Caffari close to finish..Destination NSW... Gipsy Moth for Auckland, Bullimore off again.. and more


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Hi Cruising Sailors
The most heart-warming news of the week is the approaching triumphant finish for Dee Caffari’s amazing ‘wrong way’ sail around the world. Never losing her sense of humour for very long, Dee’s ability to rise to any challenge has left the sailing world in awe. She will deserve all the accolades she is destined to receive.

Going..going...  . ..
In other news, someone tried to auction New Zealand the other day, but was it because they weren’t getting many bids that Ebay took it off line? Read on…

Pirates are still causing trouble, but now it’s in the Bay of Bengal, which most sailors transit on their way from South East Asia to Europe. And watch out for that obstruction in Thailand which nearly sank a boat this week…

A new guide will make sailing those wonderful Intracoastal Waterways in the US easier.
Tony Bullimore  . ..
Tony Bullimore is off into the Southern Ocean again, and no-one from the Australian Navy has so far told him to stay at home…

Sad news that Adrian Flanagan had to call into Hawaii because of a broken mast – on the other hand he’s the first person to sail non-stop from UK to Hawaii!

Keep reading, enjoy balmy weather

And sail safe!

By Nancy Knudsen

Dee Caffari - Just 48 Hours to Go!
By Cruising Editor,
In the next 48 hours Dee Caffari is set to become the first woman to sail solo unassisted around the world the ‘wrong way’ – westwards, against the prevailing winds and currents of the Southern Ocean. Millions of people – sailors and non-sailors alike have watched her progress in awe... [more]

Pirates on Cruising Route - 70 Fishermen Hostage
By AFP/Sail-world Cruising,
Some 70 Bangladeshi fishermen are being held hostage in the Bay of Bengal by pirates demanding Tk 1,00,000 each for seven boats they captured, police said yesterday.... [more]

Waterway Cruisers No Longer Lost at Sea
By PRNewswire/Sail-World Cruising,
More than 13,000 recreational boaters on the east coast of the USA annually are using the IntraCoastal Waterway (ICW) as a pathway to leisure travel, but until now, they had no simple way to plan their shore excursions.... [more]

Yacht Warning – Chalong Bay, Thailand
By Bob Mott/Phuket Post/Sail-World,
Yachties in the area please be aware - A motor-yacht with a draft of only 2.13metres has hit an unmarked submerged object in popular Chalong Bay in Phuket. The boat was near to sinking as a result, but was helped into safety by the Phuket Marine Police. Investigations have started...... [more]

Gipsy Moth IV shipping to Auckland for repairs
By Rob Kothe,
The damaged yacht Gipsy Moth IV, which was made famous when Sir Francis Chichester complete the first solo world circumnavigation in 1967 is now en route from Papeete Tahiti to Auckland, New Zealand on a freighter. She is expected to arrive around May 22nd.... [more]

Galleon Loses Three Masts – Crew Injured
By Cruising Editor,
Maybe the sailing vessel ‘Raw Faith’ should have made sure it had more than ‘raw faith’ when it set to sea the other day and had to be rescued for a second time. One mast coming down is terrifying enough, when all three fall to the deck in stormy conditions and injure crew, it’s probably time to consider whether the vessel should be allowed to sea at all.... [more]

Sailor tries to sell New Zealand on eBay
By Peter Brady,
Over the years southern hemisphere tricksters have offered the Sydney Harbour Bridge for sale, now it seems that an Australian sailor’s bid to sell New Zealand has come unstuck. Advertising on eBay Australia, with a starting price of just one cent, online interest was keen for for the nation of four million, with a similar number of sheep and a few reasonable sailors and the price rose quickly to $A3,000 with a total of 22 bids before eBay stopped the real estate auction this week.... [more]

Bullimore to Circumnavigate from Hobart
By Emma Pinch,
His most famous outing on the high seas saw him shipwrecked and dramatically rescued by the Australian navy. But 67-year-old Tony Bullimore's thirst for adventure remains as strong as ever. Yesterday he announced plans to set off on a solo round-the-world voyage in a bid to beat Dame Ellen MacArthur's world record.... [more]

A Sailboat You Can Fold Up
By Charlotte Observer,
MIAMI - Technology Watching.... the 36-foot catamaran Cat2Fold bobbing gently at anchor off Crandon Marina, you probably wouldn't notice anything unusual about it -- just another live-aboard sailboat passing through South Florida, you might think.... [more]

‘Wintering’ the boat - Turkish style
By Hope Fotherbess,
One boat's solution to 'hibernating' your boat - Sometimes, whether you want to or not, you have to abandon your boat for long periods of time – maybe you’re going away, maybe it’s winter. It’s a little like abandoning the baby, with all the similar worries. Will she sleep happily through the winter night? Will the baby-sitters do a good job? Or will they fall asleep in front of TV and not hear her distress? Will some catastrophe occur in your absence? Will you come back to find her dead/sunk?... [more]

Aviva Challenge
Dee Caffari’s attempt to become the first woman to sail solo, non-stop around the world against the prevailing winds and currents...
For more details and news for this event, go to:

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