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Sydney Boat Show News..Reading Weather..Cruising in 2007..

Writing from Malta  BW Media
This week’s Cruising News Magazine comes to you wireless from that sandstone coloured rock in the middle of the Mediterranean, Malta. …and you can see how tough it is by the photo….

The Sydney International Boat Show, just finished last night, is top news again this week, the biggest ever with lots of new gear and boats - see the photos and read about just some of the great products that were on show.

This week also weather man Ken Batt talks about how to read a weather map accurately, something all sailors should know, and the Leopard 46 is the featured boat, a 12 metre (39 feet) blue water cruising catamaran that has been chosen by mega-chartering companies Moorings and Sunsail recently.

There’s no need to throw in your current lifestyle to cruise in exotic locations! Marina Boating gives a run-down on the Cruising-in-Company rallies that you could join next year. However, if you want to squirm with envy, those ‘Letters from the Med’ people, Ian and Andrea Treleavens tell their latest tales.

Crewing a boat satisfactorily is often a headache for a skipper who’s short a couple of crew and also for the crewmember looking for a boat. One solution is discussed this week – the Matching Party.

These and other stories, including our Peterson 46 Blackwattle’s longer-than-it-should-have-been sail from Crete to Malta.

So read on, have a great week,

Sail safe!

By Nancy Knudsen

Sydney International Boat Show spectacular!
By Sail-World.com,
The Sydney International Boat Show at Darling Harbour, attracted large crowds on its opening day - a beautiful sunny, winter Sydney day.... [more]

Fabulous Cruising Adventures for 2007
By Lisa Mylchreest,
Like to do some cruising in an exotic location, but can’t take the time to sail there? Here are a number of fabulous ‘Cruising in Company’ options for 2007. Mariner Boating Holidays has many years of experience in conducting such experiential sailing holidays, and a developed following to ensure that the events are successful.... [more]

Wiring Diagram - Don't leave port without it!
By Sail-World,
He loped onto the deck, a big bony angled man, with arms and legs that seemed to work independently of each other. A face too long, with too many angles. ‘Every time I connect to shore power’ says the Skipper, ‘everything blows.’... [more]

Mackay Marina more than a safe haven
By Jennifer McGuigan,
The first thing that strikes you at Mackay marina is how large the pylons are for the floating dock. With their colourful tips, a guide to boats navigating this large marina, the huge blue pylons look to be vying with yacht masts in their stretch to the sky. Their purpose is to deal with Australia’s biggest tide change which at its peak is six point eight metres, quite a change for those used to the waters of Victoria’s Port Phillip Bay. With a lowest depth of four point five metres at LAT (Lowest Astronomical Tide) even the largest yachts can enter with confidence.... [more]

The Radford 12m Performance Cruiser has arrived
By Media Services,
Launched in Newcastle, NSW, just six days ago, the first Radford 12m Performance cruiser out of Shekinah Boat Works, Taree, sailed into Sydney Harbour on Saturday evening for her first public viewing at the Sydney International Boat Show.... [more]

The Weather Map
By Ken Batt, Bureau of Meteorology,
As navigator or skipper of a racing or cruising yacht, how comfortable are you with your weather skills? A very good working knowledge of the weather is a very fundamental component to the successful navigation of any craft. Amongst a number of tools available to the weather forecaster (which includes you) is the weather map.... [more]

Want a Sail? What about a Matching Party?
By Gail Rice/Sail-World Cruising,
This seems like a wonderful idea to Sail-World Cruising – a matching party – matching crew and skippers of course….... [more]

Letter from the Med: From Tunisia to Valetta
By Ian and Andrea Treleaven,
Exiting Tunisia takes many hours of patiently waiting in a police office with one fan and one shared small glass of water each, while they find the key to the cupboard to get the exit stamp. I think we are the only yacht to depart from here this year. Finally getting to leave, the customs officer who has come especially from the airport inspects every cabin on the boat, making sure we have no stowaways.... [more]

Aquapro from RFD-new products at Sydney Boat Show
By Rob Kothe,
When Paul Goddard, founding director of Aquapro NZL, merged his sixteen year old company with international marine company RFD in 2005, it was a natural marriage for the fast expanding New Zealand company.... [more]

Traditional maritime skills on show on Endeavour
By Shirani Aththas,
Traditional maritime skills are on show on board the replica of Captain Cook’s Endeavour this month as the ship’s crew ‘pay the devil’. Over the next 2–3 weeks crew members will be demonstrating how they ‘caulk’ (or, in old seafaring language, ‘pay’) the deck….. waterproofing the seams between the planks on this famous ship.... [more]

The Leopard 46 Leaps to Lead -Robertson & Caine
By Cape Business news www.cbn.co.za,
The new Leopard 46, the latest from the Cape boatyard Robertson and Caine (Pty) Ltd, is setting new standards in sailing catamaran design and innovation, says Lex Raas, chief executive First Choice Marine, holding company of leading global charter groups The Moorings and Sunsail.... [more]

Friendly Bavarian Rivalry – a short story
By Peter Greacen,
As I got to know my opponent better, I realised that the tall Dutchman had some pretty impressive sporting achievements, one of them being an NZ Rep in rowing. So not only was he a very accomplished sportsman, but I was also starting to take note of his towering physique! My pocket edition figure might need a bit more assistance than a Bavaria 42 and power winches to top Goliath!... [more]

Sail-World's Blackwattle headed for Malta
By Nancy Knudsen,
'You’ve probably got scurvy.' 'Scurvy?' my thumping head can’t quite compute this. 'What do you mean ‘scurvy’?' 'You haven’t been eating enough onions,' he goes on, climbing up into the cockpit.... [more]

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