Heading for the Marquesas

10 Jun 2007

Diary Dates


Tough but doing it – our Cruising Editor Nancy Knudsen and husband Ted are still 450 miles east of the Marquesas, en route from Galapagos.

They left there nineteen days ago in company with three other boats and are part of a 20 boat fleet reporting daily via an informal Southern Cross Cruiser Net.

With a minor power generation issue, Nancy is minimizing satellite time, so today the land bound Sail-World team is sending this week's Cruising newsletter.

The Viking's are going cruising, well rowing and sailing, an amazing story.

Sad news about the Solo sailor who never made it to Madeira.

Nancy reminds us that a simple row back to your moored boat, could spell trouble too.

Bavarias are amongst the most popular cruising yachts around these days, we hear of the Bavaria yachts cruising to Tonga.

And just to turn the knife ... Nancy tells us about life at sea on a long sea voyage.

The Sail-World Team

Three days adrift – could it happen to you?
By Nancy Knudsen,
It’s night, there’s a high wind blowing off the land. You are on the beach, your sailing boat is in the anchorage, but one of the boats far from shore. Beyond the anchorage, there is nothing but hundreds of miles of ocean. On the way to the yacht in your dinghy the outboard engine fails. You try to row, but the wind is too strong, and keeps blowing you sideways out to sea. You call out, but no one hears you.... [more]

Dylan and Jim's Surfventure stalled in Nuka Hiva
By Dylan Gill-Vallance,
I was hoping that it was only the gasket that had gone so I could throw a bit of gasket paper in there and get the engine going so I could move on for now and fix it properly in Tahiti when I got there. The way the engine is now I may have been able to get it going properly if I could get it welded up, problem there is that the only welder on the island is out of gas. He has to send the tank to Australia to get it filled, this is a month long process.... [more]

Scottish vessel to support Sea Stallion in attempt
By Henrik Kastoft,
Sunday 1st of July the world’s largest reconstruction of a Viking ship will leave the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark, and start a historic 1,000 nautical miles expedition to the Irish capital, Dublin. An adventure no one has endured for the last 900 years or so.... [more]

Missing Cruiser found – skipper missing
By Bob Maxwell,
David Cartwright, the single-handed skipper of sailing yacht Colros, a 27 foot long steel sloop, left Newlyn, England, on Dec 22 2006 heading towards Madeira. Colros was spotted by the crew of a super yacht on May 30th about 600 nautical miles SW of the Azores, apparently without any crew on board. They contacted maritime authorities who asked them to board her, two crewmembers did, confirming the sailors was not on board, but they retrieved Cartwright’s passport and the boat log.... [more]

Squalls in the South Pacific
By Nancy Knudsen,
Sail-World Cruising Editor Nancy Knudsen reports by Iridium satellite phone as the yacht Blackwattle approaches the Marquesas... [more]

Don Telford wins inaugural CYCA Aegean Yacht Rally
By Maggie Joyce,
Don Telford won the inaugural CYCA Aegean Yacht Rally conducted by Mariner Boating Holidays in Greece and Turkey during the last two weeks of May. After the first week of the rally was plagued by light winds the sailing along the Turkish coast between Bodrum and Marmaris during the second week was outstanding with a gradient westerly providing champagne conditions.... [more]

Bavaria yachts' offshore success
By Jane Pares, IMB,
Bavaria Yachts have recently been proving their worth offshore and given a very definite thumbs-up by their owners and crew. For comfort and speed on the oceans the J&J designed Bavaria brand are quite superior. In early May, Kriselda, a Bavaria 39 left Opua, in New Zealand’s Bay Of Islands, in glorious sunshine, a moderate swell and very light breezes, on course for South Minerva Reef, 720 nautical miles away.... [more]

Life at sea on a long voyage
By Nancy Knudsen,
The sight of a flock of flying fish, sleek silver flashing in the early morning sunshine. A pair of small hunting birds, silhouetted against the sky, oblivious of their heartaching beauty as they swoop and glide, cut and curve, just above the waves. This is the stuff of our world. It is fifteen days since we have seen land, fourteen since we sighted another craft on the water.... [more]

Long Range Cruising sailors
By Nancy Knudsen,
Sail-World's Cruising Editor Nancy Knudsen, 15 days west of the Galapagos Islands reports by satellite phone from the Blackwattle.... [more]

Win America's Cup History - 2 volume set
By Media Services,
Enter the Sail-World online competition to win a copy of Bob Fisher's An Absorbing Interest. The definitive history of the America's Cup. Its two volumes covers the drama, boat design, personalities and sheer fascination of the America’s Cup.... [more]

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