Why superyachts can't get crew... new C-Map out now...Take a tall ship through Croatia... and much more...

12 Aug 2007

Diary Dates


Mortgaging your house to pay for the drinks...

The famed Bora Bora  .
On Blackwattle we dropped anchor last night in front of the Bora Bora Yacht Club in Bora Bora, only to find two Peterson 44's, Sojourner and Southern Cross II, already here. Some people just can't help their good taste.

Finally, at last, here we are in the Mecca for decadence-seeking sailors in the South Pacific! Breathing in the beauty of the place, we headed into the Club with European and Antipodean cruising friends for cocktails and dinner. However, after buying the cocktails, we decided we will all probably have to take out a new mortgage on the house to pay for them, so we repaired, chastened, back to our boats for dinner. - Maybe we won't stay in Bora Bora as long as we thought!

Lots of useful information in this week's magazine – a check-list for what shouldn't be forgotten in crew briefings, the Skipper's Ten Commandments, and there's a new C-map version out.....

Then there's the story of the racing sailor who saw the light and went cruising, only to find his furling sails just didn't do the job – and read how this resulted in his invention of inflatable battens.

The Treleavens have sent another Letter from the Med, but as they are soon to be crossing the Atlantic with the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Sailors) I guess they will soon be sending 'Letters from the Caribbean'.

Read the latest news from would-be polar solo circumnavigator Adrian Flanagan who is in the Arctic Sea above Russia – it's tough up there - and this week's Blackwattle story is all about the famed Black Pearls of the South Pacific – it's definitely not tough down here.

Read on, enjoy, and...

Sail Safe

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Solo Flanagan, Polar Circumnavigator Update
By Sail-World Cruising,
British yachtsman Adrian Flanagan aims to achieve the first ever single-handed ‘vertical’ circumnavigation of the globe. Finally given permission to transit Russia's northern waters, Adrian plans to complete the voyage in this summer of 2007 by making the first ever single-handed transit of the Arctic Ocean along the Northern Sea Route returning to the UK towards the end of August. But it's not easy in one of the coldest loneliest places on earth:... [more]

New C-Map Now Available
By Sail-World Cruising,
Jeppesen Marine has announced the release of C-Map MAX and NT+/PC v.10, the latest and most comprehensive version of the company's electronic chart database for use with a wide range of PC navigation programs.... [more]

Why Superyachts Can't Get Crew
By Sarah Jones, Southern Daily Echo,
THEY are the ultimate status symbol for billionaires across the globe. Super yachts are the latest multi-million-pound, must-have toy for the mega rich who are keen to splash their cash in serious style. Forget the fleet of fast cars, flash jewellery, big houses in the country and private jets. With onboard helicopter landing pads, submarines, cinemas and missile detection systems, these vessels are the absolute kings of the waves when it comes to total opulence and indulgence.... [more]

Catamaran Orders by the Dozen at Sydney Boat Show
By Brent Vaughan,
Seawind Catamarans have recorded the highest-ever sales result from a single boat show in the company’s 25 year history, with a dozen new cruising catamarans ordered.... [more]

Airbattens: New Solution for Roller Furling Mains
By Sail-World Cruising,
Robert Henderson was a racing sailor before buying a 40-foot pilothouse cruising so that he could take off for ocean passagemaking . The boat came with an in-mast furling mainsail, which he liked from a safety point of view, but hated from a performance point of view. The sail had no shape and negative roach. All the sail's performance characteristics were traded away so that it would roll into the mast easily.... [more]

Take a Tall Ship to See Croatia
By Cruising Editor/Ginny McGrath,
Want to sail Croatia, but don't want to sail yourself? - Here's a solution which could prove to be a great sailing holiday. Ginny McGrath went on the first charter of tall ship Rhea recently, and found her 'snappy dress sense' eclipsed by the beauty of Rhea... [more]

Crew Briefings for Safe Sailing
By Cruising Editor,
When you have new crew on board, is there a routine for their orientation to the boat? How much do they already know? Is it as much as they have said?... [more]

The Skipper’s Ten Commandments
By Bernie Weiss, SailJazz.com/Sail-World Cruising,
Bernie Weiss, writing for SailJazz.com has come up with a version of the Ten Commandments for the west coast of the USA that apply anywhere in the world people get together and want to enjoy an afternoon of sailing, in the form of a 'fun race'. Here's what he says:... [more]

Blackwattle Chasing the Black Pearl
By Nancy Knudsen,
The fingers move deftly, precisely, the implements are small, shiny, mysterious, like a dentists. Oyster into the clamp, prised open slightly, pincers into the crack, wet pearl out, rejection or acceptance in a whisk of time. Beyond his profile, Japanese profile, the sea in the lagoon is spread with white horses, sailing boats are leaning sharply against the wind. Out there is our beloved cruising ground through French Polynesia, a world of sun and swimming and relaxation, a world that we crew on Blackwattle are now enjoying more and more. In here, however, it's high concentration, tension, speed.... [more]

Letter from the Med: Launching of Finisterre
By Ian and Andrea Treleaven,
The Treleavens begin their 10 month cruise with the delivery and launching of their new yacht Finisterre. 'One would assume that buying a new yacht everything would be spot on, but no, and at times it has been a frustrating trial and error exercise. We certainly are a mass of wires behind the cupboards, with all the electronics and gadgets on board.'... [more]

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