Of ghost boats and raft successes, Queensland company's help for Ellen MacArthur, Wireless Wind and new Hanse yacht


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News this week is that marina operator Meridien has purchased Abel Point Marina in the Whitsundays in its ongoing acquisition trail, and there's a great story about how the Brisbane based ATL Composites contributed to Ellen MacArthur's round world record-breaking solo adventure.

Yet another book is out about Alan Bond, but this time written by himself - with a little help from the ubiquitous Rob Mundle.

Needing new wind measuring instruments? – Don’t go past Oceantalk’s wireless alternative, …. And talking about new acquisitions, neither should you go ahead with boat purchase notions without reading all about the new brilliant Hanse 47E.

At Sail-World Cruising we also want to congratulate the Tangaroa for having completed another ‘Kon Tiki’ feat, crossing the South Pacific by raft in order to try out the raft enhancements suggested by Thor Heyerdahl after his feat of 60 years ago.

The Apes of Gibraltar are starring this week as the crew of Blackwattle did the tourist round of Gibraltar on our way to the Canary Islands to join the ARC Rally.

There’s also the unsolved mystery of the luxury schooner found drifting with a half eaten meal on the table, those Mediterranean sailors the Treleavens have another of their wonderful picture stories, and finally read of Blackwattle’s forever frustrated efforts to reach Gibraltar.

Read on, enjoy, and

Sail safe

By Nancy Knudsen

Tougher than Nails
By Brett Filby,
In February 2005, the young British yachting sensation Ellen MacArthur crossed the line in the Aussie manufactured 75 foot Trimaran B & Q Castorama, slashing over a day and half off the record for the fastest solo journey around the world.... [more]

Alan Bond – His exclusive story
By Media Services,
It really was the event that stopped the nation – Australia II’s magnificent win in the America’s Cup in 1983, a victory that ended the longest winning streak in the history of sport.... [more]

Meridien buys Abel Point Marina
By Siobhan Dooley,
The developer of the new Port of Airlie Marina, Meridien has expanded its marina operations with the acquisition of the 520 berth Abel Point Marina.... [more]

Mystery Ghost Ship Bel Amica Found Floating
By Nick Pisa/Sail-World Cruising,
A half eaten meal, charts of the Mediterranean and piles of clothes were found on board an empty US$600,000 twin masted sailing vessel discovered floating off the Italian coast. Police are investigating the mystery, which was discovered by coastguards on a routine patrol... [more]

South China Sea Rescue of British Sailor, But Why?
By Rich Chang/Cruising Editor,
A perplexing story was reported by Rich Chang for the Taipei Times this week Chang reported that a British man is expected to leave Kinmen today and continue a voyage to South Korea after being rescued on Friday by a Taiwanese fishing boat in waters near Kinmen.... [more]

New Hanse 470e - sets new Cruising standards
By Media Services,
The new Hanse 470e is the smallest yacht in the luxury segment of the Hanse range, yet offers an exceptional amount of space for yachts of this size. The luxurious interior using high quality materials (e.g. Corian, leather, wooden surfaces), the generous and bright arrangement below deck and the exploitation of space with strategically placed cupboards and lockers actually enlarges the entire living area.... [more]

Wireless Wind from Oceantalk
By Sail-World Cruising,
Did you know you can have wind information without running cables down the mast? The system is solar powered, is wireless and has no cables at all, - it gives 300 hours of autonomy, it weighs only 230grams (about half a pound), and can be calibrated from the display.... [more]

Sailing into Gibraltar, Home of Apes
By Nancy Knudsen,
Sailing through the straits of Gibraltar clearly invites a stop at the thriving British community on the Rock of Gibraltar. The Apes who inhabit this coveted strategic entry point to the Mediterranean are nearly as famous as the Rock itself. There is an old superstition that, if the Apes ever go, so will the British.... [more]

Congratulations Tangaroa, the New Kon Tiki
By Cruising Editor,
Sail-World congratulates the crew of Tangaroa, the raft which is a replica of the Kon Tiki, on their successful arrival at their destination after 4500 miles sailing across the sea from Callao in Peru to Papeete in Tahiti.... [more]

Letters from the Med: Paxos -Montenegro
By Andrea Treleaven,
A day holed up in the beautiful port of Lakka at the northern end of Paxos, while a nasty front goes through. Ian and Nick spend the day helping yachts tie stern too to the rocks, so by the end of the day we have quite a collection of appreciated wine. Next morning we find our navigation down and a passing joke; 'maybe the rat ate it.'... [more]

Sail-World's Blackwattle - Still Westward in the Med
By Nancy Knudsen,
We left Algeria six days ago, headed for the Balearics, a journey of 400 miles, which should have taken about four days allowing for light night winds. Chased by thunderstorms, we have wandered the seas and are now into Day 6 of our four-day journey, and hardly half way there.... [more]

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