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Diary Dates


Our Sail-World's Cruising Editor Nancy Knudsen is on the Columbian coast and is well out of Internet range this week.

Before she went Nancy was looking for a man overboard procedure, not a man recovery program. You will laugh when you understand the difference.

Cruising on the Columbian coastline
By Nancy Knudsen,
Colombia has been avoided by cruisers passing through because of a widely held belief that the area is dangerous – Colombia is one of the largest drug producers in the world. Not long after we anchored we were approached by a very fast moving fishing boat, three dark clothed men aboard, holding automatic weapons. It was all happening very fast, too fast. This is not looking good, I thought.... [more]

Bavaria 36 Cruiser Nautilus - World Tour
By Jane Pares,
On July 16 2005, Ron Simm, an Austrian, threw off the lines in Croatia and set off westwards across the Mediterranean in his new Bavaria 36 Cruiser, Nautilus. His plan was a world tour.... [more]

Corsica, Sardinia Med's best secrets -Charterworld
By Media Services,
Charter World’s Brook Felsenthal returned from the Western Mediterranean cruising waters of Corsica and Sardinia – which he claims are Mediterranean’s best kept secrets.... [more]

Sailing industry expanding into China
By Julie Sharpe,
For the last two years the Doyle Sail Making group has been working quietly to expand into China. In March 2007 Doyle Australia is opening its new Doyle loft in China in Qingdao, the site of the 2008 Olympic regatta.... [more]

Plea for help on cruising yacht's hull
By NZPA, staff reporter,
A chilling cry for help was left on the hull of the wrecked New Zealand cruising trimaran Manoah, found early this month on a small Tongan island.... [more]

By Nancy Knudsen,
I am still looking for a good ‘Man Overboard’ course. I enrolled in a few before we left home four years ago, but they were all the same – all false pretences. The courses were all about ‘How To Get Man BACK ONBOARD’. So I am still looking…... [more]

Carnival in the Antilles - Blackwattle
By Nancy Knudsen,
After the dishevelled nature of the Windwards and Trinidad – rusty abandoned cars, paint peeled houses, weedy streets and rusty barred broken windows, Bonaire and its capital Kralendijk look like Leggoland!... [more]

Solving our Anchor Buoy Problem
By Nancy Knudsen,
The problem that we have always had is knowing just how long to make the line to the anchor buoy – too long and it doesn’t give you much indication as to where your anchor actually is, and too short, and it’s dragged underwater, thus losing its effectiveness.... [more]

Storing Citrus Fruits for a Longer Cruise
By Nancy Knudsen,
Citrus fruits are very suitable for the longer cruise. They are refreshing, nutritious, last well and do not need refrigeration. A little extra care before you depart will ensure you have a good supply of oranges for the longest sail.... [more]

Now for Egypt, a Boat Show
By IBI News/Sail-World Cruising,
I don’t know if anyone’s counting, but Boat Shows seem to be breeding across the world – from Dubai to India to China, countries once hardly associated with the leisure boat industry, there are now annual boat shows – and they are drawing the crowds and encouraging the boating industry. Now, there is even to be the first ever boat show in Egypt!... [more]

In the Venezuelan Atolls - Blackwattle
By Nancy Knudsen,
Yacht Blackwattle wanders through the Venezuelan coral atolls and finds a place better than the Windwards: 'The sand is so soft and white it feels like talcum powder under the toes. As an Australian I am used to fine white sand. I remember shorelines with sand so fine that when a wind blows it lifts the sand flying down the wide empty beaches to sting our legs and set us scuttling to cover them with our beach towels, squealing and giggling. But never sand like this.'... [more]

Atlantic Capsize – First Hand Account
By TREVOR SCHUBERT, Express/Sail-World Cruising,
This graphic first hand account of a fatal storm in the Atlantic Ocean last week is a stark reminder that this ocean must be taken very seriously.... [more]

Gourlay forced to seek shelter to make repairs
By Julian Burgess,
With nearly two thirds of his epic 23,000 nautical mile circumnavigation completed, Ken is in the South Atlantic ocean about 2000 miles north-west of the Cape of Good Hope. He is now nursing his crippled yacht to the nearest land, the Brazilian held Isle de Trinidade, where he will seek calm waters to fix his 12.5m yacht Spirit Silver Edition.... [more]

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