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Blackwattle heading for Netherland Antilles   .
Today our Sail-World Cruising Editor Nancy Knudsen is cruising. - she does that a lot.

SV Blackwattle has just left Playa Caldera, Tortuga on the Venezuelan coast and is now heading for Los Roques, an archipelago 90 nm north of Caracas.

From there Nancy and Ted will sail further east to Kralendjik, the capital of Bonaire in the Netherlands Antilles.

From there they will head, in due course, along the Columbian coast via Curacao, Aruba and on to Colon, Cristobal in Panama arriving in mid-March.

Our Editor will cruise back online on the weekend from Bonaire, but she has left us with an interesting mix of news for this week’s newsletter.

First up Nancy called by satellite phone to tell you about drugs and crime in the Caribbean. Worth listening too, for sure. See her photo essay from Trinidad.

Trevor Joyce from Mariner Boating has found a new cruising adventure in the Andaman Sea.

Helen Hopcroft has discovered an interesting new composite building design for Antarctica inspired by sailing construction.

Another Marten 49 Cruiser is destined for the UK reports Azzura Marine.

Sailaway IV, the Lagoon 500 bound for Cairns, continues to Canary Island.

Nancy tells us how to have a constant flow of fresh Banana’s.

Wow what a week!!

By The Sail-World Team

Drugs and crime in the Caribbean
By Nancy Knudsen,
Sail-World Cruising Editor Nancy Knudsen has been in the Caribbean for two months. Now in Venezuela, she tells of high speed powerboats, unlight at night and talks about the high crime rate linked to drugs.... [more]

A Yachtie's View of Trinidad - Blackwattle
By Nancy Knudsen, Yacht Blackwattle,
All of the night hours have been ablaze with a glaring ball of a moon, indifferent to our troubles. We have struggled against currents up to three knots – the weather forecast was ridiculously wrong, the wind is on the nose, and it has taken hours to get past the wildly flaring lights of a malevolent looking oil rig in our path. Now at dawn the faint looming shape of Trinidad can be seen in the mist.... [more]

Sixth Marten 49 destined for UK based owner
By Azzura Marine media,
Iain Murray’s Azzura Marine continues its dedication to construction of the Marten Yachts range of sailing yachts with the recent launch of its sixth Marten 49 last week.... [more]

New Deck boots a feat of dryness
By Media Services,
Ronstan has developed the boots for recreational sailors and inshore racers, but with a host of market-leading practical features they are equally suited to the demands of fishing too.... [more]

Luxury sailing to exotic locations
By Media Services,
Mariner Boating invite you to explore the magnificent natural cruising grounds of Southeast Asia between Phuket, Langkawi and Myanmar (Burma) aboard a luxury air-conditioned classic gaff rigged schooner. Raja Laut is the only sailing yacht for charter in the Andaman Sea able to accommodate twelve people.... [more]

Sailaway IV - Lisbon to the Canary Islands
By Irene Bates,
We continue to follow Sailaway IV's delivery journey from Lisbon to Australia: 'From our overnight stop at Vigo we sail and motor sail the Portuguese coast onto Lisbon in a combination of North/South Easterly wind conditions with strengths between force 2 to 5. ' Morrie explained. At 9.30 pm we entered the Tagas River – Lisbon’s heart, and shipping centre.... [more]

Sailing Inspired Winning Antarctica Design
By Helen Hopcroft,
Architect and keen sailor Michael Heenan was looking at the hull of a 90ft yacht when he experienced a Eureka moment. He was an entrant in an Australian competition to design a new building for the Davis Station in Antarctica. He needed to design a building that was extremely strong, well insulated and light weight.... [more]

Watch out for the Modern Day Pirate
By Sue Hewitt, Sunday Herald/Sail-World,
Think all sailors are pretty nice people? That the days of evil pirates is over? Gino Stocco and his son Mark didn’t – or at least they saw an opportunity. The Sunday Herald reports that the two went on a crime spree for two years along the eastern coast of Australia conning people as they went.... [more]

Solo Circumnavigator Rigging Threat
By Sail-World Cruising,
Ken Gourlay, 51 year old Tasmanian yachtsman, is over half way round the world solo, and currently in the Atlantic Ocean. His bid to make it solo non-stop and unassisted in his 12.5 m Pittwater 12 yacht Spirit Silver Edition is being hampered by ongoing shroud problems.... [more]

Seawind Celebrate 25 years
By Brent Vaughan,
Seawind Catamarans, Australia’s largest manufacturer of cruising catamarans, celebrate 25 years of non-stop business with owner and Managing Director, Richard Ward at the helm.... [more]

A Lesson for Tying Down a Yacht for a Storm
By Lucy Chabot Reed/Sail-World Cruising,
A good lesson can be learned - about the best way to prepare any boat in a marina for a bad storm - from the story told by First Mate Rob Havey, who stayed on board to care for the Motor Yacht Leda during Katrina, the most damaging hurricane in U.S. history, and made a most unusual decision.... [more]

Mansura Trophy - Seeking Solutions
By Peta Stuart-Hunt,
The newly created Mansura Perpetual Challenge Trophy has been donated as the premier prize for an international competition, launched today, recognising innovation in the design, development and operation of marine vessels with hybrid or all-electric propulsion systems.... [more]

Food Storage for Cruising: BANANAS
By Nancy Knudsen,
It’s natural to take a few ripe bananas for your immediate needs, but taking a bunch of green bananas for ‘later’ is usually fraught with problems, as they all ripen at once, and you end up with fried bananas, banana salad, banana cake and banana jam – or you spit the dummy at some point, vowing you’ll never eat another banana, and they all go over the side...but there's a solution... [more]

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