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Waiting for the wind....

Calm waters high winds   .
Our Peterson 46 Blackwattle is to sail again. Well, we got this far, half way round the world, without killing ourselves, or each other. The second one is perhaps more of an achievement than the first. Here goes, two years later, for the second half!

But there’s a high wind in Ayvalik Marina here in Turkey at the moment – the Meltemi has been blowing for several days 25-30 knots and forecast to continue. Friends sailing up the coast are trapped in an anchorage in 35-40 knots. The flags stand straight on the boats in the marina, the wind through the rigging whines day and night, and has Blackwattle straining and bucking at her leash. She’s anxious, I think, to be gone. Fellow sailors work on their boats in the hot windy sunshine but no one leaves. We’re all waiting…

This week we tell stories of some excellent boats being launched - the new Elan 340 from Slovenia and a new Australian design for long range cruising. We also talk of granny boats and boats that go bump in the night – if you don’t follow a few rules…..

Read about the extraordinary solo sailors who are about to be inducted into the Solo Sailor’s Hall of Fame, and about the raft Tangaroa – Kon-Tiki’s grandchild – sailing across the Pacific.

There are also some interesting ‘passage tales’ from boats in and around the Mediterranean and lots more, so

Read on, have a good week and
Sail safe!

By Nancy Knudsen

Portoroz Launches new Elan 340
By Media Services,
The new Elan 340 - another outstanding Performance Cruiser design by Rob Humphreys and Elan, replaces the very popular and successful Elan 333. The premiere release of the Elan 340 happened at the Internautica Boat Show in the port of Portoroz, Slovenia. Gael Moldán with Rod Parry of Navsail had an opportunity to sail the boat, and here is her report:... [more]

Extraordinary Solo Sailors for Hall of Fame
By Cruising Editor,
Four extraordinary sailors have been singled out for induction into the ‘Single-Handed Sailors’ Hall or Fame in the United States next month. And they are: Dame Ellen MacArthur, 28, the fastest woman to sail around the world; Minoru Saito of Japan, 71, the oldest to complete his seventh solo non-stop circumnavigation; Jean-Luc van den Heede, five-times circumnavigator; and BOC record-breaker Bertie Reed, South Africa’s most famous ‘old salt’.... [more]

Yachts that go Bump in the Night
By Nancy Knudsen,
Mooring in the Mediterranean can be full of adventure – especially if you’re trying to share an anchorage with 25 other people all of whom seem to have just chartered their first sailing boat and haven't learned that boats have no brakes. To make the adventure more manageable, Jay and Carol on the beautiful swift Gandalf have compiled a few rules from their personal experience:... [more]

New Australian Yacht Design for Cruising
By Media Services,
Australian yacht designers,Serica Yachts, are currently building the new Radford 13.4m centre cockpit performance cruiser which is being marketed as the Serica 44, and will appeal to the sailor with a passion for wooden boats. It puts both seaworthiness and speed into a cruiser capable of long distance short-handed cruising anywhere in the world.... [more]

Sailing Raft Tangaroa Makes Record Speeds
By Cruising Editor,
The Raft known as Tangaroa, Kon-Tiki’s grandchild, is reported sailing at record speed towards Tuamotu atoll. It was last reported sailing toward the Tuamotu atoll of Raroia at a record speed that was faster than Thor Heyerdahl and his crew on Kon-Tiki did during their 101-day voyage nearly 60 years ago.... [more]

New Granny Boat Should be a Winner
By IBI News/Lars-Åke Redéen/Sail-World,
Want to get on the water, but Granny can't get her leg over the lifeline? Or you have someone with a disability? A new 'Granny Boat' concept is forecast to be extremely popular with an older generation. Swedish boat manufacturer Utternbåtar, part of the Brunswick Group, has introduced a new boating concept... [more]

Solo Sailor Suicide not Overboard
By Cruising Editor/Baltimore Sun,
We reported last week that prominent US former publisher and diplomat had apparently fallen overboard and drowned. Such reports are useful to remind short handed crews of the importance of on board safety systems. However, sadly, the family has now announced that Philip Merrill took his own life.... [more]

26/6/06 Isicia II in Spain- La Coruna to Porto
By Vicki and Andi Dunkel,
Vicki and Andi Dunkel on board Isicia II, a classic 51 foot Beneteau First yacht, are travelling from Scotland to the Mediterranean and here is the next instalment of their story, Santander to Porto:... [more]

Treleavens' Letters from the Med: Ponza Bound!
By Ian and Andrea Treleaven,
How quickly you can change your mode. We are still tied up to the side of the Tiber River at the ACHAB yacht club getting the yacht back together again and on our bike’s getting the groceries of marinated seafood, pasta and tomatoes full of flavour, we are settling in very nicely.... [more]

Rally from Vanuatu
By Lisa Mylchreest,
If you are going to be sailing anywhere near Vanuatu this year and heading to Australia, there’s a rally to join for the voyage! It is the 'Port2Port 2006 Fun Ocean Yacht Rally', and it travels from Vanuatu to Bundaberg in Queensland each year.... [more]

Sundancer II – Aden to Suez Canal, 2006
By Ian and Helen Potter, Sundancer II,
Last month Australians Ian and Helen Potter reported to us as they transited the 'Pirate Zone in the Gulf of Aden. Now they have finished the journey in company with the other boats of the season, and here is their account of the journey, including some interesting current prices. The diesel prices are particularly interesting, ranging from a low 17 cents in Ismailia to a reported $1.61 in Cyprus.... [more]

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