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Entrance to Valletta Harbour, Malta  BW Media
Serendipity is a one of life’s magic free gifts. And Serendipity it was in Valletta Harbour in Malta yesterday.

Every fortnight Sail-World publishes the delightful 'Letters from the Med' by Ian and Andrea Treleaven, owners of lovely Beneteau Cadiz, and authors of what is now an exceptional coffee table production by the same name.

So when a yacht berthed right next to Blackwattle in Msida Marina, we were astonished and delighted to find it was Cadiz. Do read their latest missive below.

This week there is a wide range of stories, from UK Halsey’s new safety video, to the amazing Loop Dyneema which can stop both noise and chafing around your deck fittings, to the sad tale of the serious pollution of the Mediterranean.

The Darwin to Kupang Rally has happened again, and the increasing popularity of this rally with the world’s cruising fraternity says much about its advantages.

We also discuss the new offerings from the highly successful Bavaria Brand, and this week’s destination is Crete, where our yacht Blackwattle has just spent a few days. From now on in Blackwattle’s passage tales, we will be including up to date cruising notes for long range cruisers.

So read on, enjoy, and…

Sail Safe
Nancy Knudsen

By Nancy Knudsen

Mediterranean Burning
By Lisa Mylchreest,
For the cruising sailor, there is no greater playground on earth than 'The Med'. With pristine waters, where you can often see your anchor 10 metres down, with countless protected bays, and spread with marinas, it’s a sailing heaven. Being landlocked, there’s no swell to speak of, and what there is disappears quickly with settled weather.... [more]

UK Halsey – New Safety Video
By UK Halsey/Cruising Editor,
Well known sailmakers UK Halsey have just produced the third in their series of safety videos. In this one, everything DOESN’T work as it should, and is instructional for that reason.... [more]

Darwin to Kupang Rally
By Event Media,
It’s a tribute to just how international the annual Darwin to Kupang Rally has become when you know that only 34 boats of the 96 entrants in this year’s rally were from Australia.... [more]

Sunsail introduces New Sailing Holiday Product
By Kate Elkington,
Luxury Crewed Cruises offer the opportunity to book a private cabin aboard a luxury Sunsail yacht for an unforgettable sailing getaway through the exotic waterways of the Whitsunday islands or Tahiti with a professional skipper and host.... [more]

Loop Dyneema - New Pulley Connector
By Cruising Editor,
This interesting new product is a replacement for shackles and snaps to connect pulleys. It has a wide range of uses on a yacht, including the sheet traveller, toe rails, boom & spar (pole, flying jib, boom...)... [more]

Forever Crete
By Nancy Knudsen,
It’s no wonder that it is often said that the inhabitants of Crete are Cretan first and foremost, and then Greek.... [more]

Letter from the Med: Six hot days in Monastir
By Ian and Andrea Treleaven,
Monastir has been home in the marina for six days and has been a pleasure to stop and get to know this very special Arab town while Ian maintains ‘Cadiz’. A day in the life of cruising, as we slowly work out how to deal with the mid day heat. Up early we take the lauage to Sousse 20 miles away for a tourist visit. A lauage is a mini van that leaves from a depot going in different directions and when they are full they leave... [more]

New Bavaria Vision 44 ordered for New Zealander
By Sail-World,
2006 is proving to be an exciting year for Bavaria Yachts who have increased their market share by over 15% - flying in the face of worldwide market trends - and have also launched the new Bavaria Vision range.... [more]

Sail-World's Blackwattle Onward to Crete
By Nancy Knudsen,
Blackwattle's in a miserable anchorage at Faros on the Island of Sifnos. The wind shoots down a mountain pass and skips over us at 30 knots without abating all night. The morning glares bright with flying white caps, and the boat yaws and tilts with the heavy gusts.... [more]

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