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News this week from the South Pacific where a fleet of angry looking war canoes gave an arriving rally a great welcome to the remote Solomon Islands. There’s also news of a vitally placed new marina being developed – after many delays - in the Red Sea. It will help to make the Red Sea transit safer and easier for long-range cruisers.

Some interesting new products this week, and do you have inflatable life jackets (Pfd’s to the jargon oriented) on board? Marine experts are worried that, while these new technology inventions are comfortable and efficient, they need lots of maintenance. Are boat owners doing the necessary maintenance? Read what’s necessary.

The destination this week is the beautiful but neglected stopover of Norfolk Island in the South Pacific. It’s an ideal resting point on many voyages, and as long as you observe a few rules, can offer an intriguing break to your journey.

Phuket’s sailing community is getting active again after the tsunami, there’s a sweet story of a sailing journey from Scotland to Cornwall, and a brave Australian woman sets out – again – to be the first woman to solo circumnavigate the country.

There’s more interesting and information news from around the world, so read on, have a good week, and

Sail Safe

By Nancy Knudsen

Upgrade to Make Red Sea Transit Easier.
By Nancy Knudsen,
Red Sea Sailors will be glad to know that they don’t need to reach the lovely Abu Tig marina to find a little comfort and technical support in the future. The never-finished Port Ghalib Marina, an overnight sail further south on the Red Sea Coast, is speeding up its development. The remote and ill-serviced Red Sea is such a vital link for boats transiting between Asia and Europe that any development will be greatly welcomed.... [more]

New Simrad EPIRB Increases Accuracy
By IBI News,
Simrad Yachting has launched a new range of Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs) that come with a choice of either manual or automatic release, and increased GPS accuracy.... [more]

Dinghy Sailing Phuket: Key to Good Sailing Skills
By Phuket Post/Cruising Editor,
The best way to learn to sail is to sail a dinghy. This is true anywhere in the world, and in Thailand the Phuket Sailing Club, with little dinghy sailing since the devastating tsunami, is getting active again.... [more]

Modern Day 'Pirate' Sent to the Brig
By Shelley Hodgson/,
A Modern-day pirate who sailed to Tasmania aboard a $350,000 luxury yacht that he had stolen is jailed for at least nine months.... [more]

Sailing in Winter - the Good Life
By Cruising Editor,
While spring is fast giving way to summer in the northern hemisphere and the snow birds are flying south for their summer sailing holidays, the charter boats are busy and the anchorages are filling quickly, spare a thought for the southern hemisphere, where they are curling up for winter – or are they?... [more]

Inflatable PFD’s – Are Yours Safe?
By Lisa Mylchreest,
Pfd’s (Personal Flotation Devices) have had an explosion in popularity in recent years, and in some areas of the world they are even compulsory. But there are safety issues surrounding their use that are worrying some members of the marine industry. This article offers detailed instructions on how to manage your Pfd’s.... [more]

Age of Sail Canada - Online
By Fred Donnelly/,
As the name of their region implies the MARITIME PROVINCES of Canada have a rich heritage of seafaring and shipbuilding. To preserve this history and to make it more accessible to us the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia has set up an interesting website. To view, go to and note it covers all three Maritime provinces.... [more]

War Canoes Greet Solomon Islands Rally
By Sail-World Cruising,
Participants in The 2006 Brisbane to Gizo Yacht Rally could not have been more warmly welcomed at Gizo in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands last week. Ten resplendent traditional war canoes, each manned by 20 strong Solomon Islanders, escorted them into the harbour with songs and chanting.... [more]

Destination Norfolk Island
By Bruce Maxwell/Sail-World Cruising,
It’s just off the rhumb line between Auckland in New Zealand and the Australia’s Gold coast. It’s obviously volcanic, its cliffs rising steeply out of the sea, and it’s grandly beautiful. It’s also midway between lots of other sailing destinations – Sydney and Suva, Port Vila down to New Zealand. Sounds like a perfect stopping point for many en route cruisers, so why aren’t there more sailboats there?... [more]

2nd June start - Solo Sailor’s 2nd Aussie Record Attempt
By Event media,
Solo sailor Margaret Williams detests the thought of 'unfinished business' so on 2nd June she’s just set out to tackle one of the world’s last standing sailing records - again.... [more]

Bavaria launches new Deck Saloon range
By Media Services,
Germany's largest yacht manufacturer, Bavaria Yachtbau week has announced the release of their new Vision series of Deck Saloon sailing yachts. As world leaders in production yacht construction for many years, Bavaria Yachtbau are now producing Deck Saloon yachts to cater for the growing demand for this type of vessel.... [more]

Scotland to Cornwall - Spring Journey
By Vicki and Andi Dunkel,
Spring in the northern hemisphere brings out the roses and tulips - and the sailors. As the days hot up, flotillas of sailing boats set off for bluer pastures. Among them this year are Vicki and Andi Dunkel who run sailing and diving holidays around Europe on board Isicia II, a classic 51 foot Beneteau First yacht.... [more]

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