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Cruising News from St Lucia

After spending more time to get across the Atlantic than all but four boats in the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers), we on Blackwattle and the valiant family of hardy survivors on Mary Constance are delighted to be enjoying the luxury of shore side cappuccinos, restaurant food and lots of good company.

What a reward to be here in the relaxed tropical surroundings of the Rodney Bay Marina on St Lucia in the Windward Islands of the Caribbean. The tales of Mary Constance’s tribulations and successful conclusion are all below for you to read, but it is just one story among many brave and moving tales of this year’s ARC.

Lots of other news from around the world this week – YOU can buy a small slice of America’s Cup history – read on to find out how – and Maggie and Trevor Joyce, true yachties both, describe how to feel like individuals on a small cruise ship like the Orion.

Malaysia is starting to boom as a prize destination for sailing, and the Terengganu Heritage Bay Club, profiled this week, is just part of that development.

A satphone on board may be the best safety investment you will ever have, as one more sailor has found out – this time a Scotsman sailing far away from home off the Australian coastline.

And while leisure yachts seem to have nothing to fear in the Bay of Bengal, the Tamil Tigers have surrounded a cargo vessel full of rice. – all these stories and much more, so read on, enjoy, and

Sail safe

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

ARC - The Grand Finale, until Next Year
By Nancy Knudsen,
On the final night of the ARC 2006, the organisation of the ARC remains superb – an afternoon garden party is held among the trees of a local mansion, before the splendour of the prize giving, followed by more partying in the balmy tropical air, to the accompaniment of a local steel band.... [more]

Sat. phone call home delivers global rescue effort
By Shetland Marine News/The Scotsman/Sail-World,
A Scottish sailor was rescued off the coast of Australia after a distress call to his partner in Scotland. Andrew Halcrow, 47, who had set off in June from his home at Hamnavoe on Burra Isle to fulfil his lifelong ambition to sail single-handed around the globe, had fallen ill with crippling abdominal pains while 350 miles off western Australia.... [more]

Tamil Tigers blamed for Pirate attack
By Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence,
A maritime distress message released by a Jordon merchant vessel 'Faraha III' this morning indicated that the ship is under an armed pirate attack in Mulaithiuvu Sea, Sri Lankan naval sources said.... [more]

Tony Bullimore on standby for Record attempt
By PR,
The final countdown has begun for Tony Bullimore’s challenge to break the 70 day barrier for sailing solo non-stop around the world - The programme is now on standby for a start from December 31... [more]

Mary Constance and Blackwattle finish the ARC
By Nancy Knudsen,
The last successful days of our trans-Atlantic journey occur as our balefully staring albatross predicted. It's the 25th Day, and we are almost last across the line, but Mary Constance's mast still standing. We have had strong winds, with miserable seas, and squalls, followed by days of blue sky and innocent wandering clouds, followed by still more gray days, and squalls.... [more]

Maluka restored for Rolex Sydney Hobart
By Helen Hopcroft,
The smallest, oldest boat in this year’s Rolex Sydney Hobart is Maluka. She’s a 9.01m timber yacht that was built in 1932. So many people were involved in her restoration that shipwright Rob Gordon described her as ‘the black hole of Maluka that pulls everyone in.’... [more]

Pulau Duyong a Seafarers’ sanctuary
By Sean Augustin,
Though it’s new, it complements the surroundings rather than lord arrogantly over the smaller houses. And as it is the home to the Monsoon Cup, you get modern yachts sailing past fishermen’s wooden boats. And people in smart uniforms walking alongside villagers wearing terendang (traditional headgear).... [more]

House of the America's Cup - your chance to buy a slice of Cup history
By Sail-World,
Sail-World readers can now purchase the of the first of a collection of America's Cup related DVD's produced by Mediawave. Entitled the 'House of the America's Cup', the DVD contains four short feature films produced for the historical exhibition at the 150th Anniversary of the America's Cup in Cowes. The DVD was compiled and produced by Larry Keating and Bruno Trouble and features a lot of rare and previously unseen film.... [more]

St.Lucia at last
By Nancy Knudsen,
With Mary Constance right behind her, Blackwattle sails across the ARC finish line in St. Lucia.... [more]

Orion – the ship for yachties
By Maggie & Trevor Joyce,
Cruise ships in the generally accepted sense of the word and yachties just do not go together. This is especially so when you note that some of the latest sea going monsters can accommodate up to 3,500 passengers with some of them asking questions like; 'Is this island surrounded by water?', 'Does this elevator take me to the back of the ship'? 'Does the crew sleep on board?' No thanks.... [more]

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