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News from around the world this week tells of the explosion of the popularity of sailing in the Middle East and Beirut’s part in that, there’s a heart warming story of the small UK yacht club that burnt down but wouldn’t say die, and read how Gipsy Moth IV that hit a reef in Tahiti is doing well in New Zealand.

The Celtic Irish Festival of the Sea sounds like a great draw card for those who love sailing – read how the tall ships are gracing the North Atlantic Irish coast this week.

Discussion rages about piracy for cruising sailors on the high seas, with the Governments of Africa finally meeting to ask how to combat piracy along their shorelines, while some cruising sailors are agonising about whether they should carry arms.

If you’re a new boat owner, do read why you should have sailing lessons!

The AIS Receiver, featured this week, must be one of the top innovations for any sailing boat in an ocean anywhere, and we also suggest a new online yacht supply company which is promising great things.

An unusual cruising destination this week – the west coast of India is becoming more and more attractive, read about the growing reasons why more and more sailors will be visiting magnificent Kerala and parts north in the near future.

Have a great week and…

Sail safe!

By Nancy Knudsen

Indian Ocean Surf Boarder in Night Capsize
By Sail-World Cruising,
She is more than three quarters of the way across the Indian Ocean alone on a surfboard. She has so far sailed 1811 nautical miles, 670 to go, and things are going well. . It’s nighttime and she’s asleep. Without warning, the surfboard turns turtle and remains on its roof. She doesn’t know it yet, but she has just lost all her fresh water. It’s not a tall tale, it’s true and it’s happening now.... [more]

New Product for Avoiding Collisions at Sea
By Sail-World Cruising,
‘Greatest thing since sliced bread!’ That was the pronouncement of long range cruising sailor Ian Potter of Sundancer II. He was talking about an AIS (Automatic Identification System) Receiver. Sundancer has had a chance to try out this brand new technology on their way across the Indian Ocean in the last couple of months.... [more]

Yachts and Piracy - Africa Acts
By Mail & Guardian/Cruising Editor,
The growing aggressiveness of pirates in several corners of the world has finally brought more action that will assist the long range cruising sailor. Last month the Prime Minister of Somalia signed an agreement with the US Navy to patrol Somali Territorial waters, and now a major conference will target other African waters, especially the oil-rich Gulf of Guinea.... [more]

Lessons Could Have Avoided Sailing Deaths
By Northwales.co.uk/Sail_World Cruising,
New boat owners take heed: Sailing lessons are often thought of as a matter of fun, but accident investigators into the sailing deaths of a man and his grandson off the Isle of Anglesey, Wales, have appealed for ALL NEW BOAT OWNERS TO HAVE SAILING LESSONS as a matter of safety.... [more]

Shall We Carry a Gun on Board?
By Lucy Chabot Reed/Sail-World Cruising,
A recent panel discussion led by The Triton News Magazine for Captains and Crew shows that one of the biggest issues on the participants’ minds was ‘Shall we carry a gun on board?’... [more]

Irish Celts - First Festival of the Sea
By Cruising Editor,
Festivals of the Sea are very ancient traditions that predate history and religions as we know them and stretch back into the legends of many lands. There is nothing more splendid today as watching the entire sailing or fishing fleet of a village participate in an annual festival of the sea.... [more]

Gipsy Moth IV repairs well underway
By Sail-World NZL,
Repair work is proceeding apace on the repair of Gipsy Moth IV at the Emirates Team NZ base in the Viaduct Basin. When Sail-World visited on Monday morning tremendous progress had been made over the weekend, with boatbuilders working shifts on the project.... [more]

Destination: Cruising the Indian West Coast
By IBI News/Sail-World Cruising,
The news that India has its first fully equipped marina in Goa starts to make the cruising sailor think of the west coast of India as a possible destination. Already the bureaucratic restrictions, once making it a pariah for cruising sailors, are easing. Certainly it’s a fascinating culture, with a welcoming population, a fast growing economy, and a wealth of tourism possibilities.... [more]

Fire Destroyed Club Sails Again
By Huddersfield Daily Examiner/Sail-World Cruising,
It took more than an arson attack and a burnt out clubhouse to dampen the enthusiasm and energy of some hardy Yorkshire sailors. The West Riding Sailing Club just wasn’t ready to die, and, after some amazing efforts by the local sailing club members and their supporters, it is now ready to be launched again.... [more]

Lebanon: Great Sailing, Better Boat Show
By Cruising Editor,
Lebanon has always had a deserved reputation as having one of the best cruising coastlines in the region. This makes it a natural for marine development, and also a natural to consider when cruising the Mediterranean. Once sailors have confidence that the area is trouble-free, there’ll be no stopping the influx of cruising sailors.... [more]

17 Nations at second Inter-Club Commodores' Forum
By Sail World Asia,
Last Saturday 27 May the flags of 17 nations were raised at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht club to mark the opening of the 2nd Inter-Club Commodores’ Forum. The Forum has attracted 82 participants, including Commodores, Flag Officers and General Managers from 27 clubs, hailing from 18 countries. The ICS was inaugurated last year by the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club.... [more]

1000 boats destroyed in China
By Li Xinran /Sail-World,
Next time you are complaining about Marine Authorities encroaching on your leisure activities, recognise it could be worse. The Shanhai Daily reports that the government of Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province, has destroyed nearly 1,000 dragon boats ahead of next Wednesday's traditional Dragon Boat Festival because of safety concerns.... [more]

New Online Yacht-supply Business to Try…
By Cruising Editor,
Deep Blue Yacht Supply Inc. today announced that its brand new online facility is offering to provide sale items to the public at prices that up until now have not been available to the retail yachting consumer, and they’re promising ‘cutting edge’ technology.... [more]

Hallberg-Rassy 43 wins Australian Marine Award
By Al Constable,
At Australia's largest Boat Show, the 2006 Sanctuary Cove Boat show, on Queensland's Gold Coast. a strong contingent of craft was evaluated for the 2006 Australian Marine Awards. The major yachting award was made in the imported monohull class, the finalists were the Bavaria 37 Cruiser, Hallberg-Rassy 43, Island Packet 485, Nordship 35 DS, Hunter 38 and Beneteau Oceanis 343.... [more]

Aviva Challenge
Dee Caffari’s attempt to become the first woman to sail solo, non-stop around the world against the prevailing winds and currents...
For more details and news for this event, go to:

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