Sydney Boat Show last days.. successful rescues raise questions... practicing your storm sail Tahiti, Whitsundays ... lots more..

05 Aug 2007

Diary Dates


..coming to you from Taravana Yacht Club

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As issue goes out, the 2007 Sydney International Boat Show is in full swing. As well as a super range of boats and gear on display, there's a great show on the Boating Stage with lots of information and entertainment. Run! If you've opened your email in time you may not have missed it yet! It finishes on Tuesday.

Meanwhile back here in Tahiti, on Blackwattle we've taken a mooring at Taravana Yacht Club on the Island of Taha'a in French Polynesia, where the seabed is 35 metres down. It's really a restaurant masquerading as a yacht club, but the deal is good – while it's $20 a night for the mooring, if you drink at their bar, the mooring is free. I can see the crew of Blackwattle steadily drinking our way through the weeks......

In this issue Maggie Joyce tells of great sailing in Tonga during the Kalia Cup Yacht Rally this year, and how you can sail Tahiti in 2007. Deni Linforth tells how easy it is to enjoy a Whitsunday sailing holiday, and from Blackwattle, we tell of our relaxing – and surprising - stay in Moorea without smoke from any direction.

Lots of hi-jinks on the high seas this week, and a couple of interesting and successful rescues. One of a solo sailor who hit Elizabeth Reef just south of Middleton Reef in the Tasman and the other of a dismasted catamaran in the Indian Ocean (one Australian on board) – both stories have unusual twists, and raise VERY interesting issues.

Also for Sydneysiders, the National Maritime Museum has a fine range of entertainment and displays in August and September, which are profiled in this issue.

On the practical side, we talk about practicing with your storm sails – well do you? - and there's a new online resource for finding that product to solve your maintenance problem that your local chandlery just doesn't carry.

Lots more too, so read on, enjoy, and..

Sail Safe!

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Adventure Sailing - No 'Land Ahoy!' for 1000 Days
By Sail-World Cruising/Adam Nichols, Daily News,
Two sailors set out 100 days ago from New York on a unusual mission – they plan to stay at sea and out of sight of land for 1000 days – in my language, that's just about two years and nine months. They've so far been doodling around in the Atlantic, but their intention to sail around Cape Horn (without sighting it) against wind and current is a laudable and brave one, so theirs will be an interesting adventure to watch. However, they'd better keep a better watch keeping system, as Adam Nichols' story for the!Daily_News!new , recounted here, demonstrates:... [more]

Dismasted Cat Crew Rescued - Off to Japan
By Cruising Editor,
After previous reports of authorities refusing to assist, a merchant Russian ship has rescued four men on board the catamaran Clandara yacht adrift in the Indian Ocean. The catamaran has sunk.... [more]

New International Piracy Hotline
By Sail-World Cruising,
The International Maritime Bureau – Piracy Reporting Centre, which is physically located in Kuala Lumpur, but which has worldwide responsibilities under a UN resolution, has newly launched a dedicated hotline for seafarers and all concerned parties to report any information that they may have / seen / heard / known etc relating to maritime crime and security... [more]

Practicing Your Storm Sail Skills
By Cruising Editor/U.K.Halsey,
The last thing any cruising sailor looks forward to is being in conditions where one has to put up either storm jib or storm trysail. However, there's no use carrying these sails if you don't know how to use them. British Sailmakers U.K.Halsey have brought out yet another useful 'Safety at Sea' video, this time on the use of storm sails.... [more]

Boating Stage at Sydney Boat Show
By Rob Kothe,
The Boating Stage at the 40th Sydney International Boat Show is a must see for the Boating and Sailing community each day. The and teams have been working hard to deliver am exciting and interesting Better Boating and Strictly Sailing Stage and we really want to see you plenty of you there each day.... [more]

Rescued Sailor Knew of Inaccuracy of Charts
By Nancy Knudsen,
A British lone sailor who was rescued by the Australian Navy after hitting Elizabeth Reef north of Lord Howe Island, had already hit one reef earlier in the journey, and noted in his Blog that reefs were not always in their stated position according to charts.... [more]

Sailing away on a Tahitian Boating Holiday
By Media Services,
A holiday on a boat is a great way to unwind. A holiday cruising a boat around tropical islands is even better. The next level up: a tropical, cruising holiday on a luxury boat with great company. And finally things are pretty much perfect when you’re on a luxurious yacht, cruising beautiful islands, with fun people and enjoying a delightful combination of racing, socialising, island hopping and lazing about in the sun. Sounds good? Mariner Boating has the ideal holiday for you!... [more]

Online Boating Product Search Engine
By Sail-World Cruising,
If you just can't find the answer you need for your boat's latest challenge, here's an online way of searching for boating products:... [more]

Warm Water and Whales - Tonga 2007
By Maggie Joyce,
Participants from as far apart as Queensland, Roxbury Downs and Southern Tassie enjoyed the warm flat water sailing and amazingly welcoming Tongan locals in the Mariner Boating Holidays Kalia Cup Yacht Rally in July this year.... [more]

Yachting Australia Training Series now available
By Yachting Australia,
The Yachting Australia Training Series has increased to five with the launch of the Bareboat Cruising book. A new On Water and Certificate Log Book has also been launched.... [more]

Blackwattle in Moorea - No More Smoke
By Nancy Knudsen,
Smoke is a big problem on our cruising boat Blackwattle. We have smoke from the engine when its injectors are not happy, smoke from the outboard when the carburetor is playing up, smoke from the toast because French baguettes do not toast very well, and the worst one of all, smoke from the ears of the Skipper and Chief Toastmaker about any of the above.... [more]

Megayacht in Refugee Drama
By Lucy Chabot Reed, The Triton/Sail-World Cruising,
What would YOU do if you were out sailing and discovered a boat which possibly contained would-be illegal immigrants? They are thirsty, hungry and desperate. On the megayacht M/Y Argyll, Captain Robert Corcoran recently had to make some hard decisions...... [more]

Pacific on a Plate
By Sail-World Cruising,
One of the delight of traveling, whether you do it in a sailboat or by other means, is the interest of trying the local food wherever you go. Sailing through the Pacific offers a wealth of local food experiences, from the wonderful ceviche in the Spanish influenced islands, to poisson cru where the coconuts are more plentiful – then there are the specialities from further north – with Chinese and Japanese influences taking over. BUT if you can't sail to all those places, here's an inexpensive alternative for those of you who are close enough to Sydney to pay a visit on 1st and 2nd September:... [more]

Comfort Cruising at its Best
By Deni Linforth,
There’s little to match the thrill and freedom of skippering your own boat. So imagine the sheer pleasure of exploring the Whitsunday Islands on your 'own' magnificent 50ft Beneteau sailing yacht, from Whitsunday Rent A Yacht.... [more]

Rare Dunbar artefacts on display
By Shirani Aththas,
For Sydneysiders and those visiting in August, rare Dunbar artefacts will be on display to mark the shipwreck’s 150th anniversary. Commemorative lectures, viewings & performances … weekend 17, 18, 19 August 2007 at the Australian National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour. The wreck of the Dunbar off Sydney Heads in 1857 is widely considered one of the worst maritime disasters to ever happen in Australia…with the loss of over 120 lives.... [more]

Learn to Sail via CDROM
By Sail-World Cruising,
If you are a beginning sailor, an aspiring sailor, a would-be sailor, or you have a friend who is any of these, learning some sailing jargon and the principles behind why wind in the sail makes the boat move - before you get on board a sailing boat for the first time - can be a very rewarding exercise.... [more]

Sandringham Yacht Club accredited provider
By Di Pearson,
Sandringham YC (SYC), the only yacht club in Victoria and one of only a handful of sporting bodies in the State to hold RTO status, will commence its first course, a Certificate 1 in Boating Services, in early 2008.... [more]

Russian Rescue for Aussie on Dismasted Cat
By Cruising Editor,
After previous reports of authorities refusing to assist, a merchant Russian ship is on its way to rescue four men on board the catamaran Clandara yacht adrift in the Indian Ocean, the SABC reported on Wednesday.... [more]

Top Superyachts for 2007 - the Finalists
By Cruising Editor,
The International Superyacht Society has released its lists of finalists for the 2007 International Design Awards. The yachts are chosen as the very finest in naval architecture, design, interiors, engineering and their build from the preceding calendar year... [more]

1st sails from Doyle’s China loft pass Osaka test
By Helen Hopcroft,
South Australian shipwright Tom Crabb had always dreamed of entering the Melbourne Osaka yacht race, but life kept getting in the way. The 5,500 nautical mile race is considered to be one of the toughest short handed races in the world. It requires a significant commitment in terms of time, boat preparation and funding. In March of this year he finally lined his Adams 11.9 ‘Southern Light’ up at the Melbourne start. Observers may have noticed that Southern Light was sporting an expensive looking set of brand new headsails, and the story of how they got on his boat is worth relating.... [more]

New Manager for Aust Wooden Boat Festival
By Media Services,
A new manager has been appointed for the 2009 Australian Wooden Boat Festival. The continued support of the State Government for the Festival gave us the green light to press ahead with our search for a Festival Manager, and we were extremely impressed with the quality of applicants.... [more]

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