Gourlay seeks shelter...Floating VHF Radio...Mobrays across Drake's Passage with steering problems...and lots more


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Sydney's Middle Harbour Win

This News Magazine is coming to you from the Netherlands Antilles in the western Caribbean, and we arrived here in Bonaire just in time to join Carnival – but more of that later, when we've recovered!

We on Blackwattle have ALMOST decided to sail down the coast of Colombia, stopping a couple of times on the way to Cartagena. We have no charts, and the information we have been able to get is sketchy, but it looks so interesting we having a hard time resisting it. Read about that in our ‘Decisions Decisions’ story.

Middle Harbour Yacht Club(MHYC) in Sydney has had a win in the ‘No you can’t take away our bridge openings’ fight which has been going on recently. Sydney Harbour’s sailing community has long depended on the Spit Bridge openings for access to the lovely waters of Middle Harbour, so on behalf of the rest of us, thanks MHYC. What about a replacement bridge - like the Anzac Bridge?

Vanuatu is in the news, with a new offering by Mariner Boating, and a new cruising event from New Zealand to Vanuatu. Talking about New Zealand, there’s also a story about the old rock star turned adventurer, who’s trying to keep his sense of humour while becalmed in a circumnavigation of the island nation.

Meanwhile the REAL adventurers, the Mobrays, have crossed Drake’s Passage in the Antarctic with jury-rigged steering, and Ken Gourlay, intrepid solo Tasmanian, has been forced to stop for repairs.

This week seems to have been a week of new innovations – we have stories of everything from a new floating hand-held VHF Radio, to a new way of getting rid of the water in your fuel, to a design for a hydrofoil sailing boat which promises to offer new unheard of speeds. Then there’s the Gold Coast catamaran that runs on vegetable oil, among other things. One of the values of innovation awards is the encouragement that it gives to new – especially greener - thinking.

These, and other news, so read on
Enjoy, and

Sail safe

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Gourlay forced to seek shelter to make repairs
By Julian Burgess,
With nearly two thirds of his epic 23,000 nautical mile circumnavigation completed, Ken is in the South Atlantic ocean about 2000 miles north-west of the Cape of Good Hope. He is now nursing his crippled yacht to the nearest land, the Brazilian held Isle de Trinidade, where he will seek calm waters to fix his 12.5m yacht Spirit Silver Edition.... [more]

Steering failure for Mowbray team now in Ushuaia
By Team Mowbray,
Possible disaster has been averted! Not long after leaving Antarctica some days ago I wrote an update and have purposely not done another since as we have been working our way through a possible major drama on board. I haven't written for a few reasons. I have needed to be quite focused on doing my bit to help get us safely across the Drake Passage plus I did not want to unnecessarily alarm close friends and family of those on board... [more]

A VHF Handheld Radio that Floats!
By Sail-World Cruising,
A hand held radio is a great piece of gear to have on a boat – good for a million uses. If you’re going cruising – don’t leave home without one. But a piece of marine gear that’s ruined if it hits the water, just doesn’t take into account the precariousness of the environment, or the fallibility of sailors. Now Icom have come up with just the ticket.... [more]

Decisions, Decisions- Blackwattle in South America
By Nancy Knudsen,
There is an important decision pending, - do we follow the so-called pirate infested coast of Colombia? - and look forward to the adventure? Or do we sail one of the nastiest bits of water in the world?... [more]

Delphia makes a splash!
By Sandman Communications,
Polish boatbuilder Delphia Yachts is making a big splash in Australia, with exclusive southern-states agent Aussie Boat Sales selling yachts as soon as they arrive in the country.... [more]

Vanuatu adventure onboard Kioni
By Media services,
Mariner Boating, in conjunction with Sailing Services, are offering a unique experience sailing Vanuatu’s magnificent waters aboard the beautiful Beneteau First 47.7 Kioni.... [more]

Unique Fuel Smart Catamaran – Way of the Future?
By Sail-World Cruising,
An Australian couple who completed a six year circumnavigation visiting 72 countries have now created a unique fuel smart catamaran which could point the the way of the future for environmentally conscious yachties world wide... [more]

New and goes 32 knots - a Hydrofoil sailing boat
By Sail-World Cruising,
Pininfarina, better known as an Italian design firm in the motor vehicle industry, has awarded a first prize to the design of a Hydrofoil sailing yacht.... [more]

Ex Rocker Becalmed in Round NZ Attempt
By TV3/Sail-World,
Kiwi rocker Andrew Fagan is keeping his humour as he sits becalmed off Whangarei in an attempt to make history. The former Mockers singer wants to break the record for the smallest sailing boat to circumnavigate New Zealand, and plans to sail into Auckland this week.... [more]

Water in your Fuel?-New Innovation Wins 2007 Award
By IBI News/Sail-World Cruising,
C-Quip, a UK distributor of marine equipment based in Swanwick, Southampton, received a 2007 Marine Industry Innovation Award for its all new Super Soaker at the Boating Business Exhibition (BBEx) in Bournemouth last week.... [more]

The Cruising Kingdom of Juan Baro
By Nancy Knudsen,
The voice booms above the clatter of the small office. He is a smallish man, with a neat grey beard that he smoothes with one hand constantly as if protecting it from theft. He holds his ever-present cigarette with the other. He’s dressed impeccably in white, and he’s clearly the commander of his world... [more]

New Zealand to Vanuatu - New Offshore Cruise Event
By Event Media,
Cruisers in the South Pacific might be interested to know that June of this year will see the start of a new offshore cruising event, to be run alongside the Tusker Premium Whangarei to Vanuatu Ocean Race. The event is being run by the Onerahi Yacht Club in conjunction with the Vanuatu Cruising Yacht Club from Port Vila.... [more]

MHYC succeeds in Bridge opening times debate
By Alister Morison,
A threatened change in opening hours of Sydney's Spit Bridge could be severely disadvantaged the yachting community. However a sensible compromise has been found by the local yacht club.... [more]

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