Do you have a Cruisers' Net?...Fastfind PLB saves sailors...Why are masts snapping in Hawaii... your feedback needed..and more


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World Cruising News from Panama

Entering the first lock  BW Media
Well the crew of Blackwattle have just been through the Panama Canal – on another boat for practice! It was a great experience, if a little scary in the beginning. Our turn will be in a few days, so more on that next week.

Lots of news from around the world this week, as well as articles about YOUR sailing life:

Two fatal dismastings on commercial sailing catamarans in the last four months in Hawaii leads Sail-World to ask why - read about the latest tragic incident.

Greenpeace’s Flagship has been involved in a pirate incident in the Gulf of Aden, but the French Navy came to the rescue; meanwhile in the Med, carrying a Personal Locator Beacon in the pocket could have saved the lives of three Englishmen; and in the Caribbean a heart-warming story about a group of sailing students who saved some ship-wrecked fishermen.

Do YOU have a ‘Cruisers’ Net’ in your bay or anchorage? Check yours against the model, or learn how to set one up – everyone wins!

There’s also yet another innovative development for making passage making easier, but they want YOUR feedback.

Passage tales and adventure sailing stories come from Sailaway IV, from intrepid solo sailor Ken Gourlay who is into his last 5000 miles, and from the Mowbray Team in the Antarctic.

Finally, read the very interesting readers’ letters from last week’s Magazine.

Read on, enjoy, and..

Sail safe!

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Why ARE the Masts Snapping on Hawaiian Cats?
By Sail-World Cruising/Rod Ohira, Honolulu Advertiser,
For the second time in less than four months, a commercial catamaran has snapped a mast in Hawaii, both times with fatal results. Further, it turns out that, according to Coast Guard record, one of the catamarans, owned by Hyatt Regency Maui, has had three mast failures since 1991... [more]

Sailaway IV - Antigua to Tortola
By Irene Bates, crew on Sailaway IV,
Sail-World continues following the delivery voyage of Sailaway IV, a Lagoon 500 Catamaran on its way from France to Port Douglas in Australia. In Port Douglas it will be used for sailing trips by Sailaway Port Douglas.... [more]

Fastfind PLB 'in the pocket' Saves Crew
By Sail-World Cruising,
When you're out in the middle of the ocean, your yacht's on fire and the life raft you have just jumped into starts to sink, you've gotta reckon it's going to be one of THOSE DAYS.... [more]

Your Feedback Needed on New Concept:
By Smartcom Software,
ALIS is a new service concept designed to provide yachtsmen with useful services – chart corrections, sailing instructions, weather forecasts and other services - and important safety information based on your location....and they need your help!... [more]

Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior in Pirate Threat
By Sail-World Cruising,
Intending long range cruisers planning to sail through the Red Sea will be happy to note that the rare recent stories about piracy all seem to revolve around a threat, a Mayday and then a withdrawal by the aggressors.... [more]

Sailing Students Save Sinking Fishermen
By Don Jordan,Palm Beach Post,
T.J. Qualls, 16, had only 10 minutes left in his shift on the deck of the S/V Denis Sullivan when he caught sight of two signal flares burning skyward in the distance. Over the next few hours late Wednesday and early Thursday, 16 students from the Riviera Beach Maritime Academy in Florida USA would experience firsthand what many had only simulated in classrooms. Below the flares, a fishing boat carrying three men was slowly sinking.... [more]

VHF and HF Cruisers Nets
By Nancy Knudsen,
Do you have a VHF Cruisers’ Net in your bay, anchorage or area? If you answer yes, then check the following out to see how they match. If you say no, or ‘What’s a VHF Cruisers’ Net? Then read on, because these can greatly enhance the value for both cruisers, weekend visitors, live-aboards and commercial activities around the anchorage. As itinerant cruisers, we have found them invaluable when arriving in a new port... [more]

Team Mowbray reaches last anchorage on voyage
By Team Mowbray,
Well here we are!! Our last anchorage for this wonderful five and a half month expedition. Half an hour ago we meandered up an inlet called 'Estero Chauqui' on the 'Island of Guar'..'Commitment' is gently tugging at her anchor chain.... [more]

Gourlay has fingers crossed during final leg
By Julian Burgess,
Tasmanian solo yachtsman Ken Gourlay has entered the final stretch of his epic round-the-world voyage and is desperately hoping that his rigging and sails hold together for the final 5000 nautical miles.... [more]

This Week's Letters from Readers
By Cruising Editor,
Readers Letters: 'From Bare Poles to Paradise (But Why?) 'Bugs on Boats - The Seven Quick Rules' 'Loop Keels? - Not Loopy at all...'... [more]

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