Watching the ARC, truth about Snubbers, Bay of Bengal piracy figures up


Diary Dates


Lazy Marinas,Stop Thief Devices,Ron Holland Speaks

Graciosa Sunrise from Blackwattle  BW Media
This issue finds your Cruising Editor in one of the most laid-back marinas in the world. So laid back, in fact, that the fuel ran out six days ago and no-one knows when there will be any more, two boats couldn’t pay their bill to depart this morning because the Harbour Master didn’t turn up for work, four boats were waiting for water but the only guy with a key to the only hose was nowhere to be seen, and at 11.00am a notice was put outside the door of the only internet café in town saying that it will be closed for a month from tomorrow. It’s called La Graciosa, in the Canary Islands, and don’t come here if you don’t have a LOT of patience. However, the sunrises are STUNNING!

Well, that’s cruising folks, the good with the bad.

In Florida, the product called SeaKey has won again – another boat thief caught with the SeaKey system; while on the other side of the world, we note that piracy has a new raw spot – the Bay of Bengal.

An interview with revered yacht designer Ron Holland, he explains why the largest sloop in the world Mirabella V really does do what she’s meant to do, and sails well. We also interview some Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) entrants – these all the way south from Norway.

Mike McEvoy tells us all about using snubbers with your anchor, and some City Chick tells us about her series of calamities when she went sailing.

Finally Blackwattle, in the Canaries waiting for the ARC, has done some volcanic sightseeing, and brings you the pictures.

Read on, have a good week, and

Sail Safe

By Nancy Knudsen

Husband Sues over Fatal Yacht Fog Incident
By St Petersburg Times,
The husband of a New Jersey woman killed in a collision between an anchored fishing boat and a 54ft yacht off Anclote Key in January filed a lawsuit Wednesday blaming her death on the Odessa company that chartered their boat and the owner of the yacht that crashed into them.... [more]

Asia Piracy - Malacca and Bengal Up
By Lisa Mylchreest,
So far this year, piracy is up again in the Malacca Straits. In 2005, the total pirate attacks numbered 18. This year to June 30, 12 reports of pirate attacks have been made.... [more]

World’s Largest Sloop ‘Can’t Sail’?
By Nancy Knudsen,
What a beauty. 292 feet (89 metres) in the mast, 247feet (75.22 metres) long and 48.5ft (14.8metres) in the beam. She can do 17-18 knots with ease, and 10 knots in a 10 knot breeze. Mirabella V is not only a beauty; she’s the world’s largest sailing sloop. So what’s this we hear about a ‘problem’?... [more]

The Truth about Snubbers
By Mike McEvoy/Sail-World Cruising,
No, I don’t mean someone who won’t return your ‘Good Morning’ greeting – I mean the device for protecting the anchor winch from strain in a bucking sea. Here Mike McEvoy from Middle Harbour Yacht Club gives a rundown on the value and method of using this vital yet simple piece of gear:... [more]

SeaKey Leads Police to Stolen Boat
By IBI News/Michael Verdon,
SeaKey LLC said in a statement today that a boat with its GPS tracking system was recovered by Miami Dade Police in Florida USA this weekend, and that the thieves were arrested on the scene.... [more]

What DO Old Yachties Do?
By Trevor Joyce, Mariner Boating,
Like a lot of yachties I am finding the rigours of racing on the high seas to be increasingly beyond the physical capabilities of my aging body. I still want a holiday on the water but I could not even contemplate joining 1,000 others on one of those ocean going wedding cakes. Enter stage left the Orion, a new vessel, custom built for voyages of exploration.... [more]

Solitude and Sea Part 3- Solitude and Swells
By Denis Glennon AO,
Denis Glennon is one of the 70 million or so Irish diaspora scattered around the world’s oceans. In the contemplative and restless spirit of his Celtic seafaring forbearers, he takes time to ponder why he goes to sea, in his beloved 49 foot ketch, Calypso V and how the myriad moods of the sea awakens the senses.... [more]

Watching the ARC - Steamy Windows
By Nancy Knudsen,
Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) Entrants David and CAYLIE Jeffery are bright and shining sailors with plenty of bounce to the ounce and a positive outlook on life. They have entered the ARC as part of their plan to sail from England to Australia.... [more]

City Chick Sailing
By Hope Fotherbess,
Ah`I remember the days when I was the ever-so promoted bank executive - a bit of a power dresser to boot – success after success, boy did my heels click on the parquetry when I entered a boardroom. Then my engineer partner Larry, who liked to mess around on boats when he wasn’t working, out of the blue one day suggested we go sailing…..... [more]

Sail-World's Blackwattle Marking Time for the ARC
By Nancy Knudsen,
Blackwattle is in the Canary Islands waiting for the end of the hurricane season in the Atlantic, when it will be time to cross ‘the pond’ with the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC).... [more]

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