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The World Cruising Club, has published its itinerary for its 2008 World Rally, with the official entry list being open from late May. We have full details in our story below.

Sir Francis Chichester’s yacht Gypsy Moth IV, refurbished and part way through another circumnavigation, has hit a reef in Tahiti. Expects are assembling now to recover the situation. Read the latest reports here.

This week there are other incidents making news on the high seas. Two Israeli Sailors have just been released by Egyptian Authorities, after being held for two days for trying to join a rally!

A replica of the original Kontiki raft is set to sail the journey again, with the crew being no less than the original Thor Heyerdahl’s grandson!

Whales are a growing problem in the world’s oceans...we have a report and the there’s an update on the greatest sailboard rider of them all, Raphaela le Gouvello.

Have trouble rafting up so that everyone is happy, including you? Read the advice from a long time rafter! - and read about Skype, a boon for sailors everywhere.

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There’s more, much more, so read on and…

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By Nancy Knudsen Cruising Editor

World ARC route announced
By Media services,
World ARC, a new circumnavigation rally being run by the UK-based experts at World Cruising Club (WCC), has already attracted over 500 enquiries from across the UK, Europe and North America.... [more]

Latest news on Gipsy Moth IV
By Yachting Monthly & Sail-World,
Gipsy Moth IV remains stable and secure aground, lying to starboard a short distance from deep water. She has sustained some damage to her starboard side, amidships, but remains structurally sound. The weather remains fair with a low swell and the forecast is good at this time... [more]

Indian Ocean Sailboarder Ahead of Schedule
By Raphaëla Le Gouvello Shore Team,
At sea now for 20 days and a few hours, Raphaëla Le Gouvello and her sailboard, seeking to cross the Indian Ocean on a surfboard, pushed by steady, strong trade winds, is averaging 62 nautical miles (about 71 statute, or land, miles) a day.... [more]

Sir Francis Chichester’s Yacht Grounded
By Sail-World BBC,
Gipsy Moth IV, the yacht Francis Chichester sailed around the world in, lies holed on a coral reef surrounding the largest of the Toumotu atolls, Rangiroa, with tropical storms forecast for the week ahead.... [more]

Egypt Releases Israeli Yachtsmen
By Jerusalem Post/Sail-World Cruising,
Jerusalem Post reports that ten Israeli sailors have been released to their two yachts and were making their way northward through the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean Sea and on to Israeli shores on Monday afternoon after being held by Egyptian authorities since Sunday. The yachts were being accompanied by Egyptian naval vessels, traveling at their top speed of seven knots.... [more]

A Treleaven Life and its Wildest Dream
By Sail-World Cruising,
When Ian and Andrea Treleaven set off to make their sailing dreams come true three years ago, even their wildest dreams didn’t show what lay ahead.... [more]

VOIP!!!, The World is Shrinking! – Still….
By Cruising Editor/The Age,
the Internet has become the key technology tool in the daily life of millions around the world. Maybe you started by just 'sailing' the internet, then emails became the main tool for both personal and business communication. Now it’s the Telco's who are shivering in their boots and the marine community wandering around the world is one of the beneficiaries.... [more]

Boat Angels – Saving the Classics
By Bill Doyle/Sail-World Cruising,
‘The Difference’ says Bill Doyle, ‘between a yacht existing to see another day - or simply ending up a fancy wood pile - comes down to a single person who, against all odds, puts their heart and resources into saving what others have discarded.’... [more]

The Last Great First in Sailing History
By Spirit of Teignmouth media,
British adventurer Simon Chalk announced today that he is to take on the last great first in sailing history in an incredible solo round the world voyage. Simon, 33, from Ashburton will become the first person ever to attempt to sail a multi-hulled yacht the 'Wrong Way' around the world against all of the prevailing winds and currents.... [more]

Kon-Tiki to Sail Again
By Rick Vecchio, AP,
LIMA, Peru - Nearly 60 years after Thor Heyerdahl's Pacific Ocean crossing aboard the balsa raft Kon-Tiki, his grandson and a Norwegian team are in Peru putting final touches on a new vessel to repeat the journey.... [more]

How to Anchor Safer with a House Brick
By Nancy Knudsen/Glynne Attersall, MHYC,
You’re in a deserted anchorage. It’s a dark night, no moon. You can’t even see to line up to the shore. It’s a lee shore - that’s the only way you could escape the worst of the 30 kt winds out there in the ocean - but invisible. In here, although the sea is calmer, the wind is still hitting 25 kts occasionally. It’s a small anchorage and deep, 20 metres. You have 80 metres of chain out. Scope 4 to 1. Is it enough? Will you sleep?... [more]

The ARC Style Ocean-ready Boat
By Jeremy Wyatt/Sail-World Cruising,
Is YOUR boat ocean ready? Every time there is a sailing tragedy, with rare exceptions, problems have been found later with either the yacht’s safety equipment, or with the crew training. Why couldn’t they get him back onboard? Why weren’t they keeping watch properly? Why didn’t he have a harness on? Why was no ‘May Day’ received?... [more]

Aviva Challenge
Dee Caffari’s attempt to become the first woman to sail solo, non-stop around the world against the prevailing winds and currents...
For more details and news for this event, go to:

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