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07 Sep 2007

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Bob Wonders -
That was the week, that was and for Powerboat-World it was a hectic one.

We spent a few days in Brisbane looking over the Brisbane International Boat Show and you’ll see a full round up of the show’s apparent success in this week’s edition.

Good sales were made, and that’s always the primary aim at a major show.

We also have our final preview of the gala weekend set for Redcliffe, on the shores of Moreton Bay.

This otherwise quiet suburb outside Brisbane will reverberate to the sound of mighty engines 'clearing their throats' as Australia’s quickest offshore racers do battle in the opening round of the Offshore Superboat Championships.

With the major Australian boat shows now concluded, don’t think our boat manufacturers can set back and take it easy.

In Powerboat-World this week we look at the plans of some of our major builders, such as Riviera and Maritimo, as they get set to take Aussie boats to the world at far flung shows in Genoa, Italy, Cannes, France and Fort Lauderdale, USA.

One of our sister publications is Sail-World Australian Cruising. Last week Editor Nancy Knudsen was in Palmerston Atoll 600 nautical miles from Tonga, when she met a 17 year old school girl Taia Marsters, who is losing her sight for lack of an eye operation. On route to Tonga Nancy arranged for a Sydney opthalmic surgeon to treat Taia and since then there have been many offers of assistance to help fund Taia's trip to Sydney. Please read the story, perhaps you can help too?

By Bob Wonders, Editor

Brisbane International Boat Show hailed a success
By Bob Wonders,
Brisbane show again demonstrates the strength of the Queensland boating industry, which now employs more than 11,000 people and turned over $2.6 billion last year. Although attendance, provisionally 27,000, was down slightly compared to previous years, Barry Hibberd, general manager of show organiser Marine Queensland, said he was well satisfied with the result.... [more]

Redcliffe, the 'revhead' capital this weekend.
By Bob Wonders,
The tranquil waterfront suburb east of Brisbane set to vibrate as Australia's fastest boats do battle. Queenslanders take on lone Victorian as Australia's fastest offshore race boats clash on Moreton Bay.... [more]

Sea Brakes, sea anchors, drogues and broaches
By Colin Patterson,
A following sea is generally the most dangerous and has led to many broaches, capsizes and drownings…however boats can be slowed with drogues. The Australian designed Seabrake has twice the drag of conventional sea anchors and drogues and has a whole range of additional applications including emergency steering.... [more]

A Quiet Revolution -Trawler and Pilot Boats
By Helen Hopcroft,
A small revolution is happening on our inland and coastal waters. It’s not an obvious or overnight change, just something that is happening in small steps rather than leaps and bounds. Like many shifts in public taste, it occurs so gradually that many people remain unaware that it is happening until suddenly the new thing has become part of the mainstream.... [more]

Taia - Losing sight of Paradise
By Nancy Knudsen,
It's only yesterday that we sailed into this atoll in the South Pacific, but already the young woman stands out, impressive, languorously graceful, moving like a young deer, alert intelligent eyes. Her name is Taia. She's seventeen, smart, serious except when she smiles, and then it's a transformation, like a sunrise – warm and golden and lighting up the world around her– but then, bit by bit, the daunting, horrifying truth begins to emerge from small comments dropped in passing. She is going blind.... [more]

Europe and the US targeted
By Bob Wonders,
Australia's primary big boat manufacturers poised to mount an all-out assault on the European and United States markets with participation in the world's leading boat shows.... [more]

Australian immigration push for boat builders
By Powerboat-World,
Australia’s boating market is growing at record rates, but the industry is struggling to meet demand because of a severe boat-building skills shortage, resulting in new Australia immigration opportunities for boat builders and repairers.... [more]

Australian contingent strong at METS 2007
By AIMEX media,
The Australian International Marine Export Group (AIMEX), a peak industry group, leads a delegation of leading Australian marine exporters to the 20th METS international trade show which draws visitors from 95 countries.... [more]

Go Fishing in Victoria Family Fishing event
By Dept Primary Industries,
Two Family Fishing events will be held in September 2007. The first event will be held at Kennington Reservoir (Bendigo) on Sunday 2 September and the second event will be at Lillydale Lake (Lilydale) on Saturday 22 September.... [more]

Riviera - strong impact at International Shows
By Denby Browning,
Hot on the heels of considerable success with sales and new models at the Sydney and Sanctuary Cove International Boat shows, Australia’s largest luxury boat builder, Riviera, is embarking on the 2007/08 international boat show circuit.... [more]

SA’s largest marina spurs $8 million sales boom
By Powerboat-World,
The increasing demand for marina berths to accommodate larger boats has been met, with South Australia’s premier boating club announcing a $16 million marina development that will be home to the State’s largest recreational boats.... [more]

Victory 77 win Romanian Grand Prix
By Class 1 World Powerboat media,
Victory 77’s Arif Al Zafeen and Jean-Marc Sanchez took their third win of the season in an incident filled Romanian Grand Prix, round four of the WPPA Class 1 World Powerboat Championship, to clinch the 2007 WPPA Class 1 European Championship.... [more]

Boat safety changes may follow fatal crash
By Media services,
Marine Queensland is hoping for tougher boat licensing regime following an inquiry into Saturday's fatal boat crash on Brisbane’s Moreton Bay.... [more]

Spirit of Norway quickest in qualifying
By WPPA Class 1 media,
Bjorn Gjelsten and Steve Curtis maintained their unbeaten record in the Edox Pole Position, setting the fastest time in today’s official qualifying session, run on Mamaia’s Lake Siutghiol, to put Spirit of Norway into pole position for the Romanian Grand Prix, round four of the WPPA Class 1 World Powerboat Championship.... [more]

VIC daily catch limit introduced for Bass yabbies
By Department of Primary Industries - Fisheries,
Reports from members of the public and observations by Victorian Fisheries Officers indicate individuals and groups have been taking Bass yabbies in quantities far greater than what would be needed for personal use.... [more]

2007 Brisbane International Boat Show
For more details and news for this event, go to:

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