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Seawind Nomination..Yacht Hits House in Ocean

Seawind 1160   .
Australia’s home grown products received a boost this week as our own Australian catamaran Seawind 1160 has been nominated for USA Boat of the Year in the in World Cruising Magazine.

What’s the Grab Bag like on the ocean yacht you sail on? We offer some reminders this week about the importance of this very critical safety item. You’ll especially need these reminders, if, like the CYCA’s Basil Diethelm, you go sailing and collide with houses at sea!

Lots of news about new sailing vessels on the market – the Hanse 630e and Bavarias on show.

Donna Lange, that game musician-grandmother-solo circumnavigator, has finally left New Zealand on the next leg of her journey, and our Cruisers’ Profile this week is of South Australian yacht Fantasy 1. Tony Mobray of Newcastle writes something that many a sailor will identify with – those last few days getting ready for an ocean crossing.

There’s some advice for would-be Marina Managers, and lots more, so

Read on, enjoy, and

Sail Safe!

By Nancy Knudsen

Seawind 1160 nominated for USA Boat of the Year
By Media Services,
The Australian designed and built Seawind 1160 catamaran has been nominated for U.S. A. Boat of the Year for the Cruising World Magazine, and also SAIL magazine's Top Boats for the year. Cruising World and SAIL magazine are America's highest selling yachting magazines who dedicate many expert sailing journalists to provide a thorough evaluation of the new boats available for the season, before nominating and finally awarding the best boats for 2007.... [more]

Volvo 70's for Kochi India - but How?
By Lisa Mylchreest,
The Newindpress.com yesterday announced that Cochin (now called Kochi) in India is short listed as a possible stopover point for the Volvo Ocean Race in 2008. All cruising sailboats who have passed through that lovely port will be wondering just how the Port of Kochi will cope with the Volvo 70’s, which have a draft of 4.5 metres.... [more]

See the Duyfken! Port Macquarie Now,next Newcastle
By Lisa Tisdell, Port Macquarie News,
Four hundred years ago a Dutch ship called the Duyfken and her crew found the northern coast of Australia. The Replica crossed Port Macquarie's bar on Saturday escorted by Sea Rescue after 20 knot winds and a running swell prevented it from crossing the bar on Friday.... [more]

Grab Bag – What is in Yours?
By Jo Fielding,
What’s in your Grab Bag? (If you said ‘What’s a Grab Bag?’, then you really need to read this article!) If you crew on someone else’s yacht, do you know what’s in THEIR Grab Bag? Do you know where it is? Do they even have one?... [more]

Hanse 630e - new Cruising flagship
By Media Services,
The new Hanse 630e, the largest production series sailing yacht ever built in Germany, has just hit the water for the first time. The clean hull lines and neat and tidy deck with halyards, control lines and sheets hidden, hydraulic-electric jib furler and the self-tacking jib embedded in the bow, are the most obvious features of the luxurious Hanse 630e that takes it’s place in the premium yacht segment of the market.... [more]

Refugee Week 2006 at the National Maritime Museum
By National Maritime Museum,
Australia's first Vietnamese Boat People sailed 3,000 miles to Darwin arriving in November 1977. Their vessel the Tu Do is now proudly displayed at the National Maritime Museum and will be open for inspection during Refugee Week 2006 (22-28 October)... [more]

New Ocean Hazard - Houses at Sea?
By Sail-World Cruising,
Basil Diethelm has had a number of yachts since he set out as an adventurous young man to cruise the world in the late 1960’s. He has plenty of tales to tell, but this tale of meeting a house mid-ocean must be one of the tallest. He assures us that it is TRUE!... [more]

What's on Sailcam.tv, this week - four new videos
By Sail-World.com,
Now showing on www.sailcam.tv are: More spectacular Tornado video; Square Rig Sailing Experience; Brett Bakewell-White 52 Launch... [more]

Sale of America's Cup pieces stirs controversy
By Sail-World,
Top New Zealand radio station, Newstalk ZB (www.newstalk.co.nz) has been running reports over the past two days over the controversial New Zealand idea to sell a remnant of the original America's Cup to raise money for a charitable venture.... [more]

Historical Skiffs in force at Balmain Regatta
By Mark Cherrington,
This year’s Balmain Regatta, to be held on Sunday October 29, will see one of the largest collections of historical skiffs sailing together for many years. Racing together will be up to six 18-footers from the Sydney Flying Squadron, six 10-footers coming from as far afield as Lake Macquarie and Dunbogan, and a very challenging-to-sail six-foot 'Balmain bug'.... [more]

Tony Mowbray ready for Sunday departure
By Tony Mowbray,
Tony Mowbray writes about his last few days on land before his scheduled Sunday departure from Newcastle Harbour (NSW), heading for New Zealand.... [more]

Cruisers' Profile - Fantasy 1
By Cruising Editor,
Working with refugees in Thailand, great experiences in Turkey, terrible sailing in the Med and the horror of being hit by lightning are just some of the experiences of Karl and Sandi on Fantasy 1... [more]

Want to Manage a Marina? – Do the Course!
By Lisa Mylchreest,
Love your weekends out sailing? Like to spend your life with and around boats? Work in a marina already but like to take it more seriously? Then it's time to think about taking a course to make yourself into a Marina Managing Professional... [more]

Gulf of Mexico – Uncharted Hazards after Katrina
By Veto F. Roley, Mississippi Press,
While much land cleanup is done, a year after Katrina the Gulf of Mexico floor remains covered with uncharted debris. While the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the federal agency in charge of maintaining shipping charts along the United States coast, is currently surveying the Gulf floor to map debris and water depth, NOAA officials urge boaters to be careful and slow down as they enjoy boating along the Coast.... [more]

Donna Lange leaves Auckland for Whangarei
By Jane Pares,
Jane Pares, of International Marine Brokers, reports on solo circumnavigator Donna Lange's departure from Auckland, and her future plans:... [more]

Clipper Sailor heads for South Pole
By Yes Consultancy,
In the last weeks of 2006, 33-year old Hannah McKeand, will be aiming to reach the Geographic South Pole. Travelling alone and without any form of external support or assistance, she is hoping to complete the 690-mile trek from the edge of Antarctica to the Pole in less than 42 days. If successful, she will become the fastest person ever to achieve this gruelling feat.... [more]

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