Marooned in a dinghy - a cruising nightmare

17 Jun 2007

Diary Dates


Cruising Editorial

Our Cruising Editor Nancy Knudsen and husband Ted have just sailed their Peterson 46 Blackwattle into Nuku (or Nuka) Hiva in the Marquesas, 900 miles north of Tahiti. While they look for an electronics expert and a diesel mechanic – a tall order indeed, we are sending out this week's Cruising Newsletter.

The Dangers of Dinghy trips …turns out there have been lots of close calls. We welcome your contributions.

Three Canadians rescued because their sails were torn... that can't be the real story. Does not everyone have a sail repair kit?

There is a new English Language Met service for Europe....and we have Rally Portugal.

A Seawind cruising cat and a Grade Five cyclone….that would make you spill your chardonnay.

Gipsy Moth V - I've seen it spelt Gipsey, Gypsey, Gypsy, Gipsy - and now having seen a life ring and a life jacket from Sir Francis' last Gipsy… I am comforted, two different spellings on the boat itself. … here is some news on V not IV.

Nancy talks about THE GROUNDING – it's an awful sound, when the keel is bouncing on the bottom.

Rob Kothe & the Sail-World Team

Metmarine launches English language marine forecast
By Special Services,
Metmarine launches free English language marine weather forecasts for popular European sailing areas. This service provides concise marine forecasts, in English. There are no charges for viewing the forecasts.... [more]

The Grounding
By Nancy Knudsen,
Our twenty-fifth day at sea. I am lying in the saloon sea bunk, just woken, when a spear of memory reminds me of the land fall to come – it's our arrival day into the Marquesas. We have no engine – it starts but stops after ten minutes, so we must sail into the anchorage at Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas where we are headed.... [more]

Jane Fonda and the Gremlins
By Nancy Knudsen,
This - the leg from Galapagos to the Marquesas - is meant to be one of those magic sailing downwind runs – three thousand miles of trouble-free sailing with a steady south east wind. And largely that's true - they've been calm seas, easy seas, not like the Atlantic or the Red Sea, or even the Mediterranean. So I am currently searching our boat for the Gremlins, I am sure it must be Gremlins. What else could cause us so much excitement in one trip?... [more]

Dangers of the Dinghy trip back to your boat
By Rob Kothe,
We published our Cruising Editor's Nancy's Knudsen's article about the danger of the trip by dinghy from the shore back to your boat in a strong offshore breeze last week. It struck a chord with our readers.... [more]

Rally Portugal - sailing and sightseeing
By World Cruising Club,
Over the past few days the Rally Portugal crews have been busy sailing and seeing the sights along the coast of Portugal. Over the past few days the Rally Portugal crews have been busy sailing and seeing the sights along the coast of Portugal.... [more]

WanderLust's Sailing Route - Nuka Hiva to Sydney
By Mike Harker,
Filmmaker Mike Harker is attempting a three year-long circumnavigation aboard WanderLust 3, a brand new Hunter 49. Mike is hoping to arrive in Sydney in late July, in time for the Sydney International Boat Show at Darling Harbour.... [more]

Three Canadians rescued off sailboat
By US Coast Guard media,
A Coast Guard boatcrew and a helicopter crew rescued three sailors early today from a 34-foot sailing vessel disabled and adrift about one nautical mile off Manasquan Inlet, N.J.... [more]

Gipsy Moth V - Salvaged items bring back memories
By Media Services,
Gipsy Moth V, was the last yacht of Sir Francis Chichester (1901 - 1972), the pioneer aviator, gold prospector, adventurer, navigator, real estate promoter, publisher, author and racing enthusiast.... [more]

Seawind in a Cyclone
By Helen Hopcroft,
Royce Black sailed a Seawind 1000 catamaran through a category five cyclone and lived to tell the tale. His candid description of the cyclone and its aftermath does much to inspire fear and terror in the listener, and he is refreshingly honest about mistakes that he says he made. He has used his experience to help deliver a ‘heavy weather sailing for cats’ seminar as part of Seawind’s free public education program.... [more]

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