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Heading for Madeira

Blackwattle has left Gibraltar at last and is heading south west towards the Portuguese island group, the Madeira’s. Its 2:25 am now and we are doing five knots. Had headwinds most of the day.

Thought it was a good time to introduce you to Yotreps, if you don’t know about this wonderful reporting facility for cruising yachts. You will see our last report from yesterday afternoon there now.

We’ve photos and words from the La Linea, just across the runway from Gibraltar

Andrea and Ian Treleaven wonderful Letters from the Med continue and young Andrea Francolini has been up on Tokyo and shows us how the Australian blue fine tuna are auctioned

You might remember reading about the South African yacht Moquini which was lost with six crew last year. The leaked report from the inquiry makes awful reading and reminds us of the need to keep a really close eye on all construction and repair work.

Then to cheer up, read how Phil goes to work.

Have a wonderful weekend, Don’t think we will hear much about the League and AFL finals where we are headed, but we understand the weather will be fine, so may your team go well.

Nancy Knudsen

Yotreps Puts You on the Map
By Cruising Editor,
Keeping in touch with family and friends while cruising has become easier and easier, thanks to the existence of internet cafes, the wonders of Sailmail, and the expensive but excellent satellite services that exist. However, there’s nothing like allowing your loved ones to SEE exactly where you are on a map... [more]

Moquini report makes chilling reading
By Chiara Carter,
A South African racing yacht and her crew went missing during the Mauritius to Durban race. The Preliminary report by the South African Maritime Safety Authority makes chilling reading. A mould maker who repaired the doomed Moquini before it set off on the Mauritius to Durban yacht race told investigators into the tragedy that he had warned the owner and the builder of the vessel against sailing in those waters.... [more]

Sail-World's Blackwattle - Gibraltar STILL
By Nancy Knudsen,
Ten days since I wrote my journal, and I can’t believe that we are still here in Gibraltar. We were waiting for the strong westerlies to be replaced by the Levante from the east, to help us against the contrary current that we are to expect through the straits of Gibraltar. Now we are delayed by GORDON..... [more]

Tuna, once schooled, now bar-coded
By Rob Kothe,
Away from boats but always in touch with the sea, Australian yachting photographer Andrea Francolini had a look around the most famous and biggest fish market in the world.... [more]

Hurricane Gordon-Threat for arriving ARC Boats?
By Sail-World Cruising,
Boats making their way to the Canaries for the annual Atlantic Rally for Cruisers will be watching the ongoing antics of Hurricane Gordon and his bedmate the long lasting Hurricane Helene. Gordon is the first Hurricane since 1994 to come far east enough to threaten the Azores and the western coast of Spain.... [more]

How Sailor Phil Goes to Work
By Nancy Knudsen,
Some cruisers have a daily lifestyle that is less than ordinary. Mad dogs and Englishmen, they say, go out in the midday sun. This is better….... [more]

Letter from the Med: Korcula-Split-Hvar
By Ian and Andrea Treleaven,
Korcula jutting out into the Adriatic is on a peninsular surrounded by a fort. The old town inside is of stone with red roofs, complete with churches with spires. The huge lime stone mountains on the main land engulf this scene making this the most photographed place from the air I have seen.... [more]

Man's Desperate Sail - Greenland to Canada
By Sail-World Cruising/CBC News,
Crossing oceans to achieve the destination of your dreams – for all sorts of reasons - is not a new concept. Thor Heyerdahl claimed the Polynesians did it, Vasco da Gama did it, and today thousands of desperate people from the Middle East and Africa are doing it, often losing their lives in the process. However, the Romanian who sailed across High Arctic seas to get to Canada in a small boat is something new and extraordinary.... [more]

Ouzo’s Disappearance – Ferry Officer Arrested
By Sail-World Cruising/David Brown,
The misconception that a large ship will see you on its radar and take action to avoid you was underlined as such yet again yesterday with the arrest of a ship’s officer. Times on Line reports that a senior officer on a P&O ferry has been arrested over the deaths of three sailors who drowned after their yacht disappeared.... [more]

AutoAnchor wins SAIL Award
By Sail-World Cruising,
If you ever anchor at night, you’ll know that seeing the chain markings can be difficult, particularly if your tired after a long journey, and just want to get that anchor down quickly but safely. This is where a good chain counter can make a difference, and on AutoAnchor, the adjustable LCD display shows exactly how much rode has been released.... [more]

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