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Atlantic Rally for Cruisers

225 yachts are current crossing the Atlantic and Sail-World Cruising is there too.

Sail-World's Cruising Editor Nancy Knudsen is sailing the ARC Rally with Ted and Basil aboard Blackwattle.

You can hear her reports today, sounds like a lot of fun.

Nancy reports on the AIS systems which are certainly making cruising much less stressful.

A puzzling story, yet to be explained from Phuket and Donald Crowhurst's tragic voyage.

Rob Kothe & the Sail-World team

ARC Report from the Atlantic
By Sail-World,
Sail-World's Cruising Editor Nancy Knudsen reports from the ARC, by satellite phone, courtesy of Iridium and Mailasail as the fleet heads south, crossing the Tropic of Cancer, as it edges across the Atlantic.... [more]

Head South 'til the Butter Melts
By Jeremy Wyatt,
Go South is the advice from the ARC meteorologists, and those yachts which opted for the longer southerly route are now in a position to benefit from this knowledge. A long cold front ridging from a deep depression off Ireland is running across the central Atlantic and giving an area of lighter winds on the rhumb line course to St.Lucia.... [more]

Yachting in the Shipping Lanes
By Nancy Knudsen,
Well, Hi old chap, welcome to the party. There were ten of us here, all ships together; now that you’ve arrived there are eleven. There’s quite a lot of chatter going on at this party – maybe you can join in. Often I think some of the party is quite drunk.... [more]

ARC Day 3 - Champagne Sailing in the Trade Winds
By Jeremy Wyatt,
Cracking along in a fine 15–20 knot NE breeze is what trade wind sailing is all. 'This is what we came for!' said Colin Hall, skipper of British Oyster 53 Boysterous. 'Champagne sailing in the Trade Winds. We’re bowling along at 8 knots on 259 degrees true, heading straight for St.Lucia.'... [more]

Donna Lange departs NZ for Cape Horn and Home
By Jane Pares and Will Barbeau,
Donna Lange, the intrepid musician, sailor, grandmother left New Zealand on Tues 21 Nov on a momentous voyage home to Rhode Island via Cape Horn, in her faithful 28ft double-ender Southern Cross sloop, Inspired Insanity.... [more]

ARC Day 2 - NE Trade Winds bring fast runs
By Peta Stuart-Hunt,
After a spectacular start on Sunday, the ARC 2006 fleet is now settling into the daily routine of life of onboard after two days at sea since leaving Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. After a light first night which saw headwinds for some, conditions are now excellent, with settled Northeast trade winds expected through the remainder of the first week.... [more]

ARC Report from Blackwattle
By Sail-World,
Interactive Digital Media technology continues to enrich the online media experience and the world continues to shrink. Sail-World Cruising Editor Nancy Knudsen reports from the Atlantic by Iridium phone from Blackwattle.... [more]

Chatti – Ozzies on an Atlantic Crossing
By Cruising Editor,
Peter and Chris had no idea what an adventure they were starting when Peter had a stray thought to 'build a boat'. Every year, among the hundreds of yachts that make their way across the Atlantic Ocean, there are a sprinkling of Australian yachts, and each week Sail-World Cruising will be profile one of these when we find them.... [more]

Australian Sailor rescued after three weeks adrift
By Bangkok Post & assorted sources,
Thailand's marine police have rescued a 52-years-old Australian yachtsman who spent three weeks adrift at sea on a voyage from Australia to Phuket. Rocky Donald's yacht, Moonstar, had drifted aimlessly after losing its engine on the last leg of his journey from the Cocos Islands, which he left on October 17.... [more]

Donald Crowhurst’s Strange Voyage – Now the Movie
By Sail-World/Ed Caesar, The Independent,
The extraordinary story of Donald Crowhurst, who competed with Robin Knox-Johnston in the first solo round the world race, vividly retold in the book ‘A Voyage for Madmen’, has now been made into a movie, DEEP WATER, for release on December 15. Knox-Johnston went on to win the race (and this week, at 67, started as oldest competitor in the Velux) and Crowhurst, after falsifying his position for weeks, committed suicide in the Atlantic Ocean before reaching home.... [more]

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