Sir Peter Blake's son fulfils Dad's pledge... Vale Koomooloo.... Sam's Cushy Life... and more


Diary Dates


Yacht in Rally Rescues Refugees

You set off for a three week sailing rally, but a short time later find yourself embroiled in an international refugee incident, ordered by a foreign government to hold your position, and cut off from your original rally. Sound like something out of a James Bond movie? Well, it’s just what happened to Welsh boat Flying Start, and they tell their story in this week’s News Magazine.

A cargo shipping company has made a unique discovery – using a sail might save some fuel! – and the new cargo ship is to go into service early in 2007.

Hobart is in the news, with not only the Hobart fleet arriving, but Tony Bullimore is about to set off from there – read his latest. Our safety article this week is about MOBilert, timely with the sad story of the sailor who lost his life because he rejected a lifejacket and fell off his yacht.

If you intend cruising away from home, the Ocean Cruising Club might be the best secret you’ll ever learn, but you have to do 1,000miles first before you’re eligible to join.

Lots more other news from around the world, so read on, and here’s wishing all our readers a Happy New Year and a great 2007 – lots of interesting reading, and lots of safe sailing!

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Moody 38 Flying Start Rescues Refugees
By Nancy Knudsen,
When Nick and Susan Lewis of Bridgend in South Wales set off with their two friends Jonathan and Pauline Musson of Swansea in their Moody 38, Flying Start, to cross the Atlantic with the ARC, they were looking for an adventure. But never in their wildest imagination could they have forecast – or wanted – the ordeal ahead.... [more]

Sir Peter Blake's Son Fulfils Dad’s Promise
By One News,
The son of Sir Peter Blake, famous New Zealand sailor who was murdered while sailing in 2001, is heading to the frozen continent to fulfil a promise of his father.... [more]

Back to the Future - Cargo Ship to use Sail
By Reuters,,
BREMEN, Germany – Putting a harness on ocean winds, a German shipping company plans to unfurl a giant high-tech kite over a cargo ship next year to boost the vessel's propulsion and conserve fuel.... [more]

Sam’s Cushy Life at Constitution Dock
By Crosbie Lorimer,
Meet Sam the Seal, something of an institution at Hobart’s Constitution Dock. Sam arrived at the inner dock some three years ago, having come off the worse for an encounter with a ship’s propeller.... [more]

Hobart Hosts Racers, Farewells Bullimore
By Des Ryan,
Hobart could be excused for thinking it’s the sailing town of the moment… While all eyes are on this tiny Antipodean city at the end of another challenging Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, in another part of town Tony Bullimore’s team is readying his catamaran Doha 2006 to set out on his challenge to break the 70 day barrier for a non-stop round world speed attempt.... [more]

Ocean Cruising Club-Friendly Face in Faroff Places
By Nancy Knudsen,
Arriving in strange ports is something long range cruisers get used to – Customs, Immigration, paperwork galore, standing in queues, sometimes in sweaty tropical heat – one of those aspects of cruising you just have to tolerate with good grace. BUT the Ocean Cruising Club (OCC for short) often makes it a much more pleasant experience.... [more]

Sailor missing after capsizing in Lake Mangonia
By Ana X. Caron, Palm Beach Post,
Yet another sailor has lost his life through not wearing a lifejacket. Freddy Edmonds says he asked his roommate whether he wanted to put on a life vest before the sailor set out to sail across Lake Mangonia.... [more]

Sad end for beautiful and famous Koomooloo
By Peter Campbell,
Peter Campbell recalls the wonderful ocean racing career of the fine yacht Ray White Koomooloo, which appears likely to have foundered 60 miles off the New South Wales South Coast.... [more]

MOBilert – help in the worst kind of MOB
By Helen Hopcroft,
During the offshore racing season, sailors and their families think about Man Over Board scenarios. Any MOB is bad, but some are worse than others. Mobilert – MOBi-lert is a crew monitoring system designed to assist a quick rescue in the event of an unobserved man overboard scenario. On the advanced MOBi-lert 7200 and 7600 series a screen will immediately display a back track graphic. So you can use this data to backtrack and locate the exact position the crew member went over the side. The 7600 model has an integrated GPS system to pinpoint the MOB location.... [more]

Rescued Scottish Yachtsman-It was an Appendix
By Des Ryan,
The appendix is an unpredictable fellow. Maybe the lesson from this story is: If you want to undertake long range cruising, it may be wise to have your appendix removed in advance.... [more]

Enter Musto Sweepstakes NOW!!
By Sail-World,
Right now you can enter the new Musto Snug competition on Sail-World. There are separate prize draws from the Sail-World Australia and Sail-World NZL websites. ( on the home page top right hand corner.)... [more]

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