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14-Year-Old Youngest to Sail the Atlantic

Sail-World Cruising wishes all our subscribers a Happy New Year. We hope that 2007 will bring you all that you wish for, including lots of quality sailing time!

The sailing adventurers are getting younger and younger – but is it really adventuring when Dad is on his own boat, babysitting by following a couple of miles behind within VHF reach? Or is that question just raining on his parade? Read about 14 year old Michael Perham’s record breaking sail across the Atlantic Ocean

Same Ocean, different story - 1400 nautical miles is a long way to have to sail without a rudder…. It’s a story of level headedness, perseverance, and most of all, good seamanship by German yacht Y Not, a participant in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) ! The story also provides some excellent tips to tuck away in the back of your mind in case you ever find yourself without a rudder - even for a short while.

How does a personal relationship fare when you take it to sea? We talk to some couples who’ve been cruising about their experiences, and they come up with some surprising ideas.

This week there’s a practical reminder about the basics when you go to get boat insurance next, and at the other end of the scale - how would you like to sail in Space? - not so far fetched, says NASA -

Lots more news, so read on, enjoy, and

Sail Safe

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

14-Year-Old - Youngest Solo Across the Atlantic
By Press Association,
A 14-year-old schoolboy has entered the record books by becoming the youngest person to sail across the Atlantic single-handed. Michael Perham, from Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, ended his 3,500-mile voyage when he sailed into Nelson's Dockyard on the Caribbean island of Antigua at 10am (2pm GMT).... [more]

1400 Miles Without a Rudder
By Nancy Knudsen,
Guenter Scholz looks relaxed. Lounging on the bow of his boat with his lovely wife Ute, he doesn’t look triumphant, but he should. He has just sailed 1400 nautical miles in mostly four metre seas with mostly 35 knots of wind, and without a rudder.... [more]

Couples Sailing – Recipe for Divorce?
By Sail-World Cruising,
How DO people go sailing on a tiny boat for years? In a space not much bigger than your normal bathroom, and often a lot wetter? Are relationships destroyed? Do they get stronger? Or is it the very best recipe for divorce?... [more]

The Pacific’s Loyalty Islands - great to sail
By Media Services,
The mainland of New Caledonia is approximately 400 kilometres long and a coral reef (second only in size to our own reef) encircles the whole mainland. Said to be the largest lagoon in the world, it includes some of the best tropical anchorages in the world. The mountainous wooded coastline of the mainland contrasts with the idyllic Isle of Pines, an enormous outcrop of coral almost completely made of limestone.... [more]

Boat Insurance - The Basics
By United Marine Insurance,
Whether you're buying your first boat or simply embarking on your annual renewal for the umpteenth time, it pays to go back to basics to ensure you have what you really need.... [more]

Hypothermia Rescue after Catamaran Capsize
By Des Ryan/24hournews.com/africa,
Stable as they are reputed to be, it's worth remembering that many catamarans have to be treated with respect when the winds are up. Four people suffering hypothermia had to be rescued yesterday when their catamaran capsized in high winds. The catamaran was travelling at 15-20 knots in a 35 knot westerly wind near Simon’s Town in South Africa, when the incident occurred. The seas were 1.5 metres at the time according to the National Sea Rescue Institute(NSRI).... [more]

Mike Golding awarded an OBE
By Coralie Rassinoux,
Racing or cruising, we all honour those who honour the lore of the sea, so it's good to see that British Yachtsman Mike Golding has been awarded the OBE for his unselfish act in going back to rescue fellow competitor Alex Thomson during the Velux 5 Oceans round-the-world solo race. Read on here for Mike's career by Coralie Rassinoux:... [more]

Love Sailing? - Think about Space Sailing!
By Sail-World Cruising/Home News Tribune,
Love sailing? If NASA has anything to do with it, you may be one day able to go sailing through space. According to Diane K. of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, in the future, spacecrafts may be driven by sails. Read on to find out how this would work.... [more]

Solo Tasmanian Past the Horn
By Sail-World Cruising,
While the sailing world’s eyes are on the quest by Tony Bullimore to break the round the world speed record, starting in Tasmania sometime this month, there is a home-grown Tasmanian quietly already half way round the same route.... [more]

First Cyclone of the Season
By Rob Kothe,
Category 1 Tropical Cyclone (Isobel) is heading to the Pilbara coast, near Port Hedland. This is the first tropical cyclone in Australian waters this wet season.... [more]

Sink this silly race says Tabloid Writer
By Robyn Riley/Sail-World,
'It is time to pull the plug on the Sydney-to-Hobart yacht race' says Robyn Riley from Melbourne's Sunday Herald. Her views on motor racing, cycling, rock fishing, mountain climbing, kayaking, horse riding, Australian Rules football, Rugby, parachuting, trekking and tiddly winks are unknown.... [more]

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