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Half of a circumnavigation

Mytelini, Island of Lesvos, Greece: This Cruising Editor and her Skipper/deckhand/husband in our boat Blackwattle are finally on the move, a scheduled 18 month trip across the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the Pacific to Australia. Right now we are waiting for the wind to ease so we can set out for Crete. By the end of the summer we aim to be in the Canaries, ready for the ARC Rally.

I’ll be bringing you stories of the ports we visit and sailing characters we meet, as well as the normal cruising news from around the world. If you want to read more details of our boat Blackwattle’s journey, or how two totally incompatible people can make it on a boat without one ending up overboard, see the 'Blackwattle' story at the end of the newsletter.

This week, read about the largest catamaran ever built and its launch date, and another catamaran which has been breaking all the best cruising rules.

Happy Cruising

By Nancy Knudsen

Letter from the Med: Amalfi to Aeolian Islands
By Ian and Andrea Treleaven,
Leaving the Tiber River or Grand Canal as they call it, we motored 60nm to the island of Ponza. No wind and steaming hot, even at sea it’s no relief. Around Ponza is a diver’s delight with many grottos, caves and ruins where the Romans dug out pools in the rock to breed fish.... [more]

The Voyage of Blackwattle - leaving Turkey
By Nancy Knudsen,
Blackwattle is to sail again. Well, we got this far, half way round the world, without killing ourselves, or each other. The second one is perhaps more of an achievement.... [more]

The Bavaria family continues to grow
By Al Constable,
The Bavaria brand is the most popular production yacht in New Zealand, as it is in the UK and Spain. Roger Wilson founded International Marine Brokers, the sole agents for Bavaria Yachts in New Zealand in 1989 and he is very pleased with the progress of the brand and the expansion of the product range.... [more]

Pot of gold at end of Rainbow
By Robin Bailey, NZ Herald,
One of the most successful yachts built by Logan Brothers in Auckland was Rainbow, launched in 1898. Now, 108 years later, the lovely 50-footer is nearing the start of a new life after a complete restoration. Marine historians Robin Elliott and Harold Kidd, in The Logans, their book about New Zealand's greatest boatbuilding family, dwell at some length on Rainbow and her exploits.... [more]

Not a Cruise 752 miles in a day
By Barby MacGowan/Sail-World,
While lots of cruising sailors sail 30 miles in a day, the other half live a different life. Imagine sailing 31.3 miles an hour, all day and all night. No sailboat has ever been so fast until now.... [more]

Med Cruisers caught by Schengen Monster
By Cruising Editor,
The Schengen Monster is trapping unwary cruising yachties who wish to cross the Mediterranean over the European summer. Schengen creeps up on unsuspecting Yachties just when they are having a sundowner and thinking how lucky they are to have escaped the rat race and bureaucracy at home. And what an ugly expensive monster she is!... [more]

Lagoon 380sII - world's most popular catamaran
By Helen Taylor,
The Lagoon 380sII is world's most popular catamaran and 405 have been handed over to date. In fact Lagoon Catamarans have the distinction of producing the world’s top two catamarans in the Lagoon 380 and the Lagoon 410.... [more]

AGX - storms and injuries for Adrian Flanagan
By Adrian Flanagan,
Adrian Flanagan encounters storms and suffers an injury on his solo circumnavigation.... [more]

Near Arrest, Near Sexual Assault Charge
By Robyn Williamson,
Having your dinghy in front of your house on the water sounds like an ideal existence, but it depends on the authorities in the area...... [more]

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