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08 May 2007

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Quotes Of The Day: LVC Round Robin 2, Flight 9
By America's Cup Media,
Ian Walker, Tactician, +39, on discovering their boat: 'I think we are definitely better off now than we were before, at the start of this series. The biggest thing that makes a difference to our boat is the wind speed. We are definitely more comfortable when it’s windy, but it’s no good finding that out now. We needed to find that out six months ago. I know why as well but it’s too late now.'... [more]

Iain Percy and +39 Team defeats Shosholoza
By +39 media,
The tactics by Ian Walker were immaculate in the four legs, and ITA85 crossed the finishing line with 250 metres and 50 seconds advantage. A very exciting race and at last a much longed for success for +39 when they beat the Italian/South Africans from Shosholoza with a final delta of 50 seconds.... [more]

BMW ORACLE Racing retains Louis Vuitton Cup lead
By Ivor Wilkins, BMW Oracle Racing Media,
All the action was in the pre-start, with skipper Chris Dickson making a hair-breadth judgment to hook USA 98’s bow behind the transom of the Italian yacht and force them over the startline early. By the time Mascalzone Latino Capitalia had circled back to re-start the match, USA 98 had leaped away into an unassailable lead.... [more]

Fisher's View: Not yet Desafio
By Bob Fisher,
Victory Challenge showed no signs of allowing themselves to be rolled over by Desafio Espanol and handing the last available semi-final place to the Spanish on a plate. Rather, Magnus Holmberg took the fight to the Spanish in a characteristic manner for the former world match racing champion.... [more]

Desafío Español falter - Victory Challenge gain
By ACM/Sail-World,
Desafío Español started the day needing just two more points to tie-up the fourth spot in the semi-finals but Victory Challenge put that on hold with a seven second win over the Spanish.... [more] Spring Series - Race 6
By Richard Baldwin,
Liverpool Yacht Club held the sixth race of the sponsored Spring Series on Sunday 6 May. Thirteen yachts took part in the three IRC classes.... [more]

Louis Vuitton Cup - Monday - Can Desafio clinch it?
By ACM/Sail-World,
Desafío Español can confirm their place in the Semi Finals of the Louis Vuitton Cup today when they face Victory Challenge. A win here and the Spanish are assured that no team can collect enough points to unseat them from the top four... [more]

2nd for Britain’s John Gimson in Melges 24 Pre-Worlds
By Rich Roberts,
Britain’s John Gimson, driving for owner Eamonn O’Nolan finished second in the Melges 24 Pre-Worlds, just one point behind winner Chris Larson of the USA. 58 competitors will now catch their breath Monday before plunging into the 2007 Fullpower Melges 24 World Championship, hosted by the Santa Cruz Yacht Club... [more]

Families give up the Ghost
By Rob Kothe,
The last theory seems tragically the most likely. Perhaps Kaz II had run around on a tidal sandbar and the three sailors got off to push? Did a gust of wind power her away, leaving them to drown as the five metre tidal surge swept them south?... [more]

Storm forces Bullimore north
By Team Bullimore/,
British round the world yachtsman Tony Bullimore has been forced to divert north east to climb out of the way of a vicious low pressure system sweeping up behind his 102ft catamaran Doha.... [more]

America's Cup could bring fair winds to Valencia
By Mark Mulligan /,
Most people in Valencia had never heard of the America's Cup before November 2003, when Spain's third-largest city won the rights to host the world's oldest yachting challenge... [more]

From the Blogs: Tack by Tack - Mark Chisnell
By Mark Chisnell,
If Round Robin 2 didn’t have something of the air of a dead rubber about it at the start of yesterday’s Flight 7, then it did by the end of the day. Once again, only Shosholoza put up any resistance to the order demanded by the leader board. But their opponents, Desafio, were slicker with their crew work and jumped them on the gybe on the first run... [more]

From the Blogs: SailJuice - Andy Rice
By Andy Rice:,
Gavin Brady was on typically chatterbox form after today’s race against +39 Challenge. Brady is always good for a quote. 'I think it’s pretty important. Both teams are going to be full on in that last race, because we’ve only raced them once with our best equipment. We’ve raced them in flat water in 8 knots of wind. So it would be interesting to see some different performances in maybe more wind and choppier water.' From what Brady said this afternoon at the media zone, he’s more interested in racing the Kiwis to be able to compare boatspeed rather than gaining that top spot in the Semi Finals, which would give the winner the option of picking their opponent.... [more]

Luna Rossa Cuptoon: Sailing fourth into battle
By Sail-World,
Mark O'Brien who was a feature of the Louis Vuitton and America's Cups in Auckland, with his Monsta series, is in Valencia as part of the Luna Rossa team. We will be presenting Mark's latest Cup carton when available, either as a separate feature of as part of the Luna Rossa story of the day.... [more]

Winds drop to 25 - 30 knots for Bullimore
By Media,
British yachtsman Tony Bullimore reported early today that the 40-50 knot winds that gave his 102ft catamaran Doha such a battering over the past two days, have dropped to a more manageable 25-30 knots... [more]

Images from 2007 Fullpower Melges 24 Pre-Worlds
By Sail-World,
The 2007 Fullpower Melges 24 Pre-Worlds are underway on Monterey Bay. They are being hosted by the Santa Cruz Yacht Club, California.... [more]

Quotes Of The Day: LVC Round Robin 2, Flight 8
By America's Cup Media,
Tommaso Chieffi, Team Shosholoza, on their tight win against Mascalzone Latino-Capitalia Team: 'It was a very difficult race to win. We decided to keep a distance from Mascalzone to let Paolo Cian have his duty and honour and not let them give us back the penalty. It all went well except on the last gybe the spinnaker sheet got stuck under the bowsprit. There aren’t any other teams except the Chinese and us with a bowsprit because it doesn’t work.'... [more]

Emirates TNZ joins Luna Rossa and BMW Oracle
By America's Cup Media,
Three teams are now secure in their position on the leaderboard at the Louis Vuitton Cup. On Saturday, BMW ORACLE Racing and Luna Rossa Challenge earned enough points to ensure the fifth place team couldn’t overhaul them. With its win on Sunday, Emirates Team New Zealand did the same.... [more]

Shosholoza wins heart-stopping penalty finish
By Team Shosholoza Media,
'I'm really happy about this great race. Now I'm satisfied. Now we have beaten all the Italian Teams at least once during the Louis Vuitton Cup - and what a way to win today!' said Italian born Captain Salvatore Sarno, Shosholoza’s managing director who moved to South Africa 20 years ago.... [more]

Fisher's View: Chances are ......
By Bob Fisher,
The Superpowers are all safely through to the semi-finals of the Louis Vuitton Cup. BMW Oracle Racing, Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa have all earned sufficient points in the rounds robin to claim their places. The fourth place is likely to go to Desafio Espanol. How likely? Very. The Spanish team needs one win from any of their three remaining matches, but only if the Swedish Victory Challenge wins all of its races.... [more]

Melges 24s get a surprise welcome to Monterey Bay
By Rich Roberts,
'We have never seen Santa Cruz blowing out of northeast offshore like this before,' said veteran Bruce Ayers of Newport Beach, Calif., who won the first race of the Pre-Worlds tune-up to the 2007 Fullpower Melges 24 World Championship Saturday, hosted by the Santa Cruz Yacht Club... [more]

From the Blogs: Tack by Tack - Mark Chisnell
By Mark Chisnell,
Mascalzone bounce off them back onto starboard, so the separation opens again. Desafio not anxious to turn this into a gybing frenzy, always the risk of tearing the spinnaker and turning a comfortable lead into a stress-fest. They've waited a couple of minutes before going back to starboard gybe, and Mascalzone immediately gybe with them hoping to force the error and make something happen out there.... [more]

From the Blogs: SailJuice - Andy Rice
By Andy Rice:,
Vascotto wasn’t see the funny side of this gesture, if indeed there was one. 'It’s disappointing the end of their victory was marred by an unsportsmanlike gesture from John Cutler. In my crew I have Spanish sailors and he - who is a Kiwi - doesn’t deserve to sail on a Spanish boat. The whole world saw this, and I hope the Jury saw it too.'... [more]

Quotes of the Day: LVC Round Robin 2, Flight 7 & 4
By America's Cup Media,
Charles Nankin, Mast, Team Shosholoza, on feeling bitter sweet at this stage in the competition: 'I am absolutely stuffed! We have put our all into this and had some very near victories against some of the big teams, including the victory against Luna Rossa that was a big milestone for us. To come so close to so many of the teams, and so clearly be in the league... [more]

Desafío Español 2007 takes two wins from behind
By America's Cup Media,
On Saturday, the home team, Desafío Español 2007, took advantage of an earlier Jury ruling which ordered a re-sail of its match against Mascalzone Latino-Capitalia Team. The Spanish team won its second come-from-behind match of the day, beating Mascalzone Latino in the re-sail, following a win over Shosholoza in their Flight 7 contest.... [more]

BMW ORACLE Racing Advances To Semi-Final
By Ivor Wilkins, BMW Oracle Racing Media,
'We are very happy to be through to the semi-final,' said BMW ORACLE Racing navigator, Peter Isler. 'It is only one step on a long journey and we know there is still a lot of work to do. We will continue to take it one race at a time.'... [more]

Fisher's View: Weekend Wonders
By Bob Fisher,
Quite remarkably, the crew of Desafio Espanol appears to be able to raise its game at the weekends when the local crowd of supporters is greatest. Today was no exception and they performed under pressure in two races to emerge with four valuable points on the board and this team is looking likely to become the fourth of the semi-finalists in the Louis Vuitton Cup.... [more]

Luna Rossa Cuptoon: Life in the Meditation Centre
By Sail-World,
Mark O'Brien who was a feature of the Louis Vuitton and America's Cups in Auckland, with his Monsta series, is in Valencia as part of the Luna Rossa team. We will be presenting Mark's latest Cup carton when available, either as a separate feature of as part of the Luna Rossa story of the day.... [more]

Bullimore south of New Zealand
By media,
British yachtsman Tony Bullimore and his 102ft catamaran Doha have been battered by strong winds and seas deep in the Southern Ocean south of New Zealand.... [more]

New Turkish marina at Didim
By IBI magazine,
The 287,000 sq m marina will have a yacht club, a heliport for direct on-site access, a capacity for 623 berthed yachts and 600 yachts in dry dock, a yacht lift for 300 and 100 tonnes, and a swimming pool. It will serve mainly yachts of 75m-100m long.... [more]

From the Blogs: SailJuice - Andy Rice
By Andy Rice:,
Vincenzo Onorato called a press conference at the Mascalzone Latino-Capitalia Team base this morning. It was a typically flamboyant affair, with the charismatic Onorato in flamboyant and upbeat mood. And so he should be, after getting off the hook with another 10,000 Euro fine (remember the one from a couple of days ago for the paint job).... [more]

Louis Vuitton Cup - Friday Reports & Results
By America's Cup Media,
BMW ORACLE Racing won the battle of the top teams over Luna Rossa Challenge in Flight 5, but the Italians recovered to win in Flight 6, climbing back to equal first place on points with the American team, who had a Flight 6 bye. Just one point adrift is Emirates Team New Zealand.... [more]

49er sailors scale the heights at Valencia
By 49er media/Andy Rice,
Emirates Team New Zealand has not looked as sharp as people had expected in the early phases of the Louis Vuitton Cup. One of the reasons suggested has been the injury to the team?s strategist Adam Beashel, whose finger was badly mashed in a winch during Louis Vuitton Act 13... [more]

Bullimore with more problems
By Team Bullimore,
Tony Bullimore reported yesterday that the staysail halyard on his 102ft catamaran Doha, snapped overnight. Luckily, he managed to retrieve the sail from the sea, but lost some ground, and in the process, fell into a lighter wind area... [more]

Quotes of the Day: LVC Round Robin 2, Flights 5&6
By America's Cup Media,
David Brooke, Mast, BMW ORACLE Racing, on coming back from behind against Luna Rossa Challenge: 'We gave everything to our one race today - we didn’t have to pace ourselves and were lucky in that respect. We hung in there; we have been practising a lot of in-house close racing at the top marks for this and we are confident on our ‘power’ sets and getting ready to attack downwind.... [more]

Fisher's View: Fine after Fine
By Bob Fisher,
Actions of the International Jury in the past few days have included the levying of monetary fines. If this becomes a regular occurrence in yacht racing, it could become an even more expensive sport that it is already. Twice, the Mascalzone Latino team has been fined the sum of €10,000 in addition to other penalties.... [more]

From the Blogs: Tack by Tack - Mark Chisnell
By Mark Chisnell,
Mascalzone bounce off them back onto starboard, so the separation opens again. Desafio not anxious to turn this into a gybing frenzy, always the risk of tearing the spinnaker and turning a comfortable lead into a stress-fest. They've waited a couple of minutes before going back to starboard gybe, and Mascalzone immediately gybe with them hoping to force the error and make something happen out there.... [more]

Desafío Español 2007 maintains fourth position
By Desafío Español 2007 media,
Desafío Español 2007 defeated China Team in the second flight of the day in Round Robin 2. In the first flight of the day, Desafio Español 2007 raced against one of the strongest team, Emirates Team New Zealand, in a difficult test in which the Spaniards faced up to the New Zealanders in the first two legs.... [more]

Boston is USA stopover for 2008-09 Volvo Ocean Race
By Volvo media,
The U.S. East Coast port city of Boston has been formally announced as the stopover for the 2008-09 Volvo Ocean Race as the fleet sails to Europe after leaving South America on its 39,000 nautical mile round-the-world odyssey... [more]

Images of Sir Robin finishing in Bilbao
By OnEdition / text Simon Clay,
Images of Sir Robin finishing in Bilbao. At the age of sixty-eight and now a grandfather of five, Sir Robin has halved the time it took him to complete the journey when he was just thirty years old. His 2006/7 voyage has taken 159 days compared to 313 days in 1969.... [more]

Louis Vuitton Cup - Friday Reports & Results
BMW ORACLE Racing won the battle of the top teams over Luna Rossa Challenge in Flight 5, but the Italians recovered to win in Flight 6, climbing back to equal first place on points with the American team, who had a Flight 6 bye. Just one point adrift is Emirates Team New Zealand.... [more]

Sir Robin finishes in Bilbao
By Justine Ozoux,
Bilbao witnessed an historic moment in sport today as hundreds of people from the Basque capital welcomed back Sir Robin Knox-Johnston as the pioneer of solo sailing completed the VELUX 5 Oceans round the world yacht race... [more]

Pursuit Race to support Great Ormond Street Hospital
By L Jameson,
Hayling Island SC hold several open pursuit races every year where the entry fees paid by competitors are donated to a charity. On bank holiday Monday 7 May there will a pursuit race to raise money for Metabolic research at Great Ormond Street Hospital... [more]

Round 3 RS800 Fat Face Circuit
By Ben Schooling,
Round 3 of the fat face circuit took place at Northampton Sailing Club on the 28/29 April. A rather disappointing 17 boats turned out but those who made the effort were blessed with 'gourmet' sailing conditions over the weekend with sunshine and much better breeze than windguru had forecast!... [more]

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston crosses finish line
By Justine Ozoux,
English solo sailing legend Sir Robin Knox-Johnston has crossed the finish line of the VELUX 5 Oceans in Bilbao (Spain) at 11:22:03 local time (09:22:03 GMT). Carrying one reef in the mainsail in 12-15 knots of north-westerly breeze, Knox-Johnston stood, arms raised, on the aft deck of SAGA Insurance to sail the final few metres of Leg 3 passed the fleet of 25-30 spectator and press boats... [more]

Anthony York wins RS600 Fat Face Circuit event
By RS media,
With boats having travelled from as far afield as Scotland, Northampton Sailing Club welcomed the best turnout of RS600s of the season so far with sunshine and a solid force 4 blowing in the best possible direction for the lake... [more]

Sailrocket crashes at 35 knots
By Paul Larsen,
On Day 12 and Run 7 with 18 knots of true wind blowing across Walvis Bay’s incredible speed sailing strip in Namibia, Sailrocket’s pilot Paul Larsen lost steerage at 35 knots... [more]

Robin Knox-Johnston four hours from finish
By Justine Ozoux,
Sir Robin Knox-Johnston (SAGA INSURANCE) is expected to cross the finish line of the third and final leg of the VELUX 5 OCEANS in the next four hours (Bilbao, Basque country).... [more]

From the Blogs: SailJuice - Andy Rice
By Andy Rice:,
At the press zone this evening I asked Ian Walker from +39 Challenge about this whole thing of removable backstays. Ian says on +39 they make a decision based on windstrength as to whether or not they'll need them. If it's light enough to get away without them, Ian texts one of the shore team who passes the message on to the measurers, who must be informed of such changes before the race.... [more]

Editorial: (Not) reporting on the racing in Valencia
We have reluctantly decided not to publish Sail-World.Com’s America’s Cup newsletter today, or any other day on which there is no racing - unless there is some event of extreme significance from the sailing carnival in Valencia. It is a real challenge for us to put together a high quality newsletter that is interesting about a yacht race, even one as great as the Louis Vuitton Cup, when there is no racing. We've tried our best to rise to this challenge for the ten non-race days, and are proud (and a little surprised) of what we have produced. However the driving factor behind our decision is, that on the internet, people vote with their mouse click, and we get a significant unsubscribe rate on days when there is no racing, and we aren’t prepared to continue to take this loss of our subscriber base.... [more]

deForest W. ‘Shorty’ Trimingham - a Tribute
By Jim Bolland,
In 1954 I was 18 and my world revolved around sailboat racing. I had plenty of sailing heroes in New Zealand and at the top of my list was Peter Mander, closely followed by my father and then the Auckland X class skippers Laurie Davidson, Neville Thom and whoever else featured nationally at the time, in the New Zealand sailing magazine ‘Sea Spray... [more]

Fifth Year for ISAF Athlete Participation Program
By Helen King, ISAF,
For the fifth year in a row ISAF’s Athlete Participation Programme (APP) will assist young athletes from developing sailing nations attend the Volvo Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship. Since its launch the APP has helped over 100 sailors attend the Championships, further spreading the appeal of youth sailing’s premier event.... [more]

Statement on America’s Cup Sports Betting
By Yachting NZ (edited by Sail-World),
A TV3 News item on sports betting on May 2 conveyed the impression that Yachting New Zealand had with little diligence turned down the opportunity to earn an amount in the order of $100k, which could be spent on developing our sport... [more]

Bullimore struggles with staysail
By Team Bullimore/Sail-World,
Sail problems for British sailor, Tony Bullimore, at the start of his round-the-world solo record attempt. A broken staysail halyard dropped the sail partially overboard and the 68 year old sailor struggled to get it back on board.... [more]

Mascalzone pinged by Jury. Resail ordered against ESP
By America's Cup Media,
Mascalzone Latino-Capitalia Team has been found in breach of the America’s Cup Class Rule during its win over Desafío Español 2007. In its findings the Jury stated it is satisfied that the breach had no significant effect on the outcome on the match. Notice of Race 14.2 allows the Jury to impose a penalty other than disqualification in such circumstances. The Jury considers that the most equitable arrangement is to re-sail the match and impose a fine of 10 000 euros.... [more]

Thunder and lightning stop racing at the LVC
By America's Cup Media,
Flight 5 of Round Robin Two of the Louis Vuitton Cup was postponed for the day on Thursday in Valencia, the Race Committee sending the fleet home at 16:15. Conditions were nearly impossible for racing, with a series of thunder cells rolling up from the south, bringing rain, hail, thunder and lightning to Valencia and the waters around Port America’s Cup.... [more]

Jason Ker - the Shosholoza designer with impact
By Team Shosholoza Media,
Ker describes the changes to RSA 83 as follows: 'The bow has been made much finer, so it goes through waves rather than over them. We have added a bowsprit which is designed to enable the spinnaker to be attached as far forward as the rules allow, which would otherwise have not been possible as we've made the bow shorter.... [more]

Fisher's View: End Game
By Bob Fisher,
Another day has been lost to 'an unusually bad stretch of light weather,' to use the words of America’s Cup Management CEO, Michel Bonnefous. He’ll be wishing he had never made that statement on April 22nd when defending the choice of Valencia as the venue for the America’s Cup... [more]

Racing cancelled due to unstable wind
By Jane Eagleson - BMW Oracle Racing,
Valencia thunderstorms today played havoc with the wind direction and racing was again abandoned, as the images show.... [more]

Illusions Woodford Long Distance Race
By Barnaby Edwards,
Certain memories stick. Racing around St. Helen's fort in a very, very small yacht is one such memory. The sun blazed, the winds were fair and the sea a lumpy, but manageable challenge... [more]

Louis Vuitton Cup - Thursday racing abandoned
By Sail-World,
Louis Vuitton Cup - Thursday racing abandoned... [more]

Sir Robin - Would I do this again? . . . No!
Sir Robin's ETA to cross the finish line of the Velux 5-Oceans Race is currently 04:00 local Spanish time. He will arrive into Bilbao in daylight at approximately 08:00 local Spanish time... [more]

Nigel King on schedule for La Solitaire
By Flavia Bateson,
This summer, Nigel King, from Lymington, will be one of just two British entries in the international fleet of elite solo skippers competing in La Solitaire Afflelou Le Figaro which starts from Caen, northern France, in July... [more]

BMW City Challenge - NIR Capital seal hat-trick
By Jo Gawith - Performance PR,
City slickers took to the water last night as the popular BMW City Challenge sailing series returned to London’s Docklands. A total of 40 teams representing many of the leading City firms including Citigroup, KPMG, Allen & Overy, Morgan Stanley, Ernst & Young, Accenture and Deutsche Bank will stake their city reputations as they race on Tuesday and Thursday evenings... [more]

Images from Stanford Antigua Sailing Week
By Media services,
Ever wondered what it would be like to sail at Antigua Sailing Week? Beautiful scenery, blue sky, easterly trade winds and great sailing .... classic Caribbean conditions.... [more]

BMW ORACLE Racing claims two close wins
By Ivor Wilkins, BMW Oracle Racing Media,
BMW ORACLE Racing maintained its position at the top of the Louis Vuitton Cup leaderboard after winning two tough matches in Valencia today. In both races, the first against the South African Shosholoza team and the second against Victory Challenge, the USA 98 crew came from behind to add four valuable points to their score. The wins leave BMW ORACLE Racing with 25 points, equal with Luna Rossa Challenge.... [more]

Two victories puts Luna Rossa into equal lead
By Luna Rossa Media,
Third flight of the eliminatory Round Robin 2 of the Louis Vuitton Cup. On the southern course cloudy skies, ten knots of breeze from the south east. The race finally gets underway at 3.40 p.m. after an initial postponement due to the shiftiness of the wind. After an initial dial-up both boats sail over the start line and Spithill luffs Jesper Bank from leeward. United Internet Team Germany fails to keep clear and incurs in a penalty.... [more]

Fisher's View: Double Bubble
By Bob Fisher,
There is no denying Chris Dickson and his crew have an uncanny ability to come back in crucial races. They did it twice today. The first time against the South Africans in Shosholosa, and then against the Swedish team in Victory Challenge. Each of their opponents had led for the first round and both were overtaken on the next beat, although whether or not BMW Oracle led Victory was a matter of conjecture.... [more]

Louis Vuitton Cup - Reports and Rankings
It took two come-from-behind victories for BMW ORACLE Racing to stay equal with the red hot Luna Rossa Challenge on Wednesday on a double flight day at the Louis Vuitton Cup. The American team first trailed Shosholoza and then Victory Challenge on the first lap of its two races, before making the pass in both contests to score the points... [more]

Gunfight at the MK Corral
By RS media,
From far and wide across a parched, sun-kissed land they came, 12 weary travellers come to do battle with five hometown boys at the FatFace sponsored Milton Keynes RS300 open over two tough and dirty days at the fall of April (Ed note – translation – force 4 and cloudless skies)... [more]

First Nationals for Rooster 8.1 class
By Steve Cockerill,
Roostersailing have announced that the first National and British Open Championships for the Rooster 8.1 will be held at Weston SC. The new, big rig, set on the Laser hull, has now sold 49 rigs since release earlier this year.... [more]

Bermuda Race Week - No Changes at Top
By Lynn Fitzpatrick,
Diaz,Burnham, Smith, Jardine, Bromby and Berwin retain their leads after another day of spectacular sailing conditions at the 80th Annual Bermuda International Invitational Race Week.... [more]

Sanford Antigua Sailing Week - Day 3 Wrap-up
By media,
Under the bluest of blue skies and with the easterly trade winds established early and often, the 16 classes of yachts in Sanford Antigua Sailing Week enjoyed classic Caribbean conditions today during the third day of competition in the 40th running of this annual festival of sailboat racing... [more]

Sir Robin into final stage of race
We will have been racing for two weeks at 16:30 this afternoon and I'll still have more than 300 miles to go on SAGA Insurance. 3,200 covered in a straight line, which, of course, it has not been possible to sail... [more]

RS Feva Nationals heading for record entry
By Emma White,
Entries for the 2007 Sekonda RS Feva National Championships are at a record high, with over 50 boats already signed up for what promises to be an exhilarating three days of racing... [more]

Bullimore on track for 400 mile first day
By Rob Kothe,
British sailor Tony Bullimore has an excellent start to his round the world record attempt. He left the Iron Pot at the mouth of the Derwent River in Tasmania last night on his Blue Ocean Wireless Round the World Challenge, having averaged more than 18 knots over the first 16 hours and at current rate could crack 400 miles in his first day.... [more]

Fast? This is fast.
By Helen Hopcroft,
When the carbon fibre Sports 8 boat ‘Vivace’ burst on to the Australian racing scene, crews quickly got sick of looking at the boat’s transom. She was fast. Very fast. Now Pierre Gal has teamed up with Bethwaite and Billoch Design, David Lyons and Sydney Yachting Centre to build a production version of the boat. Sail-World spoke to Pierre Gal about the slow work of making a fast boat.... [more]

Throttle peaks for Fullpower Melges 24 Worlds
By Rich Roberts,
Pre-Worlds tune-up regatta Saturday and Sunday, May 5-6, at Santa Cruz preceding the Worlds May 8-12. The entry list also includes 27 Corinthians---boats without pros on board---led by German legend Alba Batzill driving for Eddy Eich as the current European Corinthian champions. The Santa Cruz YC hosts have a full schedule of activities planned ashore.... [more]

From the Blogs: SailJuice - Andy Rice
By Andy Rice:,
Wind stopped Play: No racing again, but this time because of too much wind, just over 30 knots of it. It's either too much or too little. Shades of Auckland 02/03 perhaps? Disappointing all round for sailors, spectators and sponsors.... [more]

Mascalzone Latino replace helmsman with Dunn
By Mascalzone Latino Media,
Mascalzone Latino-Capitalia team boss, Vincenzo Onorato issued the following statement to media after the abandonment of racing today, announcing that their helmsman Flavio Favini would be replaced by New Zealander Cameron Dunn for tomorrow's race. Dunn is currently strategist with the crew.... [more]

International 14 at Weymouth Open
By Louise Hickey,
The International 14s joined the 49ers, 12 Foot Skiffs and 29ers for a 'skiff weekend', sailing from the growing Olympic site and are hosted by the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Centre... [more]

Fisher's View: Too much - no racing
By Bob Fisher,
ACC yachts are built to race between seven and twenty-three knots of wind; no less, no more. For several days the breeze was insufficient to open the window, today there was danger of the casement ending in the street.... [more]

Volkswagen Touareg Laser SB3 Grand Prix
By Clare Molloy,
The first round of the Volkswagen Touareg Laser SB3 Grand Prix series will be held over the bank holiday weekend, 5 - 7 May, hosted by Sunderland Yacht Club. All competitors will be hoping to rack up some positive results early on in this four-event series... [more]

Louis Vuitton Cup - Racing Abandoned Tuesday
The wind was too strong on both courses at Valencia today. Racing was abandoned at 16:00 hrs... [more]

29er Eurocup Round 3, Weymouth
By Team Peters Spensley-Corfield,
Thirty-one boats met in Weymouth to see yet another light wind regatta. With 6 of the 8 races scheduled sailed, the race committee worked hard to race the fleet in the best of the wind... [more]

ABN AMRO ONE wins round Antigua race
By Annabel Merrison,
Fresh from victories at the St Maarten Heineken Regatta and the BVI Spring Regatta, ABN AMRO ONE, winner of the 2005-6 Volvo Ocean Race, continues her winning streak in the Caribbean at the Stanford Antigua Sailing Week... [more] Spring Series - Race 5
By Tim Fowle,
Liverpool Yacht Club held the fifth race of the sponsored Spring Series on Sunday 29 April; a morning lock out and race start saw 12 yachts take part in three IRC classes... [more]

Bulldog Bullimore on the way
By Rob Kothe,
British yachtsman, Tony Bullimore is tonight sailing into the southern ocean in his bid to break Dame Ellen MacArthur's record for sailing solo around the world and he has a secret weapon.... [more]

Bernard Stamm wins Again
By media,
After 3,200 miles of North Atlantic racing, Bernard Stamm took his Open 60, Cheminées Poujoulat, across the VELUX 5 Oceans Leg 3 finish line outside the harbour wall of Puerto Deportivo marina, Gexto, Bilbao, at 17:13 and 25 seconds European time (16:13 BST, 15:13 UTC) Monday afternoon. Within an hour of Stamm's finish, Kojiro took second place in the Velux 5 Oceans race... [more]

An expensive coat of paint for Mascalzone
By America's Cup Media,
The Jury for the 32nd America’s Cup has fined the Italian Mascalzone Latino-Capitalia Team 10,000 Euros for a technical violation of the measurement rule for the America’s Cup Class.... [more]

Mee and Wagstaff win Chew Valley Fireball Open
By Tim Saunders,
Thirtyfive Fireballs took part in the excellent racing at Chew Valley Lake SC on the 28 - 29 of April. Three back to back races were held on Saturday and Sunday... [more]

Raymarine Warsash Spring Series
Warsash SC 11/03/07
The Series comprises Six races with the best five results to count: 11, 18 and 25 March - 1, 15 and 22 April Two central Solent start lines - First starts around 10am - IRC 4-5 classes, J/105 and J/109....
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Gear & Gadgets
Latest sailing gear and gadgets...
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2006-2007 Velux 5 Oceans Race
The ultimate solo challenge....
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2007 America's Cup

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All the Dinghy, Multihull and small keelboat events, news, racing reports and results....
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