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14 May 2007

Diary Dates


Gourlay and Other Adventurers

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On a percentage basis not many people sail into Galapagos – as they say, nothing goes to windward like a 747. We're discovering Galapagos slowly. It must be one of the most charismatic places on earth, but its utter charm may also be its downfall. More on that in the next few weeks, but in the meantime in this week's destination news we tell of the inglorious past and idyllic present of the Las Perlas Islands in the Gulf of Panama.

Lots of news about the adventurers - Ken Gourlay, intrepid Tasmanian sailor, has just set a new Australian record. Tony Bullimore is in the news (of course) but his round the world attempt that started in Hobart just days ago is on hold until next year. , and everyone's favourite British ancient mariner, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, at the age of 68 has put up a fine performance in his latest circumnavigation.

We talk about kids and the laws relating to life vests. One US state is grappling with the issue now, but it's highly relevant to Australia too, so we publish their arguments for and against, which sound amazingly familiar.

In 'Green' news, read why there's a Gold Star for Australian marine insurance company Club Marine, and it's a sign of the times that the American Boating Congress has put the environment at the top of their agenda this year.

On a practical note, we introduce you to the World's Cheapest Watermaker – it's DIY and simple; Lewmar's new racing blocks are worthy of mention – read why; and GME and Garmin are introducing great new innovations at this year's Sanctuary Cove Boat Show.

Finally there's Blackwattle's first impressions of Galapagos – the Galapagos you never hear about ...

Read on, enjoy, and...
Sail Safe

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Japanese yacht found off Tasmania
By Rob Kothe,
A week ago a rescue helicopter winched a 77-year-old Japanese sailor from the ocean off south-west Tasmania leaving his yacht Korasaa77 to the elements. Now its been recovered.... [more]

Bullimore stops record attempt
By Team Bullimore,
Bullimore said earlier today, ‘If the pin had pulled out completely, the rig would have fallen down and I would have been left adrift. When I found it during a daylight check of the rig a few days ago, my heart almost stopped. With the rig under so much tension, there is no way of banging the pin back in place. In fact, it is the tension that has stopped it from falling.'... [more]

Ken Gourlay completes his solo non-stop quest
By Julian Burgess,
Ken Gourlay has become the first Tasmanian to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world and when his time is ratified by the Australian Yachting Federation the father of three and grandfather of two will also officially become the fastest Australian solo circumnavigator and, at 51, the oldest.... [more]

The Rip Tour Sunday May 27th 2007
By Al Constable,
Learn the best way to navigate Port Phillip Heads. The Ocean Racing Club of Victoria will be conducting another practical tour of the entrance to Port Phillip aboard the 'Nepean' with expert commentary by experienced offshore navigators and yachtsmen.... [more]

Moving and Groovin’ with GME and Garmin
By Helen Hopcroft,
GME and Garmin will release their largest number of new products ever at this year’s Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, 24-27 May. Sail-World spoke to GME’s Warwick Clancy about the large range of entertainment products that his company has developed. The range includes CD and DVD players specifically designed for marine use; you can even take them out for a wet and wild tinnie ride.... [more]

New 2G Racing Blocks From Lewmar
By Julie Turner,
Based on the company's award winning, lightweight-racing range of machined aluminium blocks, Lewmar's updated 2G series is massively stronger than its predecessor. From standard single blocks to halyard and footblocks, the 2G range, size on size, is between 30 to 50 % stronger.... [more]

DIY – The World's Cheapest Watermaker.
By Ted Nobbs,
... the conversation came around to watermakers. 'How much does yours produce?' I asked. ''About 100 litres' 'Wow', I replied, 'We couldn't afford any such luxury – ours produces only 13 litres, but we get along okay.' I remember Bob's laugh. 'Well, I made it my myself, and it cost very little ...... [more]

Environment ahead of Insurer's Cheque Book
By Club Marine Media services,
On Friday a 50ft luxury multimillion dollar motor cruiser ploughed onto the rocks at Mackay Harbour on the North Queensland Coast. In scenes reminiscent of a high budget action film, the huge vessel was driven at speed up the rocky outside north wall of the harbour entrance.... [more]

Sail-World's Blackwattle - the Other Galapagos
By Nancy Knudsen,
So we have sailed to Galapagos – instant thoughts of Charles Darwin...unique iguana...sea-lions...giant tortoises.. remoteness... evolution... and these images are so strong that other aspects of Galapagos are rarely spoken of. So, aside from the grand uniqueness of the animal world and its meaning for the history of science, what are the islands of the Galapagos really like?... [more]

Should Law Require Kids to Wear Life Jackets?
By Sail-World Cruising/ Jason Stein,
What's the law where you are about kids and life jackets? In Wisconsin, USA, there's a debate raging right now. On the one hand, authorities are concerned at the number of drowning deaths by children without life jackets, on the other, it is seen as yet another intrusion into the domain of parents. Read on for the way this one US State is thinking.... [more]

Destination: Of Shahs Pearls and Death in Paradise
By Nancy Knudsen,
It's told that when the fabulously wealthy Shah of Persia was exiled from his home country in the 1970's he searched the world for the most idyllic place in the world to spend the rest of his life, and ended up here – whether that urban legend is true or not, you can certainly see his grand home today, high on a hill overlooking a charming beach on this island - Contadora, Las Perlas Islands, in the Gulf of Panama, Central America.... [more]

American Boating Congress Goes Green
By IBI News/Michael Verdon,
With the environment starting to be the buzz word on everyone's lips, it's heartening to know that the span of the green movement is widening. IBI News reports that The NMMA's annual American Boating Congress (ABC) began Monday with speakers that included the head Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency... [more]

Ancient Mariner Home Free - Knox-Johnston
By Sail-World Cruising,
What is it about ancient mariners? They just seem to keep sailing....Two of the world's best known solo sailors are attempting new solo round world trips at an age when most of the world is relaxing on the front verandah, and the most famous of all has just completed.... [more]

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