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Dees Welcome  
Hi Cruising Sailors

Tears and laughter, sadness and triumph on the high seas. In the same week as the sailing world mourned the loss overboard of one of the Volvo sailors, it gave a ticker tape welcome to the hardy young woman who became the first female ‘wrong way’ solo circumnavigator.

The Skrew Anchor  .
Yet another of the world’s sailing routes proved hazardous because of pirates this week, and there are some handy new products featured – a very clever sneaky anchor and a deck mounted locker to increase your on-deck locker space.

overboard  .
Also see the first live video demonstration of how to operate in a ‘man overboard’ situation. This is particularly interesting for two-handed sailors (the bulk of cruising sailors being two-handed), because it unintentionally demonstrates just how difficult it is to get someone back on board a boat. You’ll see on the video what a struggle three very fit young Naval blokes had to pull a crew member on board after they had successfully made contact.

Hallberg-Rassy 43  .
The impressive success of Queensland's Sanctuary Cove Boat show demonstrated that leisure sailing and boating isn’t going away any time soon. Mind you the doubling of sailors did not come from cruising yachts, or at the other end tinnies. Its Superyacht City.

Amongst the Marine Yacht Awards, the Swedish cruiser Hallberg-Rassy won from a strong field. With the cost of fuel continuing to rise around the world it could be three cheers for Windcraft.

The Destination of the week is Gibraltar. The tiny outpost, which has for so many centuries kept strategic control of the Mediterranean, is now both a summer holiday mecca and a tax-free haven for the cruising sailor.

Andrea Treleaven's Letters from the Med Book Launch is on the 6th of June at the CYCA. As that started as Treleavens Tales on Sail-World, we are pleased to see this wonderful cruising book come to fruition. You can order that on line from Boat Books.

All this and much more, so enjoy the read, have a great week and..

Sail Safe!

By Nancy Knudsen

Abel Point Yacht Club's Dent to Dunk 2006 underway
By Event media,
Over 40 vessels paraded in front of Hamilton Island Harbour on Sunday 21st May at 10am creating a spectacle for island guests. The flotilla has started a six day sailing odyssey sending them north to Port Hinchinbrook in the Cardwell Shire of North Queensland.... [more]

New Multi-function External Locker
By Cruising Editor,
Not enough space on deck? Italian manufacturer Ocean Fenders has come up with a new product that may solve the problem – an external locker that will stand up to all weather, quaintly called The Bauletto.... [more]

Hallberg-Rassy 43 wins Australian Marine Award
By Rob Kothe,
At Australia's largest Boat Show, the 2006 Sanctuary Cove Boat show, on Queensland's Gold Coast. a strong contingent of craft was evaluated for the 2006 Australian Marine Awards. The major yachting award was made in the imported monohull class, the finalists were the Bavaria 37 Cruiser, Hallberg-Rassy 43, Island Packet 485, Nordship 35 DS, Hunter 38 and Beneteau Oceanis 343.... [more]

Gibraltar – Gateway to the Mediterranean
By Nancy Knudsen,
At the southern tip of Spain, spearing down into the ocean is the ancient guardian rock of the Mediterranean Sea, the Rock of Gibraltar. Today, it is a heavily populated British Outpost, much frequented by sailors from many countries.... [more]

Sailability to Help Timor Mustard Gas Victims
By Di Pearson,
While the problems of Dili in Timor headline the news recently, Sailability Australia, whose key objective is to encourage sailing for people with disabilities, has brought positive news to the East Timorese with the announcement of plans to establish Sailability Timor.... [more]

West Africa Pirate Attack
By Cruising Editor/ITAR-TASS,
Cruising Sailors near the coast of West Africa should be aware of a pirate attack that took place yesterday. The vessel attacked was the same Russian ship – the Shkotovo - that only a month ago was thanked by the Thai Authorities for rescuing 12 seamen from the Andaman Sea.... [more]

Treleaven’s 'Letters from the Med' Launch
By John Keelty,
CYCA Cruising invites you to a very special evening with the Treleaven’s on Tuesday 6th June when they launch their wonderful book 'Letters from the Med'.... [more]

Dee Caffari Headlines across the Globe
By Nancy Knudsen,
The Headlines across the world said it all. ‘Dee Triumph’ ‘Solo Woman Prevails’ ‘Healthy Madness’ ‘She sailed the Globe Back to Front’ ‘Yachtswoman Makes History’ – from Pakistan to Oslo, from Scotland to Pittsburgh the entire sailing world and millions of non-sailors as well read the news of the Dee Caffari’s triumph as she sailed across the finish line into to become the first female solo circumnavigator to make the trip ‘up-hill’, against the wind and current.... [more]

Sales top millions at Sanctuary Cove Show
By Kate Duryea,
Direct sales from the 2006 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show have topped $76.5 million by 4pm on the final day of the 18th annual event.... [more]

Gipsy Moth Skipper and Mate Sacked
By Nancy Knudsen,
The Press Release was terse, brief, and lacking detail. Both the Skipper and Mate of Gipsy Moth IV have been sacked.... [more]

Sanctuary Cove set for large final day
By Kate Duryea,
Another beautiful morning on the Queensland Gold Coast and as the 2006 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show enters its last day, crowd numbers are on track to surpass 2005. Its currently 18 degrees, with a forecast maximum of 25 degrees.... [more]

Man Overboard! - See the Video
By UK-Halsey/Cruising Editor,
In an effort to promote safe sailing, UK-Halsey will be running a number of streaming video clips with instructional text on safety at sea techniques on their web site. Read on to see the first video (Quicktime necessary)... [more]

Girls, Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!
By Sail-World Cruising/Gill Attersall,
While we know some really great women sailors in the cruising scene, one of the most familiar combinations you meet on the water is the guy who is a keen sailor, and the partner who has been dragged off perfectly comfortable dry land into a bumpy ocean and told ‘You’re just going to love this!’... [more]

Captain Cook's Ship Found by Archaeologists
By Harris,
The ship in which Captain James Cook claimed Australia for the British crown is resting at the bottom of an American harbour, archaeologists said yesterday. The Endeavour ended her days as part of the British war effort against rebellious American colonists in Newport, Rhode Island. Read more for the story of her life 'after Cook'... [more]

Better Sleep while Day Sailing
By Cruising Editor/Glynne and Gill Attersall,
Day sailing – making distance by sailing during the daylight hours and then finding a headland to hide behind for a good night’s sleep has much to recommend it, especially when there’s no time pressure. However, if you find yourself in an anchorage beam-on to a rolling sea, it can stop being fun very quickly... [more]

Update on tragedy on ABN Amro Two
By Camilla Green/Sail-World,
Hans Horrevoets, a crew member aboard ABN AMRO TWO, one of the two ABN AMRO yachts competing in the Volvo Ocean Race 2005 – 2006, died earlier this morning after being swept overboard from the boat. ABN Amro Two was sailing downwind in 25 – 30 knots of wind under main, fractional spinnaker and staysail. Seb Josse, Skipper of ABN Amro Two was at the helm, Hans, 32 of the Netherlands was trimming the spinnaker sheet, Nick Bice, Andrew Lewis and Lucas Brun were also on deck. The boat nosedived down a wave and water came washing back down the deck, when the water cleared Hans was no longer on deck.... [more]

Experience an Eastsail Ocean Sailing Adventure!
By Media Services,
It's never been easier to join one of Eastsail's Ocean Sailing Adventure trips! Experience the thrills of offshore cruising and racing with Eastsail RYA Yachtmaster Instructor Brien Daniels (for the north bound legs and Olympic Coach Dayne Sharp for the south bound legs)... [more]

2006 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show
Sanctuary Cove 18/05/06
Asia-Pacific's largest on-water boat show - a huge range from Australia, NZ, USA, UK, Asia, Europe, More info phone (07)5577 6868...
For more details and news for this event, go to:

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