Who dropped my yacht?...world's smallest Epirb..bareboat charter holidays all the rage... Beneteau and Elan winners again...


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This Year's Winners!

Blackwattle at Anchor   .
Here we are in Blackwattle anchored behind the coral reef the makes a wonderful anchorage on Union Island in the Grenadines. The weather is sunny and breezy at about 28 Deg. Celsius, and the water a perfect 27 degrees. I thought I’d tell you that because I’ve just been told it’s 11 degrees in Paris!

We very pleased to talk about the success of both Elan and Beneteau at the Dusseldorf Boat Show. Elan 340 has won the ‘Boat of the Year’ for 2007, and Beneteau is no less than the ‘Boatyard of the Year’ for all its fine products.

A few medals given out this week to individuals as well – two of the Crew of ABN Amro Two for their night recovery of a man overboard, and that inveterate Japanese Circumnavigator Minoru Saito has just been awarded the coveted Blue Water Medal.

Chartering yachts for sailing holidays is exploding in popularity round the world – read why it’s happening, and why YOU should think about it for your next holiday. But it’s also worth reading the details of Dee Caffari’s exploits before you go sailing in unknown waters.

Some liferafts have been recalled, so check it out to see whether it’s your brand, and before you buy new Epirbs, read about the newest smallest Epirb in the world.

Enjoy, have a good week, and
Sail safe.

By Nancy Knudsen

Beneteau European Boatyard of the Year
By Media Services,
At the European Yacht of the Year awards ceremony held on Saturday 20 January this year as part of the Dusseldorf Boat Show organized by Delius Klasing (publishers of ‘Die Yacht’ and ‘Boote’ magazines), Chantiers Beneteau received a Special Award in recognition of our exceptional talent for Innovation and Development.... [more]

Yacht Charters rapid growth
By Carolyn Smith,
The yacht charter industry continues to grow at a rapid rate across the globe with new destinations and larger yachts on offer every season. Charter World Yachting Holidays’ Brook Felsenthal says, 'The industry has grown massively over recent years, with an explosion of operators and vessels in all areas, but particularly the Mediterranean. Local operators agree that bareboating has become, in their words, 'touristic'.'... [more]

Elan 340 wins Boat of the Year 2007
By Media Services,
Not only has the first Elan 340 for Australia just arrived here in Sydney but she comes bestowed with the prestigious award direct from Dusseldorf Boat Show. The Elan 340 has just won Boat of the Year 2007 (Category 1).... [more]

Oops, we dropped it!!
By VenturaCountyStar.com and other sources,
A US$3 million motor yacht was destroyed this week at Port Hueneme, Oxnard, California when the crane unloading it from a cargo ship fell over.... [more]

Blackwattle Southward in the Windward Islands
By Nancy Knudsen/Sail-World,
Cruising Editor Nancy Knudsen and her husband Ted Nobbs on their Peterson 46 Blackwattle, continue cruising southwards along the west coast of the Windward Islands... [more]

World’s Smallest Epirb – Coming Soon!
By Sail-World Cruising,
Don’t invest in your new Epirb before you check out the latest, available next month. ACR Electronics, Inc has introduced the world’s newest and smallest Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)—the ResQFix™, a one-button activated, emergency signaling device for recreational boaters, commercial mariners and fishermen.... [more]

Inspired by Caffari?- Read the Diary First
By Mark Keast, Toronto Sun/Sail-World,
Dee Caffari is in Toronto this week to speak at the Toronto International Boat Show about her solo 178-day, 29,100-mile trip, round the world the ‘wrong way’. Mark Keast of the Toronto Sun wonders whether the tremendous publicity which accompanied her journey will encourage inexperienced sailors to undertake journeys beyond their ability, and has some advice:... [more]

Life Raft Recall - Check Yours.
By Sail-World Cruising,
Danish company Viking Life Saving Equipment has issued the following Recall Notice on some of their liferafts:... [more]

The Prince - er - Price of Tides
By Ebay/Sail-World,
If you loved Yentl, are into memorabilia and you'd like something unique for your sailing boat, have we got the find of the century for you! 'The Barbra Streisand Collection' is offering a red 39' Jim-Buoy Model 8000 from Barbra's personal collection on eBay.... [more]

Blue Water Medal to Minoru Saito
By Cruising Club of America,
Minoru Saito, an admired Japanese solo sailor, who at the age of 71 completed his seventh single-handed circumnavigation of the world, was selected by the Cruising Club of America (CCA) to receive the prestigious Blue Water Medal for 2006. The medal was presented at the club’s annual Awards Dinner in New York on January 16, 2007 by CCA Commodore Edward S. Rowland of Hamilton, Mass.... [more]

Trophy to crew of ABN AMRO TWO
By Dana Paxton,
The crew of ABN AMRO TWO was selected by the Cruising Club of America (CCA) to receive the 2006 Rod Stephens Trophy for Seamanship for skillfully carrying out the nighttime recovery of an overboard crewmember during the Volvo Ocean Race.... [more]

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