Australian Cruising Eleven Days since we've seen another boat

03 Jun 2007

Diary Dates


Eleven Days since we've seen another boat

The last boat we saw 11 days ago Mary Constance and sunset  BW Media
Another Sail-World cruising newsletter while our 3,000 nautical mile passage from the Galapagos to the Marquesas in the South Pacific continues.

We are headed for Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas, now around 1,200 nautical miles away.

We have had 20-25 knots behind us for some days but the weather has eased now. Blackwattle has had a reefed main with handkerchiefs flying for headsails and she still managed 7-8 knots over the ground. If we keep going at this rate we will be there in a week from now, but it's hard on the gear. Weather has eased now but another 11 days should see us in Nuku Hiva.

The Southern Cross Net boats are all having much the same wind, some minor damage recorded, but as this ocean is so much kinder than the Atlantic, nothing major at the moment.

I am going to be very appreciative of any weather we are given from here on – read about Huey’s Vengeance.

Another interesting mix of stories this week.

Tony Bullimore will be heading back to Tasmania this week. I gather he’s turning into an Aussie – having vegemite on toast onboard, during his two and half weeks heading back to Auckland.

17 tons of Silver and Viking Longships – both fascinating stories, we will hear more to be sure.

Discover Tonga with Charter World – it’s a long way to cruise there – but nothing goes to windward like a boeing and it is a great yachting holiday destination.

We've included a Powerboating cruising story this week from Queensland, so you can see how the other half do it. Seems they go to interesting places too, but at a different speed and cruising in company.... well they are different!

Blackwattle's skipper Ted Nobbs has provided some practical advice about stopping dinghy theft (ours is pretty safe out here right now) but in the cruising ports the theft rates can be huge.

We have been seeing snippets about the America’s Cup. We do not have the band width to look at Sail-World's great coverage and because we are part of the Sail-World team we are not allowed to enter the competition to win Bob Fisher’s two volume set, An Absorbing Interest, but I definitely have the time to read it while cruising. YOU can enter- look on the top right hand corner of any Sail-World page.

Gotta go, I am needed on deck.

By Nancy Knudsen

The Vengeance of the Weather God
By Nancy Knudsen,
Hughie, as you probably know, is the weather god, and this is a warning to those who go sailing: Beware of Hughie. Several days ago, I cast aspersions on the perfection of the weather where we are sailing, between the Galapagos and the Marquesas, and Hughie has been wreaking his vengeance ever since. My mistake was intimating that the perfect weather we had was – dare I say it? ... b – o – r – i – n – g.... [more]

Is it a Robin or a Seagull?
By Nancy Knudsen,
It's now eleven days since we saw a vessel – any kind of vessel – all those horizon searches every ten minutes for no result. Neither have we been able to hear the BBC, so we don't have any idea what's happened in Israel, or Turkey, or whether there's some new world concern that requires our opinion. So the conversation, which is never hurried, there being so much time available, gets to be strange sometimes -... [more]

Discover Tonga with Charter World
By Brook Felsenthal,
The tiny kingdom of Tonga is centrally placed in the South Pacific and is romantically described as the place where time begins. Late last year the introduction of a direct Sydney/Tongatapu flight has made chartering in Tonga much more accessible. Charter World’s Brook Felsenthal advises clients to get there sooner rather than later, as direct flights while a great convenience will effect the destination with greater tourist numbers driving the change.... [more]

Win Bob Fisher’s book - An Absorbing Interest
By Media Services,
Enter the Sail-World online competition to win a copy of Bob Fisher's An Absorbing Interest. The definitive history of the America's Cup. Its two volumes covers the drama, boat design, personalities and sheer fascination of the America’s Cup.... [more]

Earthrace abandons Round World record race
By Rob Kothe,
The biodiesel powered trimaran Earthrace has abandoned her round the world record attempt for now. John Allen from Earthrace has confirmed the news. He said a few minutes ago 'The race is over. We gave it our best but came up short. Pretty devastating but we are regrouping today and working on where we go from here.... [more]

Record visitor numbers - Sanctuary Cove Boat Show
By Sail-World & Powerboat-World,
The 2007 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show smashed records across the board with a record 456 exhibitors, a record 53,156 visitors and huge sales actually confirmed at the event. The Sanctuary Cove Boat Show visitor tally was 7.04% above 2006 figures.... [more]

Riviera takes in Fraser Island Experience
By Denby Browning,
It was the fourth day of an incredible seven-day adventure for more than 100 boating enthusiasts that began at a rendezvous on the Gold Coast Broadwater on a gleaming Saturday morning in mid May. The R Marine Fraser Island Experience would take them through Moreton Bay to Mooloolaba, then north, through the Wide Bay Bar to the quiet village of Tin Can Bay and through the Great Sandy Straits to bustling Hervey Bay and the eco-tourism resort at Kingfisher Bay on Fraser Island.... [more]

Warning: Extra care needed when boating alone
By Neil Patchett,
NSW Maritime has issued a warning calling on skippers to take extra care when boating alone, after a spate of solo boat operators falling overboard. NSW Maritime is asking all boaters to take extra precautions and be responsible when boating single-handedly.... [more]

The 2007 Southern Cross Cruiser net
By Nancy Knudsen,
Twenty boats making the journey from Panama to the South Pacific are reporting to the Southern Cross Cruiser Net twice daily. Sail-World's Cruising Editor explains how this practical and social network was born.... [more]

Boaters warned be responsible in whale season
By NSW Maritime,
Boaters are encouraged to be responsible near whales this whale watching season, or face stiff penalties.... [more]

Nightmare Cruise over for Bullimore
By Rob Kothe,
British yachtsman Tony Bullimore has finally reached Auckland aboard his 102 foot catamaran Doha, formerly Sir Peter Blake’ ENZA. Bullimore, who was forced to abandon his latest solo circumnavigation attempt 1150 nautical miles south east of New Zealand after suffering rigging problem, took a nightmarish two weeks to climb back upwind.... [more]

Stopping Dinghy theft - The four basic rules
By Nancy Knudsen,
Where you are boating in the world determines how vulnerable you will be to dinghy theft. In La Ligna anchorage near Gibraltar theft is so rampant that it has turned into a business operated by scouts with mobile phones.... [more]

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