Circumnavigators' updates, Container ships and the cruising sailor... ARC 2007 almost full.. and much more

07 May 2007

Diary Dates


Writing from the Galapagos

Academy Bay   .
This week's newsletter is coming to you from the Galapagos, where Blackwattle has just arrived into Academy Bay on the Island of Santa Cruz.

It's a quaint seaside town, cobbled streets, nothing garish, pretty even, but with some extraordinary differences. There are seals swimming between the boats and lazing on black volcanic rocks, and all around us a great profusion of seabirds: pelicans, frigates and others, gliding, hunting, dropping vertically at incredible speed into the water. We can't wait to get the boat maintenance issues over to go exploring.

British yachtsman Tony Bullimore reported early today that the 40-50knot winds that gave his 102ft catamaran Doha such a battering over the past 2 days, have dropped to a more manageable 25-30 knots.

While Bullimore is just starting, read about Australian yachtsman Ken Gourlay who's just finished setting an Australian record, and circumnavigator Donna Lange, whose greatest contribution to sailing is that she is an inspiration in having succeeded to act out her dream. Sadly, the solo circumnavigation dream is broken for a 77 year old Japanese sailor who has been rescued off the coast of Tasmania.

ARC goes on to bigger and bigger successes, having signed up 200 entries for the 2007 Atlantic Rally for Cruisers more than six months before the departure.

By popular request in this issue is the first of a four part series on 'Container Ships and the Cruising Sailor'- important reading for all who venture into the ocean.

...and of course there's a little nonsense from Blackwattle as she crosses the equator, after four years in the Northern Hemisphere.

Read on, have a great week, and

Sail Safe

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

ARC 2007 - World Cruising Club signs 200th entry
By Peta Stuart-Hunt,
Whilst the ARC does not commence until November, World Cruising Club's sister event, ARC Europe is about to start from two locations on the western side of the Atlantic. Timed to coincide with the end of the Caribbean cruising season, two separate groups of yachts will set off on 11 May - one from Antigua and another from St.Augustine, Florida, to rendezvous at the mid-Atlantic island of Bermuda.... [more]

Container Ships and the Cruising Sailor – Part 1
By Sail-World Cruising/Richard Chesher,
It’s just after a chilli lunch in the cockpit. The skipper is sitting next to the companionway looking aft. His friend and crewmate is sitting on the starboard cockpit seat – it’s his watch - looking into space. They are distracted by the fact that the visiting wife is seasick, and the two wives have just gone below. The skipper is looking out to starboard, past his friend, at the gently curving horizon. Then it happens.... [more]

Skype for the Cruising Sailor
By Nancy Knudsen,
‘How long has this been going on?’ that’s what a cruising friend said to me recently when I showed her my Skype set-up. I had to admit I didn’t know the answer to that, but it certainly must be every cruising sailor’s dream.... [more]

She sailed ’round the world, and found herself
By Alex Kuffner, The Providence Journal,
Over 17 months and across 31,000 nautical miles, Donna Lange sailed the world in search of something. Peace. Understanding. It’s hard for her to describe what she was looking for. Whatever it may be, she found it in the midst of a storm.... [more]

77 year old Japanese RTW sailor rescued
By Rob Kothe,
A Police rescue helicopter has winched a 77-year-old Japanese sailor from the ocean off south-west Tasmania after he abandonned his world record attempt.... [more]

Tasmania’s Ken Gourlay breaks RTW record
By Al Constable & W.M. Griffiths,
Gourlay has unofficially broken the Australian record for circumnavigating the globe solo, non-stop and unassisted, by around 24 hours.... [more]

New Turkish marina at Didim
By IBI magazine,
The 287,000 sq m marina will have a yacht club, a heliport for direct on-site access, a capacity for 623 berthed yachts and 600 yachts in dry dock, a yacht lift for 300 and 100 tonnes, and a swimming pool. It will serve mainly yachts of 75m-100m long.... [more]

Blackwattle's Double sighting - Whale and King Neptune
By Nancy Knudsen,
When I hear the first huge breathy sigh, it's very loud behind me. I swing startled to the direction of the noise, and there she is, quietly, as if she had always been there, just 20 metres off the port stern. A whale. Part of a whale. The long, so long curve of the back is dark grey shiny as it arcs gently out of the water.... [more]

Fifth Year for ISAF Athlete Participation Program
By Helen King, ISAF,
For the fifth year in a row ISAF’s Athlete Participation Programme (APP) will assist young athletes from developing sailing nations attend the Volvo Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship. Since its launch the APP has helped over 100 sailors attend the Championships, further spreading the appeal of youth sailing’s premier event.... [more]

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