Catmania and Lagoons, Big Traffic in Southern Ocean, Terrible Sailors in Jail, Innovation Awards


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Hi Cruising Sailors
This week the Southern Ocean seems busier than Newport Rhode Island on a summer Sunday - not only is there the Volvo Push, but several very game solo sailors and one sadly dismasted maxi!

Read about Catmania and the success of the Lagoon cats in the ARC Rally, there are some great innovation awards out from the Miami Boat Show, and Hood Sails’ Ian Broad has some VERY sage advice about your boom vang.

If you spend time away from home on your cruising boat, do you have Skype? Read what a boon it is, and see LATEST LETTERS for what is yet to come.

The World Sailing Games in Austria are featured, and there are no prizes for guessing what Ozzies voted as their greatest sporting moment.

And finally, it surely is bad not to be able to sail well, but to be sent to jail for 14 years because you’re a terrible sailor?

Have a great week, and
Sail Safe!

Nancy Knudsen
Cruising Editor

ARC Catmania and the Lagoon Surprise.
By Nancy Knudsen,
When the ARC Rally left Gran Canaria again at the end of last year on its annual jaunt across the Atlantic, not only was there a full complement of participants, there were more multihulls than ever before.... [more]

If only they'd done an RYA sailing course!
By Nancy Knudsen,
An engineer and two taxi drivers would be millionaires now – albeit illegal ones – if only they had learned to sail! Instead of that, the three are serving 14 years jail for the importation of illegal drugs... [more]

Dee Caffari and Aviva Challenge - week's update
By Sail-World,
Having passed the half-way point during last week, round-world solo yachties Dee Caffari is 92 days into her voyage, and has travelled 15,000 miles against the wind, much of it in the Southern Ocean.... [more]

Adrian Flanagan Rounds the Horn
By Sail-World Cruising,
At 21.53 GMT last night Adrian Flanagan rounded the small island that is the infamous Cape Horn. As Expedition Manager Louise Flanagan said, ‘Symbolically this is wonderful but the reality is that the hard work to continue to round the Horn will take place over the next 4 or 5 days.... [more]

Skype for the Cruising Sailor
By Nancy Knudsen,
‘How long has this been going on?’ that’s what a cruising friend said to me recently when I showed her my Skype set-up. I had to admit I didn’t know the answer to that, but it certainly must be every cruising sailor’s dream.... [more]

Other News from the Southern Ocean
By Sail-World Cruising,
Not only is there Dee Caffari and the Volvo boats, the Southern Ocean seems to be getting busy this week with other traffic news - Donna Lange in 28ft Inspired Insanity has just passed the Cape of Good Hope, and Hugo Boss has been dismasted with 1800 miles to go to South America... [more]

Yachting tops in Sports-mad Australia
By Jennie Curtin,
Australia’s America’s Cup win on 1983 has just been voted Australia’s top sporting moment, ahead of an amazing list of memorable sporting moments in the last 100 years, according to a major survey conducted by one of Australia’s leading newspapers, the Sydney Morning Herald. It ended a 132-year winning streak, prompted a prime minister to give the nation an official sickie and was the clear-cut No.1 sporting event for Sydney Morning Herald readers. Australia II's thrilling victory in the 1983 America's Cup received top billing in a Herald online survey, conducted to mark this paper's 175th birthday in April. For fans more used to scintillating sixes, length-of-the-field tries or fluky field goals, watching two boats tack and gybe their way towards an invisible finishing line seemed unlikely to disturb the ratings; but in fact the battle for the cup had all the tension (if not quite the excitement) of any close sporting event.... [more]

Boom Vangs and WHY.
By Ian Broad/Sail-World,
Ian Broad is well known to many Australians as the principal of Hood sails. His knowledge and expertise in the area of sail making and sailing techniques with those sails is maybe unparalleled. Here he tells the advantages of installing a fixed boom vang to a sailing boat, and WHY.... [more]

Innovation Awards Encourage New Thinking
By Sail-World,
Two new boats that could benefit the cruising sailor and three consumer products were recently honoured for innovative achievement by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and Boating Writers International (BWI) at the 65th Miami International Boat Show, which closed 20th February.... [more]

Moquini designer withdraws builders' licence
By Sail-World,
South African IOL Newsline reports that the designer of the wrecked yacht Moquini has suspended the licence of the company that builds and sells his yachts, insisting they complete a checklist to determine if they made any alterations to his original design.... [more]

World Sailing Games, in Austria in May
By Gilles Martin-Raget/Cruising Editor,
If you’re anywhere near Austria around the 10th-20th May this year, it would be worth a detour to see at least part of the World Sailing Games for 2006, taking place at the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site of Lake Neusiedl.... [more]

22/02/06 Latest Letters
By Readers with Editor's Replies,
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