Bashing to New Zealand...playful whales sink yacht - St Lucia photo gallery...are there too many rescues?...and more


Diary Dates


A Week for Holiday Reading

If you’re lucky enough to be still on holidays, there’s some good holiday reading in this week’s magazine.

We’ve been enjoying St Lucia in the Caribbean for the last couple of weeks, so this week we’re sharing some images of this very happy-go-lucky destination

As we leave 2006 and enter 2007, all the biggest news seems to revolve around rescues or attempted rescues – be they caused by big storms in Chile, playful whales in New Zealand or what seems like bad seamanship. Des Ryan ponders why there are so many rescues these days and what to do about it.

However, the sport is rapidly spreading throughout the world to areas once not associated with sailing – two areas with an explosion of sailing are Malaysia and the seas around the Persian Gulf. The next one could be the Caspian Sea!

More holiday reading? - There’s a whimsical article about the sadness of selling a sailing boat which has given you good times, a grumpy story about how difficult it is to sail to New Zealand, and another about how really unprofessional it is to fall in while you’re trying to berth a sailing boat! (guess who?)

Read on, enjoy, and

Sail Safe

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Playful Whales Sink Yacht
By Cruising,
Just submerged containers and whales are the unknowns of any ocean voyage - unknowns it's hard to prepare against. However, there’s a theory that when a yacht has a collision with a whale, it’s because the whale was sleeping, not because the whale makes a doggy mistake, or attacks the yacht.... [more]

Sailing in the Caspian Sea - Coming Soon
By Nadezhda Ivanova, Kazinform/ Sail-World,
If you’ve run out of ideas for new places to sail, then you soon may be able to consider the Caspian Sea! Yachting is spreading with surprisingly rapidity to areas once hardly associated with sailing. On the eastern seaboard of the Caspian Sea, the town of Aqtau in Kazakhstan, known mostly for its nuclear reactors, is planning a marina for 150-200 yachts.... [more]

Cruisers have Bad Hair Days too
By Cruising Editor,
It’s definitely a bad hair day. ‘I’m sick of it!’ Skipper/Maintenance Worker Ted grumps, ‘It’s always SOMETHING!’ After 17 days of maintenance we're desperate to leave the marina, but when we get to the first anchorage, the anchor winch is frozen and we can't get the anchor down.... [more]

Rescuing - Part of the Sport of Sailing?
By Des Ryan,
The attention of the world’s sailing media has been concentrated this week on the plight of Californian sailor, Ken Barnes, who is waiting rescue off the southern coast of Chile – not a nice place to be in trouble. However, while the press’s imagination has probably been caught by the remoteness of this stranded sailor, round the world there are dozens of rescue calls made every day. Des Ryan asks: Is this a sign of the times?... [more]

Welcome to St Lucia, with Photo Gallery
By Nancy Knudsen,
Saint Lucia, our first stop in the Caribbean. I feel as though, like Alice, we have passed through a looking glass into another world. After the fuss and human commotion of the end of the ARC, parties, celebrations, commiserations, farewells and more parties, we open our eyes and look – really look – at this new world.... [more]

Katie wins Young Sailor of the Year
By Sail-World Cruising,
Katie Miller has won the Raymarine/YJA Young sailor of the Year award, presented by Dee Caffari yesterday at the London Boat Show. In July this year, Katie Miller successfully completed a solo circumnavigation of the British Isles raising almost nine thousand pounds for The Ellen MacArthur Trust.... [more]

Sell my Boat? - No No No!
By John Ira Petty, Daily News/Sail-World,
Sailing boats are seductive – they tend to possess you, rather than you possessing them. From Indonesian sailing/fishing boats to the smartest round world leisure yacht, the relationship isn’t much different. John Ira Petty is a sailing instructor and a Texan, and he has just sold his boat – many boat owners who have sold their boat will identify with his story:... [more]

Water Police rescue rudderless yacht
By Rob Kothe,
A 52 foot ketch Birrahlee II with six persons on board lost its rudder in Bass Strait on a passage from Melbourne to Sydney on Friday, near Deal Island, 60 Nm south of Wilson’s Promontory.... [more]

Search Called off for Yacht's Missing Skipper
By Daily Mercury,
The abandoned yacht Finesse rocked softly in the breeze at Mackay Marina yesterday afternoon, waiting for her skipper to return from sea. Sadly, Roy McKibbon, of Noosa, will never sail the waves with her again.... [more]

Bashing to New Zealand
By All at Sea/Cap'n Fatty Goodlander,
I love Kiwis but they really put their country in a stupid place. I’m serious. I actually angrily emailed Helen Clark, their prime mistress, and asked, 'What were you guys thinking?' Yes, New Zealand is an extremely difficult yachting destination to visit, especially via a small sailboat commanded by a large man with a tiny brain. Our recent passage southward went exactly as expected: it started bad, got worse and ended horrible!... [more]

Free talk - French Voyages to Australia
By Gail Quirk,
On Tuesday 16th January, Paul Brunton, Senior Curator, Mitchell Library, will speak about French voyages to Australia from 1800 to 1840, at the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts.... [more]

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