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20 Apr 2007

We have news from the Motor Boat division of Southport Yacht Club, from a record breaking Sanctuary Cove and from the Bloodislow Cup and we lead with the odd tale of a boat abandoned with food on the table and computers running.

The Asian boating scene is exploding and in the coming months we will be bringing you lots of news from this region.

Be sure to take a look at the images and reports from last weekend’s F1 Superboats at Toukley. This weekend Powerboat-world will be heading to Newcastle for the Offshore racing and another dose of excitement.

Powerboat-World will be working with the BIA to strengthen the Better Boating Workshop at the 2007 Sydney International Boat Show. Our sister publication Sail-World, last year helped lift the Strictly Sailing Stage. Over the next month we will be approaching the power boating industry looking for new and exciting content and presenters for the August 2-7th show in Sydney.

If your company would like to be involved, please contact me.

Bob Wonders


Mystery Deepens - Second Ghost Ship in Six Months
By Sail-World Cruising/Courier Mail,
In September last year, the schooner Bel Amica was found drifting off the Italian coast with a half eaten meal, charts of the Mediterranean and piles of clothes abandoned. While the owner has since been found, no satisfactory explanation of the incident has ever been recorded. Now, the Courier Mail reports, a ghost yacht has been found drifting off the north east Australian coast with computers running and even food on a table ready to eat - but no crew.... [more]

Riviera wins Bloodislow Cup to help save lives
By Denby Browning,
The Bloodislow Cup is a challenge amongst Gold Coast (Queensland)businesses to see which organisation can make the most blood donations throughout the year. The team at Riviera is very enthusiastic about donating blood. Training Coordinator Tony Schmid, who organises the blood donations, is very passionate about the Blood Service.... [more]

On-line Yacht Photo Comp – Win US $ 1,000
By Cruising Editor,
The 1st Annual Photographic competition that we announced a few weeks ago is underway. Photos have been submitted from Thailand, New Zealand and the United States. The photo to the left is one of the entrants. The first prize of US $ 1,000 is up for grabs.... [more]

Earthrace nears half way
75 days around the world, to take the world record. That was the challenge for the bio-fuelled 78 foot trimaran Earthrace, when she left Barbados on March 10th 2007.... [more]

Offshore Powerboat series launches into Newcastle
By Gary Nash,
Boats will be on display all day on Saturday 21 April at Lee Wharf in Newcastle, all spectators are encouraged to come along and get an up close and personal view of the impressive offshore race boats.... [more]

Boat building at 250 clicks
By Bob Maxwell,
No, we have not lost our marbles and we’re well aware that boats are definitely not built at speeds approaching 250km/hr. but it’s the kind of testing speed that builds better boats.... [more]

Christofle Boating Award categories revealed
By IBI Magazine,
Sponsored by Christofle and organised by Adkom Media Group, publisher of Asia-Pacific Boating and China Boating magazines, the 2007 awards will feature 15 categories:... [more]

The Pacific Ocean beckons
By Nancy Knudsen,
After four years away, we're in our home ocean at last. Mmmm, well... it doesn't feel much like home – the ocean is flat, the pelicans are brown, the beer costs 30 cents a can and everyone around me is talking Spanish.... [more]

Education and Excitement at 2007 Sydney Boat Show
By Sydney International Boat Show media,
The Boating Industry Association (BIA) of NSW, organiser of the annual Sydney International Boat Show (August 2-7), has appointed Sail-World.Com the world’s largest online sailing news network and its sister online publication, to coordinate a range of informative and entertaining boating workshops.... [more]

Australia F1 Superboat Images
By Rob Kothe,
The Australian F1 Superboats were racing on Lake Budgewoi on the weekend. Theo Spryker caught action aplenty. Here is a selection.... [more]

Another Yacht/Ship collision in UK Waters
By Sail-World Cruising,
Following closely on the publication of the report on the fatal Ouzo incident where the yacht Ouzo collided with or closely passed the ferry The Pride of Bilbao, yet another yacht has collided with a ship in UK waters. The Norfolk Eastern Daily Press reports that the yacht Whispa collided with a 4,000 tonne cargo ship in fog last night.... [more]

David Trask triumphs at Toukley
By Belinda Doyle,
With his machine set to European engine regulations coupled with the newly introduced Australian requirement for rev limiting to 9650rpm, Trask was able to hold of the opposition. With a time of 32.40sec, third qualifier and current Australian Formula 1 Champion, Rhys Coles finished second in race 1 and third in race 2.... [more]

Man Overboard!
By Helen Hopcroft,
There are two things that really scare boat owners. Being at sea and coming upstairs to find an empty cockpit, when you’re expecting to see another crew member. And watching from the water as your boat powers away from you, the crew onboard oblivious to your predicament. It is our sincere hope that neither of these man overboard scenarios ever happen to you.... [more]

Azimut enters China
By IBI magazine,
Azimut Yachts has opened a new representative office in Shanghai, and unveiled its Azimut 43S for the first time at the China International Boat Show, held between April 5-8.... [more]

Singapore superyacht charters
By Patwant Singh, Channel News Asia,
A Singapore company is launching a scheme where people can charter luxury yachts. Their target clientele are newcomers to the marine lifestyle or those who want to have a taste of it, without the hassle.... [more]

Sanctuary Cove 2007 breaks records
By Kate Duryea,
The 2007 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show has surpassed the 2006 exhibitor record of 423.... [more]

Southport Powerboater talks about Goldcoast
By Bob Wonders,
The beautifully-situated Southport Yacht Club, on the sparkling waters of the Gold Coast Broadwater, can’t be accused of being one-eyed towards sailboats. It recently celebrated 60-years and for 50 of those years there has been a strong supporter base on the powerboat side.... [more]

Star Clipper - a Star Turn
By Joy Crutchfield, News-Capital/Sail-World,
If you love the idea of a sailing holiday, don’t want to bareboat charter and have a few dollars to spend, you should consider sailing on a tall ship – one of three belonging to Star Clippers.... [more]

Three bullets in Toukley
By Rob Kothe,
An event filled final race in the second round of the XLR8 F1 Superboat series on Lake Budgewoi at Toukley on the NSW Central Coast.... [more]

Delam puts Bob Trask out of Toukley
By Rob Kothe,
Two spectacular hits on mark rounding buoys and the crowd could see Bob Trask’s F1 Superboat was in trouble, the first race in the Beachcomber Superboat series on Lake Budgewoi, was his last today.... [more]

Free Anchoring Rights Under Threat
By Nancy Knudsen,
There's an unkind description for the owners the almost derelict boats that can be seen in many harbours and anchorages round the world. They're called 'Cruiser Losers'. There are a million sad stories which result in these decrepit boats lying around.... [more]

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