Where is Tony Bullimore... ARC stories...how to keep healthy fuel...new South Pacific island.. and more


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In Las Palmas with the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers

One of hundreds flying in the marina  BW Media
In Las Palmas in the Canary Islands, the greatest gathering of cruising boats in the world is getting ready for another Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, and we bring you all the news.

On the other side of the world, in the South Pacific, we bring you the first pictures of a brand new island near Tonga, and the stories of the sailors who found her. No waypoints as yet so you can add it to your charts, but we’re working on it.

For the prudent sailor, Laurence Burgin this week explains the vital importance of good healthy fuel in your diesel engine, and how to keep it that way – a wonderful set of tips complete with DIY diagrams.

The North Atlantic Ocean on the Canadian side has been very uncooperative with sailors, with three risky but successful rescues in storm conditions, while in the Indian Ocean Tony Bullimore has gone missing again!.

Also fascinating is the tracing of that flotilla of icebergs that we reported last week south of New Zealand – according to scientists they have come all the way from the Falklands

These and other stories, so read on, enjoy, and…

Sail safe!

By Nancy Knudsen

Where is Tony Bullimore?
By Rob Kothe,
Graphic images from 1997 of British yachtsman being rescued from his capsized yacht in the south ocean by the Australian Navy have been recalled as Tony Bullimore has again gone missing.... [more]

Behind the ARC – Sail-World talks to Andrew Bishop
By Nancy Knudsen,
If you’re going to run the most successful cross-ocean rally in the world, you have to take it pretty seriously. While World Cruising Club’s Managing Director Andrew Bishop is pretty serious most of the time, he actually has plenty to smile about.... [more]

Lewmar wins prestigious Design Award METS 2006
By Sail-World,
The One Touch Winch Handle was selected from five category winners. The Dame Jury said ‘Elegant in concept, aesthetically pleasing, strong on detail design, well executed, effective and a great step forward - Lewmar’s One Touch Winch Handle ticked all of the essential DAME boxes and is therefore a very worthy winner.'... [more]

You Need Good Blood - Engines Need Good Fuel!
By Laurence Burgin,
A diesel engine is a hardy critter, much like a human being. In fact, like a human being, it rarely gives trouble unless it is badly looked after. And in a diesel engine, its fuel is the equivalent of your blood – good blood, healthy body. Good fuel healthy engine. So here are some good tips to keep your diesel engine, which is one of your prime safety devices when sailing, healthy, and a step by step guide to changing your own fuel filters, complete with diagrams:... [more]

Watching the ARC, Profile of Silver Curl
By Nancy Knudsen,
When Gerhard Schmisch was 11 he was good at athletics. When the family moved to a new town, his father took him to join the Athletics Club. But it was closed that day, and the next-door sailing club was open, so he joined the sailing club. This tiny piece of serendipity has led to his crossing the Atlantic in the ARC with his wife and son on their Lagoon 410, and maybe on to a full world circumnavigation.... [more]

Solitude and Sea-Part 4: Solitude and Night Sky
By Denis Glennon AO,
Denis Glennon is one of the 70 million or so Irish diaspora scattered around the world’s oceans. In the contemplative and restless spirit of his Celtic seafaring forbearers, he takes time to ponder why he goes to sea, in his beloved 49 foot ketch, Calypso V and how the myriad moods of the sea awakens the senses.... [more]

Trio of Yacht Rescues from North Atlantic Gale
By Helen Bradley, Herald Chronicle,
A North Atlantic gale that has churned up waters along the eastern seaboard over the past two days prompted rescue operations Thursday for the crews of two Canadian yachts bound for Bermuda.... [more]

SW´s Blackwattle - ARC, Parties and Sand Sand Sand
By Nancy Knudsen,
Finally finally we’ve left the Island of Graciosa, headed south to where other ARC boats are gathering. Charming as this isolated lava village was, we were learning about the warts beneath the charm, and it was time to go. On the water it’s a bland day, a bored white sky, listless gray water. There’s not enough wind to sail, but after the strong southerlies it’s a pleasure just to get away and have a helping breeze behind.... [more]

Tonga Sailors Watch New Island Birth
By Sail-World Cruising,
The Skipper of a Yacht in the South Pacific has taken amazing photos of the birth of a new island near Vava’u in Tonga, and ‘a sea of stone’ that they sailed into, it was reported by Matangi Tonga Yesterday. The ‘sea of stone’, which blocked the engine’s cooling system, turned out to be compressed ash from the volcano’s eruption.... [more]

NZ Icebergs Traced to Falklands
By David Eames,
Last week Sail-World reported the existence of a hazard for southern sailors, a flotilla of icebergs about 260 km south of Stewart Island, New Zealand. Now, NIWA (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research) scientists believe they have traced the history of the flotilla. Oceanographer Mike Williams said the 100-odd icebergs were likely descendants of A-43, a superberg that broke off the Ronne Ice Shelf, south of the Falkland Islands, in May 2000.... [more]

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