Caffari looped, but 2,000 to go...Gipsy Moth ok ...Alan Rankin circles Scotland.. check your flares..pirates still active.. and much more..


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Gipsy Moth IV on the reef near Tahiti  UKSA
Hi Cruising Sailors

Sailors the world over watched and waited in trepidation this week as one of the most treasured sailing boats of all time – Gipsy Moth IV, Sir Francis Chichester’s circumnavigator – lay holed on a reef in Tahiti. Early reports were sombre, but an finally she was lifted off the reef with a crane and she’s now in Tahiti being assessed for her damage.

Dee Caffari, solo sailor has finally crossed her own path so becoming the first solo woman ‘wrong-way’ circumnavigator, and Polar circumnavigator Adrian Flanagan is limping to Honolulu with a damaged mast.

Great advances in the Horn of Africa pirate region, with both Kenya and Somalia cooperating the make the area safer. However there’s a long way to go for the round world cruising sailor – another pirate attack left a crew member dead this week.

Sad story of a lone sailor who fell overboard leaving a wife and family, and don’t forget to check your flares – Pains Wessex has issued a second reminder.

The World Cruising Club has announced details for the World Rally for Cruisers in 2007 – a chance to do a full circumnavigation in company with other yachts from many sailing nations.

Happy Richard Kidd Bavaria Rally  . ..

And…Bavaria owners had a lot of fun this week – read about their rally in New Zealand.

These stories and lots more to keep you connected with the the world of the cruising sailor

Have a great week, and

Sail Safe...

By Nancy Knudsen

Caffari Completes Circumnavigation
By Sail-World Cruising/Aviva Challenge,
Dee Caffari has DONE IT! She might have nearly 2,000 nm to go, but Dee Caffari has crossed her outbound track, thus completing her round world odyssey. With that crossing, she has become the first woman to sail solo, non-stop around the world against the prevailing winds and currents.... [more]

Pirates Release Vessel but One Crew Dead
There’s lots of good news for cruising sailors intending to cross the ‘pirate zone’ to get to the Mediterranean in the future, but there’s a long way to go.... [more]

21st Century Jules Verne Gone Solar
By Cruising Editor,
'We'd like to be the Phileas Foggs of the 21st century', admits Raphaël Domjan, from Neuchatel, Switzerland. Almost 133 years after the first appearance of Jules Verne's travelling heroes, this adventure-hearted sportsman is dreaming of circling the earth in 80 days on a solar powered boat.... [more]

Solo Sailor Falls Overboard, Drowns
By Sail-World/Ed Chadwick,
A lone sailor died after plunging into a river during a sailing trip over the weekend. There are no details as to why the man, Martin Webster, fell into the water in Norfolk, but the boat was ‘in difficulties’ at the time.... [more]

YOU Can Sail the Atlantic
By Cruising Editor,
There’s nothing like crossing an ocean to hone your sailing skills. This October there’s an opportunity for YOU to join a crew sailing across the Atlantic.... [more]

Child's Sailing Death Brings New Rules
By Sail-World,
Sunday Times announced that new, improved safety rules for weekend and holiday sailors have been introduced by the Royal Yacht Association (RYA) following the death of a novice sailor.... [more]

Polar Circumnavigator Blow - Split Mast Damage
By Louise Flanagan,
Only days away from Hawaii and what will be his first sight of land in weeks, Adrian Flanagan has suffered a serious blow to his Alpha Global Expedition.... [more]

World ARC route announced
By Media services,
World ARC, a new circumnavigation rally being run by the UK-based experts at World Cruising Club (WCC), has already attracted over 500 enquiries from across the UK, Europe and North America.... [more]

Alan Rankin Circumnavigates Scotland
By Sue McKichan: BYM News,
Alan Rankin has become the first person to circumnavigate Scotland by sail and pedal power alone. Starting at Kirkcudbright on the Solway Firth and sailing single-handedly sailing a 50 foot yacht, Pegasus, Alan completed a the 998 mile voyage around Scotland, which included... [more]

2006 New Zealand Bavaria Regatta
By Jane Pares,
They say getting sailing boats to get together is like herding cats. But it says a lot for the popularity of the Bavaria cruising boats when you can get 11 of them together for a friendly Regatta. This year it started on 28th April, for a three day event... [more]

Gipsy Moth IV safely in Tahiti
By Rob Kothe,
At 0900hrs Pacific Time (1900hrs UTC) this morning Gipsy Moth IV was towed safely into Papeete, Tahiti. Gipsy Moth IV has now been lifted out of the water and is now on a hardstand in readiness for the damage assessment by the Auckland surveyor John MacDonald on Tuesday and transhipment to Auckland.... [more]

New Kenya Centre for Pirate Protection
By Reuters,
In what is great news for long range cruising sailors, Kenya opened a new maritime rescue centre on Friday to provide a rapid response to sea accidents and piracy in the Indian Ocean, particularly in the perilous waters off anarchic Somalia.... [more]

Boat theft leads to Second Hand Boat Dealer
By IBI News,
Watch where you buy your boat! A Florida boat dealership was raided by the Seminole County Sheriff's office and two boats were seized by deputies, according to a story in the Seminole County News. The Sheriff's office raided Aquamarine USA Inc. yesterday, and drove away with two boats they believe were stolen.... [more]

2nd Reminder on Product Recall - Check Your Flares
By IBI News,
British safety equipment manufacturer Pains Wessex has issued a reminder recall on all of its White Collision Warning (MK7) Hand Flares Item No 52651 following an incident in which a member of the public was badly injured last month.... [more]

Opportunity : Marine Industry Feature writer
By Rob Kothe,
TetraMedia, the publisher of is looking for a marine industry journalist, with sailing and power-boating experience. Three months ago TetraMedia launched Sail-World Cruising now we are ready for the step into Powerboating.... [more]

Aviva Challenge
Dee Caffari’s attempt to become the first woman to sail solo, non-stop around the world against the prevailing winds and currents...
For more details and news for this event, go to:

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