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20 May 2007

Diary Dates


Sail-World's Australian cruising editor Nancy Knudsen and husband Ted are just about to leave Puerto Isabela in the Galapagos Islands, in company with a number of other Australian cruising boats, for the Marquesas in French Polynesia, 3,000 nautical miles away.

Nancy will be reporting en route, using's wonderful HF email compression system. She will be filing voice reports via Iridium satellite phone.

Meanwhile our Sail-World Australian team will be cruising at Sanctuary Cove. With a record number of exhibitors at this week's 2007 show, we might not be so much cruising as walking fast.

Be sure to check out all our industry news; new Seawind catamarans, Henri Lloyd's annual sale, GME's new radios and Simrad's expansion. FLIR Systems have new infra-red cameras – now these would make night time sailing safer, if you could spot a shipping container just on the surface.

But our favourite stories this week come from Nancy, who tells us about hitch-fliers and the enchanted isles.

Have a great week.

Al Constable and the Sail-World team

The Australian Marine Awards & Boat of the Year
By Bob Wonders,
Thursday, May 24, is the Australian boating industry’s ‘big night’, the ‘Oscars’, when the Australian Marine Industries Federation (AMIF) names its winners in a variety of categories before a packed ballroom at the Marriott Resort and Spa, Surfers Paradise.... [more]

Seawind 1000 XL launches at Sanctuary Cove
By Media Services,
Seawind Catamarans, Australia’s largest catamaran and sailboat builder is set to launch a new version of the ever popular Seawind 1000, with the new 35 ½ ft model featuring newly extended transoms for increased performance, easier boarding and a more comfortable ride.... [more]

Sydney International Boat Show 40th edition
By BIA media,
It will be Darling Harbour with a slight difference come August 2-7, with the world-renowned Sydney International Boat Show celebrating its 40th edition.... [more]

Merchant Royal wreck yields US$500 fortune
By This is London & other sources,
Treasure hunters have recovered gold and silver worth an estimated US$500 million from a shipwreck off Cornwall, UK. Florida based Odyssey Marine Exploration has refused to confirm the wreck is the Merchant Royal, however they say ‘The artifacts recovered from the site include over 500,000 silver coins weighing more than 17 tons, hundreds of gold coins, worked gold, and other artifacts.'... [more]

Henri Lloyd annual sale
By Media Services,
Save 50-80% off the retail price at the Henri Lloyd annual sale from 18-31st May at Lane Cove and featuring samples and discontinued lines in men’s and women’s clothing. Henri-Lloyd Clothing Sample Sale When: Friday 18th May 07 - Thursday 31st May 07 Where: 229 Burns Bay Rd, Lane Cove West, NSW 2066... [more]

Blackwattle's Tough Guy says Get the Birds off my Boat!
By Nancy Knudsen,
It's a few weeks ago, in a marina, as we are preparing the boat for crossing the Pacific. We're cleaning and scrubbing, ready for the long drought of our ocean crossing – water will be scarce from now on, no marinas to splash water around freely. Suddenly I hear loud expletives coming from the aft deck.... [more]

GME GX620 Hand Held VHF Marine radio
By GME - Taline Tateossian,
The new GME GX620 Hand Held Marine VHF radio offers boat owners and marine enthusiasts a substantially lower cost portable option without sacrificing features or compromising on quality.... [more]

Cook and Endeavour: journeys through time seminar
By Shirani Aththas,
Cook and his ships and voyages seminar at the Australian National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour on Sunday 10 June, 10 am to 4 pm. Everyone with an interest in this towering figure is invited to attend the seminar Cook and Endeavour: journeys through time.... [more]

Rescued South African and Aussie Vow to Sail Again
By Henri du Plessis, Cape Argus,
The sea has left them bruised and bereaved, but they have vowed to go back. Nicholas Lawson of Australia and Carol Erasmus of Durban had hardly stepped ashore in Table Bay harbour on Monday after a nightmare ordeal at sea when they made their vow.... [more]

Navico reveals plans for Simrad
By Ben Sandman,
Navico Inc. recently revealed its plans for high-end marine electronics brand Simrad at its inaugural Australian dealer conference on the Tweed Coast (NSW). Simrad’s national business development manager, Glenn Davidson, said he was overwhelmed by the group’s positive response in regard to where the brand was headed in Australia.... [more]

Blackwattle in the Enchanted Islands
By Nancy Knudsen,
Some people dream of going to Galapagos for a lifetime – for us, well, it just happens to be on our sailing way across the Pacific. So, suddenly, almost without thinking about it, we are here, and seeing the sights that have intrigued people for centuries, turned scientific thinking on its tail, and over the years brought millions to witness with amazement the unique and unafraid animals of these enchanted islands.... [more]

Pirates steal UK cargo ship
By News24,
Machete-wielding pirates boarded a British cargo ship over the weekend, forced its crew to disembark and stole the ship, the vessel's captain said on Monday. A UN helicopter saw the 3,500-ton ship being towed away and one person was arrested in connection with the incident, UN spokesperson Ben Malor said.... [more]

See in the dark with FLIR thermal cameras
By Helen Hopcroft,
The global thermal imaging giant FLIR is bringing its range of thermal cameras for marine use to Australia. Some of the first models will be on display at Sanctuary Cove boat show, 24-27 May. Sail-World spoke to FLIR’s Tony Kelly who says that in a few years thermal cameras, currently widely used by police and military, will become standard boat equipment.... [more]

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