather it would be more appealing.... [more]

Blackwattle - Memories of Palmerston Atoll
By Nancy Knudsen,
Was I dreaming? Now, our sailing visit to Palmerston has a surreal quality, images that won't go away, like a bad nightmare, but the opposite – in retrospect, Palmerston seems like a Nirvana.... or maybe like visiting Robinson Crusoe who has somehow married and now has an extended family.... [more] - Contributors Guidelines
By Al Constable,
Guidelines for sailors writing articles for publication on Our website encompasses all forms of sailing, including cruising. Whether its racing in yachts, skiffs or dinghies, regattas, twilights or ocean races, there is always a story waiting to be told. Sail-World is happy to receive your articles. Be it profiles of people and boats, tuning, tactics, techniques, safety and seamanship or indeed just about anything to do with sailing, we happy to review and publish appropriate articles.... [more]

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