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Cruising News from Bequia in the Grenadines

Admiralty Bay, Bequia   .
This week finds Blackwattle in Admiralty Bay on the Island of Bequia (pronounced ‘Bekway’) in St Vincent and the Grenadines, and heading gradually south to Trinidad, where it will be Carnivale season! (By the way, the World Cricket Cup may affect sailors who intend cruising in the Caribbean in the near future, see below for the details.)

Australian sailors are assured of HF weather broadcasts, through to 2010, according to an announcement this week, though it will be assessed for appropriateness after that date.

On the Gold Coast there’s great concern about the silting of the Broadwater, but all’s well in Pittwater in Sydney, where Pittwater Boating Club can’t keep up with the Hanse Syndicate ownership scheme.

In practical news, an interesting new passive water desalinator is featured - ideal for your ‘Abandon ship’ bag, and five yachts offer their methods of transferring gear in a high sea – how would YOU do it? (See the great ‘on the spot’ photos)

And what a response we received after Des Ryan’s article on ‘Rescuing – Part of the Sport of Sailing?’ – we’ve printed a cross-section of the letters.

There’s also an update on Donna Lange’s solo circumnavigation (the way you do it without big sponsors’ bucks) and a nice story of a Japanese circumnavigator who has just reached Marina del Ray in Los Angeles.

Two boat reviews – the Legend 50 and Island Packet SP, and lots more news, including the small Devil our yacht Blackwattle found while lazing in the lovely Marigot Bay!

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Have a great week and
Sail Safe!

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Gold Coast Silted- 'No Boating Soon,Take a Camel'
By IBI News/Michael Verdon,
Marine industry leaders along Australia's Gold Coast warn that its favourite waterway is in danger of becoming unnavigable. A recent article in the Gold Coast Bulletin says that the Broadwater is now so badly silted that new islands have started to form.... [more]

Donna Lange - South American Stopover ahead
By Jane Pares and Will Barbeau,
Donna is having a fantastic run across the South Pacific Ocean to Cape Horn! She left New Zealand on 21 Nov 2006 and after 42 days at sea is now (early January) at 52°52S 82°56W, less than 600 miles from the Horn, in her 28ft Southern Cross, Inspired Insanity.... [more]

New: Hi-Tech Water-Maker for your Grab Bag
By Sail-World Cruising,
Is there a portable water-maker in your ‘Abandon Ship’ Bag? If not – or even there is - it’s time to consider an interesting new product which is an update on the old pump systems.... [more]

We look at the Legend 50 & Island Packet SP Cruiser
By Fast Track Sailing,
Peters Opal hosted no less than four press launches at the Collins Stewart London Boat Show across nearly all of its six major brands. Here we take a look at the Legend 50 UK Debut and the European Debut of the SP Cruiser motor sailer from Island Packet... [more]

The Devil in Blackwattle's Marigot Bay Heaven
By Nancy Knudsen,
The shouting reaches into my sleep, and there are thought flashes - it’s dark, I’m in the cabin- where’s Ted? - Marigot Bay – I remember we’re in Marigot Bay…What time is it? It’s Ted voice – ‘Nance, get up on deck, QUICKLY! NOW!’ That’s an urgent voice that he doesn’t often use, so now I leap out of the bunk in my green satin nightie and onto the darkened deck to see what on earth is the matter.... [more]

Huge Response to: ‘Rescuing–Part of the Sport?'
By Sail-World Cruising,
Sail-World Cruising received an unprecedented response to Des Ryan’s article on the increasing role rescuing seems to play in both racing and cruising sailing. Here are a cross section of the letters.... [more]

Transferring Gear in a High Sea
By Nancy Knudsen,
You have a serious problem on your sailing boat – maybe it’s gear related, maybe it’s electronic, maybe you have lost all your water, or you need fuel urgently. There’s a high sea running, and a nearby boat that has just what you need. How do you make the transfer?... [more]

New Hanse for Pittwater Syndicate Opportunity
By Sail-World Cruising,
It seems that Pittwater Boating Club can’t keep up the supply of Hanse yachts for the syndicate market in Pittwater. It has just taken delivery of yet another Hanse 370e, which is being assembled and commissioned and is due for launching in early February.... [more]

Around the World in 4,100 Days – from Japan!
By Kevin King, The Log/Sail-World Cruising,
The sailing world is accustomed to solo sailors setting off to break records, sail through previously unsailed waters, and battle with each other to win solo races. Many of their adventures become sailing legend, BUT the singular thing is that most of them that have made the news have been from European backgrounds.... [more]

Caribbean Sailors: New Visa Alert
By Sail-World Cruising,
If you’re thinking of sailing in the Caribbean any time soon, be aware of special circumstances covering the World Cricket Cup. From 1st February until 15th May this year, you may need a special visa to enter the Caribbean Community (Caricom).... [more]

Donna Lange is over Half-way to Cape Horn
By Jane Pares, NZL and Will Barbeau, USA,
Donna Lange (, 45 year old American grandmother of two and mother of four, on her faithful 28ft Southern Cross, Inspired Insanity, has passed the halfway mark (44°S 129°W) to the Horn, but is still chasing the wind!... [more]

High Frequency marine radio services extended
By Departmental Media Services,
Boat users along the Australian coastline and high seas will continue to have access to the marine weather services through a High Frequency (HF) radio service now that the Bureau of Meteorology has extended its service to at least 2010.... [more]

Did the whale say sorry?
By Sail-World,
A sailor, whose yacht was destroyed by a humpback whale off New Zealand, said he had got a good 'vibe' from the giant mammal and thought it was trying to say sorry, local media said on Wednesday.... [more]

Enter Musto Sweepstakes NOW!!
By Sail-World,
Right now you can enter the new Musto Snug competition on Sail-World. There are separate prize draws from the Sail-World Australia and Sail-World NZL websites. ( on the home page top right hand corner.)... [more]

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