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Dinghies and Marinas, Rallies Borneo to the Atlantic

Arriving Gibraltar - typical cloud  BW Media
We’re in Gibraltar this week, but the news is wide and varied. UK Halsey, those safety-minded British sailmakers have released yet another safety video, this time on how to manage your life raft.

If you’re looking for a marina berth in any part of the world you might be interested in a new website called ‘Berth Search’, and if you’re headed for an ocean journey, see what Captain David Hare has to say about ACR Epirbs.

Read how 19 yachts from 12 nations participated in the ‘Borneo International Yachting Challenge’, spurred on by an amazing 500 dollar and hotel accommodation incentive to join. Guy Nowell on the scene reports how the yachts, which sailed from between Labuan and Miri, in Malaysian Borneo, had wind generators, jerry cans, surfboards on deck rather than rating certificates – sounds like a cruising kind of ‘race’ indeed!

The World ARC Rally has had an amazing response, and this year’s complement of ARC participants are on their way to the Canary Islands – but so are thousands of refugees….

The first episode of Blackwattle’s strange journey from Tunisia attempting to get to the Balearics is there, and more stories, so read on, enjoy, and

Sail Safe

By Nancy Knudsen

ARC Rally and Refugees - All for the Canaries
By Guardian/Lisa Mylchreest,
As 225 yachts of all sizes start making their way to the Canary Islands for the start of a great adventure, the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers – the now famed ARC Rally – there is another wave of boats simultaneously making for the Canaries from the opposite direction.... [more]

Lose your Dinghy? - Yes, It Could Happen!
By Cruising Editor,
If a cruising sailor like to worry about all the catastrophes that COULD happen, he doesn't need a very active imagination. One of the minor - and sometimes maybe not so minor if you were in a remote area - possibilities is the loss of one's dinghy. Normally, a dinghy is just something for which you don't carry a spare - until, along came Porta-Bote!... [more]

Welcome to Borneo
By Guy Nowell, Sail World Asia,
It’s almost a new event on the Asian sailing calendar, but not quite. Two previous editions of the event produced rather low entry lists, so this year a cash incentive of US$500 per boat ensured that this morning there were 19 boats on the start line, representing no less than 12 flag nationalities.... [more] offers new search feature
By IBI Magazine,
The UK's Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA) has announced that its new berth search website,, now offers users the ability to search for marinas by name.... [more]

That ACR Epirb Could Save Your Life
By Capt. David Hare,
While cruising more than 20 years ago, thieves broke into my sail boat and stole all of my valuables. To hide their fingerprints, they took the five-gallon jug of gasoline used for my dinghy’s outboard and burned the interior of my vessel.... [more]

World ARC Draws Enthusiastic Response
By Andrew Bishop,
World Cruising Club, organisers of the largest rally in the world, the 20 year old Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, should be delighted with the response so far to their new Round World ARC, planned for January 2008. In just three months, and more than a year ahead of the start date, the Rally has a confirmed 25 entries from eight countries..... [more]

Water Colours
By Sail-World,
Andrea Francolini, the Sydney based yachting photographer is heading back into the northern hemisphere for a few weeks, but stopped yesterday to record the storm water views from Sydney's South Head.... [more]

Sail-World's Blackwattle Saga from Tunisia
By Nancy Knudsen,
It begins as a simple four-day journey across an uncomplicated stretch of water, and ends as one of the strangest journeys in our combined lifetimes of racing sailing and half a world of cruising sailing. Instead of around 450 miles, we end up travelling 1035.6 miles, after a bizarre chain of circumstances has us running from thunderstorms and gales, becalmed three times, caught by an unforecast gale, and fog bound among radar-tricking fishing boats.... [more]

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