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Farewell Istanbul   .
Istanbul: This crew of Blackwattle can’t wait to get sailing again….. for us the spires and minarets of Istanbul will soon be a thing of the past – our departure after two years is both an exciting challenge as we look forward to a sailing life again, and a thing of some sadness as we leave this lovely and complex country to complete our circumnavigation.

The weather is one of the central concerns of every diligent sailor, and Ken Batt this week brings an in depth discussion of how to do your own forecasting at sea. Even when your radio has spat the dummy and the computer has crashed, there are still many things you can do to know what weather is coming next.

This week we talk of the yachting set out to watch the start of the 100th Newport to Bermuda, of Nobel Peace Prizes (what does THAT have to do with sailing?) UK Halsey’s latest safety video, the good oil about choosing a sextant AND why you should do it.

Two sad losses as the search is called off for a boat hit by tropical storm Alberto and body of a well known solo sailor in Chesapeake Bay is found. In a more positive tone, there's a new database that might help save our planet’s oceans.

It’s both the shortest and the longest day of the year, dependent on where you are, but both hemispheres think they have something to celebrate!

Finally, a narrow escape for the gusty Margaret Williams on her second try at a solo unassisted circumnavigation of Australia, after managing some bad Southern Ocean weather.

Have a good week and

Sail Safe

By Nancy Knudsen

Do It Yourself - Forecasting at Sea
By Ken Batt,
Forecasting is even more complicated at sea than compared to the land when one considers the relative lack of data available to the user. But take heart, there are plenty of things that we can be doing to help ourselves. Just read on..... [more]

Yachting Set Out for Newport Bermuda Spectacle
By Tom Meade/Sail-World,
Newport Rhode Island USA was wearing its most stunning party dress this week as the 100th edition of the Newport Bermuda Race set off from Castle Hill, and hundreds of spectator boats of the yachting set gathered to watch the spectacular start.... [more]

The Necessary Sextant and How to Choose It
By Rob Landis/Sail-World Cruising,
GPS’s have sneaked under the guard of ancient mariners, making their wonderful navigation skills almost a thing of the past. Sailors set out on journeys across the world with no skills but how to read the GPS and Cmap. Where once the ocean mariner used vigilance and good seamanship to weather storms and miss the rocky bits, now satellite telephones and helicopters give the hesitant sailor the confidence to go where no bad seafarer should be.... [more]

Summer Sailstice - Right Now!
By Larry Mylchreest,
‘Hey Blue, how’s ya sailing going?’ ‘It’s great Larry, I like the winter racing series because the weather is better’ ‘Better in the winter?’ ‘Yup, down here in the southern hemisphere we don’t have your weather difficulties.... [more]

Safety at Sea - See the UK Halsey Video
By UK Halsey/Cruising Editor,
Last month we provided the link for you to see the first of sail maker UK Halsey’s safety videos, which was on a ‘Man Overboard’ situation and it proved very popular. The second one is now available... [more]

Nobel Peace a SAILING Organisation?
By Cruising Editor,
Sailing is usually looked on as a sport for the weekend sailor, a life style for the ‘live-aboards’, a luxury activity for the well heeled, or, in the case of recent racing, just another avenue for modern companies to get their message to the consumer. But there’s one sailing organisation that may come to mean something much more to the world if Svein Roald Hansen has his way…... [more]

New Database to Help Protect the Planet's Waters
By IBI/Sail-World Cruising,
If you are interested in protecting the waters of the Planet and want to do something positive about it, you can get many of the facts to support your story or guide your actions from a new online database.... [more]

Tropical Storm Alberto-One Lost One Saved
By Paul Everest/Sail World Cruising,
Tropical Storm Alberto, the first ‘Alberto’ for 12 years, off the East Coast of North America was gauged as only a ‘post-tropical storm’ by the time the sailing boats Dad’s Dream and Free Spirit found themselves in trouble in the storm’s aftermath. After Dad's Dream's mast broke and they were taking on water, they were daringly rescued from a boat that had become more like Dad's Nightmare. But the search has been called off for Free Spirit... [more]

Body of Solo Sailor Diplomat Found
By Tom Stuckey, AP/Sail-World,
In a sad lesson for solo sailors, the body of publisher and former diplomat Philip Merrill was found Monday, more than a week after he apparently fell overboard while sailing alone on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland USA.... [more]

The International Yacht Rally to the Red Sea
By Med-Red Rally,
On 14 April 2006 over 500 sailors left Tel Aviv and Herzliya marinas in Israel and headed across the Mediterranean for Port Said. Ninety yachts made up the second Med-Red Rally, a very international event... [more]

Female solo sailor narrowly averts disaster
By Margie Brown & Mandy Lake,
Solo sailor Margaret Williams’ second bid at becoming the first woman to circumnavigate Australia solo, non-stop and unassisted almost came to an untimely end with a severe storm off the south-west coast of Tasmania.... [more]

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